Best Men’s Running Shorts 2018

Running shorts are one of the most important gear for the runners. If you are looking for the best running shorts, these shorts will meet your needs.

Running every day is the best way to keep fit and stay healthy. However, it is quite hard to maintain this habit, if we don’t have good gear, such as running shoes, running shorts and so on. To meet the needs of the buyers, there are a huge number of men’s running shorts released every year. Here are my top recommendations for those who are searching for running shorts.

I. Polyester running shorts

Baleaf Men’s 7″ Quick Dry Workout Running Shorts Mesh Liner Zip Pockets

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If you are searching for a versatile pair of running shorts, Baleaf running shorts are a perfect choice for you. These shorts are the most comfortable running shorts on the market up to now.

Running is always a good exercise that you should do every day as a habit to have a good health. However, if you want to keep this habit, it is very important to choose the right running shorts. These shorts are built in mesh briefs which provide us a breathable and supportive fit when workouts. Furthermore, the side mesh panels make sure that you will get the extra ventilation. Specially, these shorts are added the reflective elements to keep you visible in the early morning or late afternoon running.

The Baleaf running shorts are super convenient with deep side pockets. These pockets are not too big, but they enable to hold some things such as mobile phone, and mp3. The zip pocket on the central back for keeping your cash. Because these shorts are made from 95 percent of polyester and 5 percent of spandex; therefore, they feature lightweight, and quick dry. You will feel more flexible, comfortable and dry. You can take the use of these shorts for playing sports, workouts or wearing at home.

NIKE Men’s 7″ Challenger Short

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The next running short comes from Nike brand and of course, the products of this brand always have top notch quality. They will convince you by their quality and design. I was totally satisfied with this short.

The Nike men’s 7” challenger short was released with more than 30 different colors to make people feel free to choose the most suitable one. Or, they also can choose some shorts to change every day. I bought two Nike running shorts and they still work well until now.

In term of design, this short has the same design as any other running shorts, but it fitted my body and looked quite good on me. It has a logo printed on the front left of the leg. It is added an inner drawstring waistband to adjust when you need. The side panel mesh improves the ventilation. This Nike short is quick dry and always keep me stay dry for long runs. This short is multifunctional. I wore it for activities that I need to move much such as gym, workouts, housework, or sports.

Amazon Essentials Men’s 2-Pack Loose-Fit Performance Shorts

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The Amazon Essential Men’s 2 – Pack Loose – Fit Performance shorts are one of the kinds as they have so much to offer both athlete and runner. This short has a unique design with loose fit, which is able to keep the comfort for all day and full range of motion.

It is made from Polyester for machine wash, so you can save time when washing it. Besides, this amazon short is lightweight, quick dry, moisture wicking and closed hole mesh. These features make it become more outstanding than a thousand versions of running shorts on the market.

You will not feel hot when running. I have a sensitive skin, so I always choose shorts carefully, especially the material. As I expected, this short did not disappoint me. I was not allergic, and felt comfortable, even though I wore it all day to take part in many different activities. I did not feel wet or hot, thanks to its materials. It is a great idea for wearing this short to join in outdoor activities. You just need to buy one short, and then you can wear it for different purposes. It’s up to you!

LUWELL PRO Men’s 7″ Running Shorts with Pockets Quick Dry Active Gym Shorts

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The Luwell Pro men’s 7” running shorts are made to be functional and flexible to fit all people. Featuring a natural feel, this Luwell pro men’s 7” running short contour to our body and move with all muscles.

This short has some deep side pockets to keep your belongings when running. you can run and your belongings will be with you. Furthermore, if you like early morning or late afternoon runs, this short will keep you safe with a reflective mark on the side. Additionally, it has an elastic waistband to feature adjustable and comfortable when doing the exercises. You can do whatever you want without anxiety and sorrow.

This gymnastic short is suitable for a huge number of different activities, such as playing sports, workouts, exercise training, running, cycling, boxing, yoga, and casual wear. It has three different colors, including gray, blue and black.

Gerlobal Men’s Bodybuilding Gym Running Workout Shorts Active Training Shorts

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The next should buy polyester shorts is the Gerlobal men’s bodybuilding gym running workout shorts. If you want to pay for a pair of shorts that is comfortable, and fashionable, this pair will be your best choice.

This Gerlobal short is not a tight pair as you think. It is stretchy, durable and help us stay dry and comfortable. This short is stretchy, so it will not make you hurt when you move or run. There is a smooth chafe – free flatlock seam construction to allow a full range of motion without chaffing. Furthermore, it features deep pockets to keep your phone or mp3.

The Gerlobal short is suitable for almost outdoor activities. It is a good choice for yoga, workout, walking, biking and all activities. Besides, you also can take the use of this short for casual wear.

Champion Men’s Long Mesh Short with Pockets

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Polyester is always one of the best materials for running shorts which can keep us dry and comfortable when workout. This kind of shorts comes with a huge number of different colors to fit any customers.

At the first look, I was attracted by its design. This short looks fashionable and it can be worn on any occasions, such as casual style or workout. If you are looking for a short to go camping, or doing exercises, this short can meet your needs.

The same as any polyester running shorts, this short is breathable with the mesh layer. It can keep the wearers feel comfortable with the elastic waistband which allows us to adjust to fit our waist. There are two side pockets for storage.

Adidas Men’s Running Run Shorts

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In my collection, most of the shorts are made of the polyester material. I like this material very much because it is super light. The Adidas shorts are one of my favorites.

Adidas is one of the most reputable brands from all over the world and their products are always high quality. This short is designed for your comfort. It is not tight, so you don’t worry about being hot. It will not tighten your legs when you do the exercises.

This short is perfect for outdoor activities or workouts. Besides, you can use it as a casual wear. This short looks quite fashionable, and you can create a sportive style with it.

II. Nylon running shorts

Soffe Men’s Running Short

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With the variety in color, the Soffe men’s running shorts have become the most favorite running shorts in the market up to now. The Soffe men’s running shorts without pocket are incredibly comfortable and available for all sizes to fit buyers.

This short has an elastic stretch waistband to keep the runner comfortable and flexible. It is made from one of the best materials, which is nylon tricot for moisture management and being breathable. This short can absorb the sweat and water to keep you dry when running.

I usually wear this soffe men’s short for my morning run and it’s extremely good. The flexible and comfortable waistband helps me have a natural feel. The same as any running shorts, we can take advantage of this short for any occasions we want, but except formal events. It is more suitable for sports and indoor activities than other activities, such as street style, camping, or festival.

Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Performance Short with Pockets

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Another nylon running short is the Neleus men’s dry fit performance shorts with pockets. This short also has various colors, such as black, coffee, brown, blue, green and so on. This short comes with a comfortable waistband and quick dry material.

Similar to any running shorts, this short has some pockets to keep your belongings. This short is comfortable covered an elastic waistband, so you will not feel uncomfortable when you run. Furthermore, the super soft touch fabric delivers incredible comfort for all day.

You can wear this short for all circumstances, such as walking, gym, swimming, running, on the beach or at home. Although this short is very soft and comfortable, it is better if you go up one size range larger in inches on the size chart because I feel this item is smaller than the others.

THE II BRO Compression Shorts with Pocket/Pockets for Running

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The II bro compression short is one of the most favorite ones. This short looks fashionable and it will bring us an active outlook when wearing it. It is long enough to provide us the comfort.

I wore this short many time and I felt very comfortable. It has pockets on the sides to keep your phone or small wallet when running or moving. These pockets are deep, so they can protect your belonging from falling out.

These running tights are durable and comfortable. It is suitable for all kinds of activities depending on your purposes. You can wear it to play sports, and do exercises at any time you want.

III. Mixed material running shorts

EVERWORTH Men’s Gym Workout Shorts Running Short Pants Fitted Training Bodybuilding Jogger

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This running short is different from the above types because it is made from both polyester and cotton. This blend will feature lightweight and long-lasting quality. Furthermore, it has the moisture wicking technology.

To be honest, when running or playing sports, I’m really afraid of sweating. Sweating makes me smelly and uncomfortable. I cannot continue playing when I sweat a lot. Therefore, I always give my priority to those which can meet this requirement. Fortunately, the Everworth shorts did well with an adjustable drawstring to fit your waist.

The Everworth short is worthy to invest. If you buy this short, you will never feel disappointed. I wore it for the gym, running, workout, fitness, training, jogging, boxing, outdoor living and even playing basketball. I felt really comfortable when wearing. There is not strangle smell and no sweat. It also has zipper pockets on both sides to keep us belonging safe.

Ouber Men’s Fitted Shorts Bodybuilding Workout Gym Running Tight Lifting Shorts

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When buying any shorts, I care much about the length of the shorts. However, this pair of shorts is an exception. Although it is shorter than my other shorts, it looks masculine. Therefore, I bought a black one.

This short is unlined and lightweight. When I wear this short for a day long, I don’t feel uncomfortable. It has an elasticized waist with adjustable drawstring, so if you have a big waist, you don’t need to worry. It can fit for any sizes of waist. The blend between breathable and soft cotton can keep you cool when you move.

This kind of shorts is suitable for hot days in the summer. Besides, you also can wear this short for a fuss – free gym outfit. There are five different colors, consisting of black, blue, white, red and black.

Jed North Men’s Fitted Shorts Bodybuilding Workout Gym Running Tight Lifting Shorts

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Another blend short is the Jed North men’s fitted shorts. It is made from polyester mixed 10 percent of spandex. This mixture features durable, soft, stretchy, and keeps us stay comfortable and dry.

The design of this short is quite impressed with the unique cut and contour flattering. In addition, this short is shorter than regular sports to allow wearers more movement for weight training. This short is a good choice for those who want to workout and keep their belonging with them at the same time. It has some deep pockets with zippers to prevent your items from falling out when exercising.

The Jed North short is perfect for workout or any exercise. If you prefer a wide range of motion, such as weight lifting, cardio or cross fit, you should not ignore this one. The newly improved cut keeps your legs move freely with the intense gym workout.

BROKIG Men’s Gym Shorts, Athletic Workout Running Mesh Shorts with Pockets

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The next short in this list is the Brokig men’s gym shorts. This short is a perfect combination between polyester and cotton. This kind of shorts has five colors, including black, classic gray, camouflage, dark gray and classic black. I chose a pair of classic grays. I thought it looked active and stylish.

I discovered many wonderful features of this short. At first, it was built in mesh liner to provide the supportive comfort to keep us away from the moisture. When we do exercises, we often sweat a lot. If we can find out a short that help to control moisture, we will enjoy our workouts more. Besides, the breathability is added to keep us cool and dry.

Similar to other shorts, there are some pockets which are deep on both sides and sealed pocket on back. With the elastic waist with drawstring, you can adjust it to fit your waist. This short is designed for some activities such as yoga, bodybuilding fitness, walking, jogging, basketball, running and other outdoor living.

TCA Men’s Elite Tech Running/Training Shorts with Zip Pockets

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A new short from TCA can make you surprised. The TCA men’s elite tech running shorts with zip pockets has various colors which are active and youthful. It applied the double fusion welded zipper pockets to provide highly secure storage.

If you have a big size of the waist, you do not need to worry because this short has a back-elastic waistband for improving the comfort and fit. It features quick dry to wick the sweat from your skin and keep you dry, light and comfortable at all time.

This short is made from a light, strong stretch woven fabric which can bring you the maximum movement and durability. If you are looking for summer shorts, this short is right for you. Besides, it is an ideal one for outdoor activities, workouts and sports.

Men’s Lightweight Training/Gym/Athletic/Workout Running Shorts with Liner by Time to Run

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This short met all my requirements for shorts. It is quite difficult to find out a short which can withstand wash after wash without fading. This short is mainly made from polyester, but the spandex is added for stretch.

This short work well with the smooth polyester lining that won’t irritate on your long runs. It features lightweight and quick drying. The Men’s lightweight training short has an inner pocket which is large enough to keep a car or locker key along with a drawstring waist and strong cord lock.

I like this short a lot because of its water-resistant outer fabric. This short is light and it is great for long training sessions. It is ideal for sports such as: athletics, gym use, and track work. Besides, this short is durable and fashionable.

I chose these men’s running shorts from a wide range of different models on the market. In my viewpoint, these running shorts are the best which can meet all my needs. They are well made, durable, fashionable, and comfortable. If you intend to buy a running short, you can refer my collection to have more choice.

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