Top Must-Try Men’s Puffer Jacket 2019

Are you living in an area where fall and winter are quite tricky to get your head around? I mean sometimes, it looks quite warm and cozy from the window glass, but in reality, it’s harsh bite weather and vice versa.

Well, my sincere recommendation is going for a slim puffy jacket. It’s a very handy garment that can adjust the outer temperature to fit just right for you. In other words, it tackles the weather’s extremities.

Moreover, puffer jackets are super trendy this year.

There are different styles of puffer jackets: Some with hoods, a few are a little bit thinner and the rest is quite fluffy. But, they are all kind of the same concept that you are going to play with.

Besides, unlike other unflatter, large, bulky coats that are mostly bogged you down, these bad boys come into play.

That’s why in this article, I’m going to share you top 10 best lightweight puffer jackets for men as well as some tips and guidelines to style with them.

But, beforehand, I’d like to jot down some must-consider features you should keep in mind when looking for a good men’s puffer jacket:

  • Heat insulation
  • Waterproof insulation
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Down lining should be crafted from duck or goose feathers

To make clear what I’ve just said, let’s dive more deeply about these products’ reviews.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Puffer Jacket

View here

Beginning with this lightweight down jacket from Polo!

Due to its fitted-fit silhouette, this product is quite suitable for those who are literally not a fan of puffy fluffy jackets. Featured as an aviator jacket, it’s quite cool and looks amazing by the way. As you can see, its outer performance is quite elegant, minimal with full-black colorway emphasizing just one tiny embroidered pony logo on the frontside.

Based on that, you can style it with various garments, from t-shirts, jeans and plaid pants. It’s really versatile enough to dress up or dress down due to preference, like daily use, hanging out, or parties. I personally find this model is a perfect piece in any motorcyclist closet as well.

Besides, thinking of this versatile garment as a layering piece in your street wear isn’t a bad idea at all. However, kindly go one size bigger so that you can get the best fit when wearing a hoodie, a flannel or a t-shirt inside.

There are a lot of ways to beat this garment, you can consult other celebrities for more inspiration to style it coolly this winter.

Now, speaking of its warmth, this Polo Ralph Lauren down jacket is made out of 100% nylon lining and shell and the filling is a combination of 10% white duck feathers and 90% white duck down. It’s warm and high-quality to be a winter jacket.

In terms of coverage, aside from two closure zippered pockets and full zip-up on the frontside, there’s also a drawcord string on the stand collar for better adjustment. Choose from a variety of sizes, from S to 2X-large, I believe you can find out the most suitable jacket for your body shape. Or, in case you aren’t sure of which to go to, ask the manufacturer, their customer service is quite quick and they seem to be helpful as well.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket Clearance

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Like Polo’s, this Tommy Hilfiger puffer jacket comes in fitted-fit silhouette that won’t make you look like a donut yet still be warm enough in freezing chill days.

Also, it’s made out of 100% premium nylon to deliver two golden benefits: waterproof insulation and warmth. You can style it in snowy days without fears of wetness or on chillier days when the temperature is sub-zero.

Another good news about this kind of material is its washing machine friendliness to give more free time on your hands. Besides, it’s dried out quickly as well.

Featured as a simple puffer jacket for those who love going minimal, however, the signature tommy embroidered flag on chest area puts a unique, elegant emphasis to the whole design to avoid it becoming too boring and popular.

Some other similarities as the Polo’s are its adjustable drawcord on hood and the stand collar. However, this one is way more advanced and beneficial in its ribbed knit storm cuffs as well as fleece lining for extra coziness.

Now, about the size chart of this puffer jacket, if you don’t intend to layer with this garment, just go for true size. On the other hand, leverage one size up if you are going to style with a t-shirt or hoodie inside.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Packable Puffer Jacket

View here

Another highly-recommended puffer jacket from Tommy Hilfiger that anyone who are following streetstyle with wild, grungy and military vibe should try. Look at it!

Its olive camouflage pattern covered the entire jacket is just great to style with a pair of leather boots, khaki pants and a cool mossy bucket hat. Figured as a mid-range puffer coat, it bangs for your bucks and I sincerely recommend the purchase and this colorway. However, if it doesn’t your taste, there are still other options to go to.

You might concern:

It’s quite well-made, comfortable, lightweight and truly warm. Thanks to its high-grade nylon, comfortable down feather padding, stand collar, full zip-up design and ribbed cuffs, it can keep you cozy even in minus 10 degree Celsius.

Speaking of size chart of this garment, actually I myself found it was a little bit confusing due to other customers’ reviews, however, after asking the manufacturer for advice, it worked – fitted just right to my body shape.

A compliment for its sided deep pockets to keep your hands warm or a great storage space for your essentials like wallets, money or smartphone. I just wish they were zippered for more protection and security. However, for the price tag, it’s worth investing.

4. JYG Men’s Winter Thicken Coat Quilted Puffer Jacket Removable Hood

View here

Next up is a puffer jacket from JYG that I bet those who used to be in trouble with Asian size chart might fall for it. This is a USA-designed garment, which means its size is USA as well.

If you’re a careful person, just take a look at their included size chart at the final image to consult more. Or, send the manufacturer an email for the best advice – their customer service is quite quick to not take much time from you.

Due to its relaxed-fit outer design, this puffer coat is perfect for various casual occasions like outing, climbing, ice-sports, fishing, camping, hiking, cycling, driving and skating. Don’t worry about its warmth because this jacket is crafted from high-quality polyester with Sherpa fleece lining that can be machine wash. Along with that, there’s a detachable fur hood and ribbed cuffs to save you from sub-zero temperature.

Speaking of storage space or hand pockets, you will have two flap ones which are in the right places to keep the most comfortable gesture when tossing your hands there. Plus, there’re two zippered pockets on its chest area as well as a vertical zippered inner pocket on the left where you can store some important stuff like wallet, smartphone and money.

Good news is this mens puffer jacket with fur hood is water resistant and lightweight to bear snowy weather pretty efficiently. You can attach the hood into this garment and confidently wear it on snow days. Or, remove it on warmer days.

I personally like its dual closure lock, the full zip-up design and the front button-fasten to ensure you will get warmer. Besides, its color options are quite various, most of which are basic and wearable in winter to be the best workhorse in your daily use.

5. Columbia Men’s Puffer Jacket

View here

Might this puffer jacket be the most popular design that you can easily see in any streetstyle fashion brands. But the reason I picked the Columbia’s is its perfect compromise of design, function and price tag.

I don’t mention about the cheap ones because you already know the reasons. In terms of the high-end products, we usually pay a lot of extra bucks on brand cost to get their fame and reputation. However, it’s not essential to buy an expensive garment to gain “fashionista” look.

With Columbia, it’s a typical example.

The blend material of polyester and nylon is quite genius to cut off its weight to minimum while still ensuring the best comfort and warmth to survive on frost-bite days. But what I love the most in this jacket is its advanced technology that can stand stain and water pretty efficiently to lessen the maintenance process for this garment.

Plus, its inner polyester synthetic down brings extra protection and warmth. Good news is you can machine wash it and tumble dry.

On chillier days, your body will much thank you for its extra binding cuffs and drawstring hem to adjust the jacket and get more comfort. There’s also a chin guard as well.

As I wished, I come up with two zippered sided pockets where you not only enable to toss your hands there, but also place some small important stuff like cards, cash, keys, and so on.

Overall, due to its down-style baffling for versatile fit and the premium insulation, this puffer jacket will be one of the best workhorses in your winter closet, especially styling for mountain activities.

6. Calvin Klein Men’s Alternative Men’s Down Puffer Jacket Bib & Hood

View here

It’s a little bit irrelevant to talk about the price tag here, but this Calvin Klein puffer jacket is extremely reasonable for its quality. Actually, at first, I thought their colorways are quite generic and a little bit bland. However, after receiving the merlot model, I changed my mind. It’s quite attractive and cool.

Also, perfect to style with various items and styles. You can layer it with a hoodie, flannel or t-shirt inside and a pair of jeans or plaid pants for the bottom part.

Though the size chart is a little bit confusing, which I highly advise you to ask the manufacturer to get the most suitable one, it fits quite greatly to my body shape. Plus, very lightweight and warm. Can’t believe that it’s just made out of 100% polyester, from the shell to the lining.

Particularly, you can machine wash it without fear of discolor or tear. I rather like its dual lock on the frontside with one zip-up design and the fastened buttons. Plus, there are also two outer zippered pockets, two interior ones for extra storage space. Storm cuffs, fleece bib, zip-off hood and zip through collar for additional coverage and protection.

I also like its elegant design right from the small, exquisite CK logo on the sleeve pocket as well as the print in the lining. It’s not too heavy in logo, but neither also too generic to get boring.

If your living area has frost-bite winter, I highly recommend this jacket for its extreme warmth and comfort. However, if the weather isn’t so cold, this might be a little bit too cozy to style with.

7. Hawke & Co Men’s Packable Down Puffer Jacket II

View here

If you have a tight budget, Hawke & Co provides some affordable options that cost only around 25 bucks. On the other hand, they also give a few mid-range products if your budget is on the table.

But you need to know there’s a basic rule of thumb – you get what you pay for. Even though this garment is made out of nylon like the polo or other higher-end puffer jackets, its texture isn’t as smooth and high-quality as them. However, for the price, it bangs for your buck, especially the durability of this jacket.

You can machine wash it without worrying about discolor, fading or wears and tears. Besides, it’s foldable to be a packable stuff for a winter holiday or trip without bulk.

Speaking of design, this jacket is quite simple and a bit more basic with full-black colorway, full zip-up design, stand collar, ribbed cuffs and two zippered pockets. Actually, the product description of this jacket is wrong, which is not made out of 100% nylon. In reality, it comes up with down feather filling (90% duck down and 10% feather) to be a moderate warm down jacket to style in fall and spring.

If the winter in your living area isn’t so cold, just go ahead on this garment, however, if it’s harsh temperature, then don’t. Its warmth is so-so. Another thing you should bear in mind is its larger size chart. I suggest to go one size down for the best fit.

8. Nike Heavyweight Puffer Jacket

View here

This iconic white puffer jacket is sure to make you stand out from the crowd for its superbly unique, distinctive with reflective elements.

Aside from its one-of-a-kind outlook, the highlight of this coat is Nike AeroLoft technology that brings greatly lightweight, ventilated insulation to keep you feel comfortable in every single motion. By the way, your body will thank you for its ergonomic design as well.

There are two colorways to choose from: black and brown. Both are made out of multiple materials. But, take note that there’s a small difference in material between two options: The black one’s filling is crafted from grey goose down while the bright one’s is from white goose down.

About the rest, their shell is made out of high-quality polyester while the panels are a blend of spandex and polyester. Based on that, it’s quite lightweight, comfortable, wind resistant and easy to maintain.

Plus, due to its fitted fit silhouette, it’s a versatile piece to style in many outfits as well.

9. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Puffer Jacket with Poly Lining

View here

One more puffer jacket that I really want to recommend you to trying is this from U.S. Polo Assn. It’s outstanding in the inner filling because differ from other ordinary puffer jackets, this one is made out of polyfill, which is much lighter and softer.

In warmth, of course, a duck feather puffer jacket can’t beat. However, this model still keeps me warm and comfortable in frost-bite weather if I layer a hoodie or winter shirt inside. It’s quite worthy for the price.

And, if you are looking for an affordable jacket that bangs for your bucks, this is the best bet. There are also a lot of colorways to choose from with various styles. Besides, the zipper is quite closure, well-made. Even though it can be as durable and high-quality as the YKK zippers, the one from U.S. Polo Assn is on point in this price range. It operates smoothly and well in my opinion.

By the way, the shell is crafted 100% from polyester and it is quite high quality to be machine washable. Also, the size chart is large so, no matter how tall and big you are, there’s sure one size will fit yours the best.

10. adidas men’s puffer jacket, SST DOWN JACKET

View here

Last but not least, it’s this adidas men’s puffer jacket. As I said from the beginning, you will understand how crazy of the weather when living in UK countries – the temperature usually drops unexpectedly and quickly, which is really annoying because normal jackets can’t handle that.

That’s why I’m so much in love with this adidas design. Still keep the mainstream of a sporty and aesthetic garment, however, it’s way more convenient and wintery with insulated design and extra down filling for warmth.

I also appreciate their choice in material, which is recycled polyester plain weave. This is a nice jacket that any environmentalists should try to make the world better but also worry free of its quality.

Another great bonus of this jacket is its reversibility that you can style in different ways. As you can see, it’s quite signature with three well-known stripes along the sleeves as well as its embroidered brand logo on the left chest area.

There is also a hood, no drawstring, a full zipper and ribbed cuffs for more closure and coverage. Thanks to its waterproof material, you absolutely enable to style it in snowy day without fears of wetness or coldness. Really highly recommended!

How to style with a puffer jacket

I know that there are still a lot of guys out there getting no ideas of how to style with this trending garment. But don’t fret because puffer jacket is really a versatile garment that you can style in different ways. Also, because this is really a must-try item in any winter closet, I will also share you my 4 tips to dress it like a fashionista.

T-shirt + sweatpants + winter sneakers

If you want to dress it up, thinking of a good t-shirt isn’t a bad idea at all. If your puffer jacket comes in black or dark tone color, go for brighter t-shirt as an inner layer to create the contrasting effect, which bolds your whole outlook more. You can go for a plain shirt or a printed one, just to make sure it looks nice with your jacket.

I myself usually rock on a strip of different shades of a color. If my puffer jacket is dark navy blue, I will go for a printed bright blue t-shirt inside, navy blue winter boots or scarf, stuff like that. I love going synchronization.

Speaking of bottom, I’d like to style with sweatpants for aesthetic look (as you know it, sporty-wear is trendy now). However, you can go for track pants. And to complete that sporty vibe, I style with a pair of sneakers that is designed for winter with good warmth for my feet.

Track jacket + sweatpants + winter sneakers

It’s cool when you drop the puffer jacket’s collar down and zip up a track jacket to cover your whole neck. It’s hard to describe but this set completely brings a unique and nice aesthetic look to wearer. Again, you should choose contrasting color pairs to emphasize your whole look.

About the sweatpants, you can absolute take them from the previous outfit because trust me, by altering the t-shirt by a track jacket, it’s a whole different story. However, for the sneakers, I would like to go for grungier and

All sweats outfit

Continue that aesthetic vibe, this third outfit will be basically all sweats outfit with sweatshirt and sweatpants. Or, you can go for a pair of joggers if you prefer this garment more.

As sweat clothes are usually fluffier than other garments, I highly recommend you to go for one size up of the puffer jacket to get the most comfort.

For the footwear, my recommendation is obviously sport shoes like sneaker and a pair of high-ankle socks.

Remember, your whole outlook should have one emphasis to avoid boringness. Also, my advice for this outfit is for freeze cold days when the temperature drops to sub-zero.

Graphic T-shirt + Minimal jeans + Dad shoes

This concept is more suitable for those warmer days for casual look. (Though it also depends on individual’s cold tolerance.) You can style it in various occasions like going to school, hanging out, shopping, or casual parties.

Other than these four hints on how to style with a puffer jacket, there are so many different ways depending on your creativity and preference. Get more hints here to look cooler this winter.

It’s your turn now!

This article has shared a lot of detailed reviews, guideline, tips and tricks to choose the most suitable puffy jacket for different kinds of budgets, preference and styles.

This garment is really trendy now, however, I hope you don’t follow solidly to others, like just picking that puffy jacket because you see they style them so coolly. No! Let just opt for the one that suits your style, body shape and budget the most.

I hope this article is helpful for those who intend to buy this garment but are still confused of which brand to go to or which one is high-quality and worth the value. Thanks for reading!

If you are also looking some of these winter items, don’t hesitate to take a look:

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