How To Choose The Best Winter Coat For Men

In this article, we will go over 5 best winter coats for men that you are going to need this fall and winter season. They are all my favorites and I think that you will find a lot of versatility on. I try to make this list as diverse as possible whereas if you live in a hot state or a really cold state. There’s going to be a jacket that suits you the best.

But before we begin, I will talk about how to choose the right winter coat and which features to look for. Okay, let’s get started!

What is winter jacket?

Winter jacket is a kind of garment that can keep you warm in cold, freeze, wind or snow weather. They must get thick insulation to help you withstand the coldness outsides even when you are not in a motion.

The best winter jackets for men should allow you to stay dry and comfortable and I think its outer shell must be water resistant and breathable. Besides, the jacket must be functional, as well. You should focus on its length as well as how it will look in both formal and casual styles. Last but not least, it’s weight.

How to choose the best winter coat for men

To pick the right winter coat, it’s quite easy if you bear on mind these basic features to consider while choosing:


Yeah, types of winter coat are the very first and foremost feature to remember because it will contribute different level of warmth as well as only suit for some specific situations. To choose the best type of winter coat, you should know which cases you are going to use it, what the weather is like in your area, etc.

Actually, there are two basic types: technical and casual


These technical winter coats are usually used by athletes as they are designed with more athletic, trim fit to fit with almost athletic movement. Along with the ultimate warmth provided, this type of winter coat also gives you some additional features like helmet-compatible hoods, interior water bottle pockets, better material put in high-wear areas, climbing harness-compatible zippers, etc.

But nowadays, there are also many technical winter jackets for men designed specially to wear in a casual setting. Some manufacturers even offer more color options to meet many tastes. However, you should take notice that these ones usually come in high price tag because you need to give extra payment for high fill-power down. But honestly, in my point of view, there is almost no difference in performance.


Contrary to technical winter coats, the casual tends to decrease the packable size and weight. Instead, they will focus more on weather protection, warmth, convenience and style.

Commonly, these jackets will have built-in insulation so I think they are a perfect option for low-output activities like walking around city streets, ice skating or shoveling the driveway.

Talking about the unique features, there might be some pockets for smart phone, roomier fits, fur lined hoods or removable hoods to match your everyday requirements.

There is just one thing you should keep on mind is that a technical winter coat can be used as casual setting, but a parka can’t. Why? We all know that sports, like ice climbs, will come along with many athletic movements, you need a winter coat meeting such basic requirement. But a casual type can’t as it has ultra-warm and bulky design which is quite difficult to move your arms.

There are commonly four styles of winter jacket when it comes to the casual type, including:

  • Overcoat
  • Bomber
  • Denim jacket
  • Aviator

They are very fashionable and nearly timeless to wear. Thus, if you know how to mix and match them with your daily winter outfit, surely there are diverse concepts to go with.

Outer shell

As I mentioned above, outer shell takes responsibility on protecting you and your jacket against rain, snow and sleet by utilizing special weatherproof material like H2NO, Gore-Tex or eVent. They can block out such elements very well but in turns, the ability to insulate is quite poor, usually from little to nothing.

Which kind of outer shell depends on the weather you are living or going to. If you live backcountry or join in a winter camping trip, there is a lot of choices. There is a basic rule of thumb that the closer to home of the trip or the less important of weight and adaptability, the more comfort and features of the winter jacket we should go for.


Why we should consider a hood for winter jacket? It’s because hood can offer extra warmth and weatherproof.

Going for a removeable hood is a nice choice as you can put it off for less bulkiness and more fashion when the weather is nicer.

Or a helmet-compatible hoods is perfect for some winter activities like skiing. One thing you should consider is to choose a spacious size.

Based on my experience, the best hood for winter coat should be comprehensively adjustable in measure, large in volume, have integrated face mask and removeable fur.


Basically, there are three insulation styles when it comes to insulated mens winter coats are synthetic fibers, down feathers and synthetic textile with “pile” – a high nap fleecy side. Might they be different from the level of keeping warmth, in total, the effect is quite similar. Your body heat will be trapped by the insulation to keep your warm.

And there is a rule of thumb: the thicker of insulation, the warmer you will get.

Down feathers

This is considered as the original insulator which is also the standard for almost warm garment. Their size is small and if you know how to take care of them properly, they can last for very long time.

In turns, the drawback of down feathers is its very poor performance in wet conditions. When getting wet, they will ball and then, clump, which decreases much of its quality of insolate. To overcome this matter, you should dry them by using drying machine.

Nowadays, many manufacturers already know that drawback and find some ways to overcome by adding an extra waterproofing layer in the outer shell. Or they will add directly a chemical treatment to those down feathers. Thanks to this advance, you can go out with this kind of winter coat in wet weather.


This is a kind of plasticized fibers inserted into the winter coats. Its operation is mimicking the insulation properties in the down feathers. There are many famous companies like Polarguard and PrimaLoft making many huge leaps in synthetic fibers lately.

The greatest advantage of this kind of insulator is not clumping up under wet condition and drying out quickly. However, in turns, synthetic fibers will pack down and decrease the qualities of warmth though they’re expanded over their circle lifetime.


This kind of insulation replicating the wool and hide of a sheep. It can be said that this fabric is a great combination between synthetic fibers and down feathers. It has the durability of down feathers and the water-readiness of synthetic fibers. Besides, it is quite affordable for those who have tight budgets.

Talking about its disadvantage of pile is its limitation in thickness. Hence, it limits the use of garments’ least insulating.

Quality of zippers

Not only the zipper quality, but you also should consider the closure system on cuffs as well as they directly effect on the ability to keep warm and weather resistant of your winter coat. Also, those cuffs will decide which kind of gloves you use along with. For examples, with those rib knit cuffs, if you don’t prefer to stretch the fabric, seek for the top gauntlet type gloves. On the contrary, stylishly loose cuffs will easily allow the coldness to get inside.

Another thing you should consider when it comes to front zippers is that might the fabric be water resistant but these zippers won’t. let’s choose a waterproof zipper, as well or consider storm flaps.

Another great choice is two-way zipper. This kind of zipper is usually longer than the length of waist so that it gives more comfort and convenience when sitting down.


After considering such main features, you should also consider these additional ones like fur trimmed hoods, the variety of pockets, and headphones channels. The most important thing is to choose the right winter coat to help you survive in cold weather.

My collection of the best winter coat for men

1. Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket Windproof Rain Jacket

View here

On top of this collection is the Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket. In any hard conditions, from bad rainy, misty weather, assaulting winds to sleet to snow, it all does a good job in protection while still keeping a cool look.

The Wantdo Winter Jacket utilizes high grade water repellent material combining with 1200g cotton padding to create the best heat retention. In addition, it is dry quickly and fitted well with great durability.

There are also some other outstanding features like stretchable glove with thumb hole, adjustable cuffs, wear resisting soft shell, internal drawcord hem, inside windproof snap powder skirt and adjustable storm hood.

Besides, it also has multi-zipper pockets integrated in this winter jacket including 2 zippered chest pockets, 1 internal pocket, 1 zippered hand pockets and 1 internal secure media pocket.

This coat is the best option for Snowboarding, Downhill Skiing, Snowsports and some other outdoor activities in winter season.

2. Ubon Men’s Waterproof Windproof Fleece Ski Jacket Outdoor Insulated Snow Jacket

View here

In some countries, the winter season is usually bitter cold with icy sidewalk and feet of snow whereas in the others like Alaska, Midwest and East Coast, it’s a prolonged extra-freezing condition so that you will need a specific winter cold to stand such temperatures.

I highly recommend this Ubon Jacket as from its design to material to additional features all deliver a great warmth to save you from the winter season. Made totally from polyester with soft fleece and closure design, the jacket does its job well in blocking up your heat inside yet still being breathable and comfortable to wear.

Also, if you usually join skiing at this time, this is a go-to winter coat thanks to the extra layer of waterproofing with the level of 10000mm/H2O. Particularly, its zippers are water resistant, as well. You can freely enjoy skiing, snowboarding or walking under bad rains without fears of getting wet.

Not only is this Ubon Jacket waterproof, but it is also windproof by featuring stand collar, elastic cuffs with velcros, stretched powder skirt and removable insulated storm hood.

What’s more? There are 1 waterproof zippered chest pocket and 2 big zippered hand pockets on the exterior, 1 zippered phone pocket on the left and 1 big velcro pocket on the right on the insides. In a word, I find no reason to say “no” to this perfect winter jacket.

3. WenVen Men’s Military Style Thicken Hooded Jacket

View here

For those who are seeking for a winter coat for everyday wear, consider this WenVen. Its ability to keep warmth is moderate while the design is sleek and fashionable to readily deliver a cool look anywhere.

If you are worrying about the level of convenience, then don’t. This is a multi-functional jacket that not only blocks heat up, but also provides various pockets including 1 internal, 1 zip chest and 3 front button pockets to store many of your essentials.

Besides, it is machine washed and the material is really durable. In terms of colors, there are five options for you to go. In my opinion, this is a perfect garment for those who love the classic military style.

4. Waterproof Ski Jacket Mens raincoats-GIVBRO New Design Outdoor Hooded Lightweight Softshell Hiking Windproof Rain Jackets

View here

I like the style of these winter coats from GIVBRO. They are designed as a raincoat, four color options with a twist of modern fashion. In comparison to the WenVen Jacket, this winter coat is a bit fluffier, but don’t worry, you won’t look like a tennis ball at all as it’s not a way too much.

Right from its name, GIVBRO Winter Coat is great at water resistance thanks to the creative combination of taped seams with ultimate hard wearing high technology in addition waterproof zippers. Thus, a sudden rain or bad raining won’t a matter anymore.

Besides, it’s windproof, as well.

This jacket is designed with adjustable cuffs, good fleece liner and adjustable storm hood to offer the finest heat retention, keeping you survive through the coldest days in winter.

Small additional feature, great benefit. Apart from high-quality zippers, the manufacturer also adds some flaps to keep your essential things safe.

5. ZSHOW Men’s Winter Hooded Cotton Jacket Sports Quilted Outerwear

View here

ZShow Winter Jacket is great at keeping warmth as it is designed with 100% nylon shell, 100% polyester stuffing and lining. These materials are all good at blocking heat up, getting the wind out and waterproofing. What’s more? Closure zippers, fur lined hood, well-designed cuffs with elastic straps to supremely offer the greatest heat retention.

Don’t worry about its breathability as the jacket is made of high-quality material to deliver both comfort and extreme softness. I think this is a perfect winter coat for men who are finding a multi-functional garment for both casual style and outdoor activities for examples, walking, hiking, driving, camping, etc.

It’s convenient, as well because you can wash it by hand or machine easily. Talking about additional functions, this jacket is also attached with one velcro side pocket and one zipper chest pocket as well as outside zippered Vertical pockets to hold many stuffs like phone, wallet and key.

The best winter coat for men will not only keep you warm in such hash condition, but also help you stay dry. The challenge is to identify the right size and choose the most suitable type to meet all your individual needs. Based on your lifestyle, preference and location, either you will want a technical winter jacket or a casual garment. Hope that this article will help you pick the best one.

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