Best Men’s Trench Coat For Any Occasions

Best Men’s Trench Coat For Any Occasions

My best men’s belted trench coats so far are here! They would give you a fashionable look in today’s modern workplace. You can use them for many occasions too not just for work. Furthermore, they are extremely reliable during the unpredictable weather. So don’t forget to have one in your wardrobe!

In this list, I will provide you with my favorite men’s fashion trench coats that are trendy in the market. You will likely attract a lot of attention when wearing these coats matching with your accessories and shoes. Not only that, they are very comfortable and light for your daily routine.

What are the key features of a good trench coat?

In my humble opinion, a good trench coat should be fit and functional to your body. These are the two key features you should have in mind when shopping.
There is no point wearing a too tight or loose trench coat which makes you feel uncomfortable most of the time. Then it also useless if you wear a winter trench coat to work in the middle of summer. Think how hot inside just because it looks great to wear it with your suit.
Hence, here is the list for your selection. I suggest you should have at least three suitable men’s trench coats for each specific purpose. One is cool and smooth for the spring and summer seasons. While the second trench coat is extremely warm and covers most of your body during the cold winter. And the last one is multifunctional.

Let’s discover what is interesting and suits you perfectly!

1. Hart Schaffner Marx Men’s Burnett Trench Coat

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The first trench coat is one of my favorite collection since it is from Hart Schaffner Marx. This is a very renowned and prestigious brand. Established since 1911, the brand has won many men’s heart when it comes to clothing design. So you don’t need to worry about the product quality as it worths every penny you pay for.

I personally like this men’s navy trench coat, not only navy is my matching color but also the classic belt. If you prefer a neat look, this is definitely for you. Since all the accessories such as belt, buttons, and epaulets, they blend in together nicely. If you wear a matching color for the hat and pants, you will likely invisible at night.
With the dark navy color, you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty by rain and dust. I have been wearing it during rainy seasons. As predicted, it drys fast as you leave on the hanger for couple hours. You can also adjust the size with the belt and detachable collar.

Let’s talk about its design:

Hart Schaffner Marx designs it with 60% cotton and 40% Polyester. This helps you stay cool during the hot weather as cotton is friendly to your skin. It leaves spaces for your skin breathing and absorbs moisture from your sweat. While Polyester materials keep the coat durable over many wears and tears.

Men like to have their tool at their disposal too! Cigarette, zipper, phone, pen, and notes are likely what we bring along in our daily work. Don’t worry as this coat has both exterior and interior pockets that fit your needs. It is very comfortable and efficient for you at the same time!

For the price range between $167 – $200, this is the best men’s trench coat that cannot be ignored. If you happen to buy a trench coat, get a reliable and prestigious one like this. I can guarantee you won’t regret it for such a high-quality product.

2. Benibos Men’s Trench Coat Winter Long Jacket Double Breasted Overcoat

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What if your budget is tight and you need a decent coat?

I understand with your situation here, not all of us make tons of cash. Thus, you will thank for this Sicoozoe Winter Overcoat later. Listed as the men’s slim fit trench coat, this Asian brand is very competitive to bring good products for such a desirable price.

Even though it is in the average price range, don’t take it as a “cheap” choice. From the look, you can clearly see it fits right in the business environment. Having this one for the daily working routine is professional. If you are a slim or slender guy, this is exactly for you as it wraps closely and reinforces your body.

Here is its special function:

Since it is 100% wool blend fabric, it is extremely warm and lightweight, even when it snows! So don’t worry, you need to be healthy and this coat gives you the perfect protection. Though since it is made in China, you need to get the measurement slightly bigger if you are a Westerner.

Besides its professional look, I also like its softness when wearing with a T-shirt. When you pick the right size, there should be some space between your shirt and the jacket. The trench coat also is available in two colors Camel and Black. So you can see which one is more suitable for your workplace.

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3. Men’s Trench Coat Slim Fit Notched Collar Overcoat

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Next, in my collection, I would like to introduce you to a very stylish trench coat with notched collar. At first glance, you notice the dye blend in very well combining with its collar symmetry create that stylish look. It brings out men’s dominant and active traits just by wearing it outdoors.

I do prefer the men’s single breasted trench coat compared to others. This one has one column of buttons which presents a clean and detective look. Moreover, its interior will highlight your shirt if you are wearing contrasting colors.
Similarly to the above trench coat, it is 100% wool blend to ensure a great coziness against wet and cold weather. The slim designs will suit your slim body though you need to check your shoulder and sleeves measurements. I highly suggest you pick a slightly larger size in case of extreme temperature that shrinks your coat a bit.
What else for this men’s trench coat?

Well, the price range between $35 – $48 is quite reasonable, since it is not in the top quality compared to others. You will still enjoy every benefit it offers though, as I check the wool material is quite soft and the sewing parts are carefully combined. If you just need a functional and stylish looking coat, this worths a try next time you visit a fashion shop.

4. Zicac Men’s Spring Fall Thin Cotton Jacket MD-Long Windbreaker Trench Coat Plus Size

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If you prefer something cool, how about giving a try for the Zicac cotton jacket/trench coat. It is gorgeous to wear it during pleasant weather. I have added this coat for my men’s spring trench coat collection since it stands out during this season.
Imagine wearing this with a contrasting jean, those girls can’t help looking at you. Available in black and khaki color, this coat will go along well with black or light blue jean. Also, I can feel the strong individuality and thuggish style from this one!

Let’s check out its special feature first!

If the previous trench coats are mainly for slim and slender body type, this one is flexible in many body types. Zicac Windbreaker trench coat also has adjustable cuffs for your hands. Then, it provides you with 1 chest zip pocket for quick storage, 4 waist button pockets as well as 1 inner pocket for hiding your secret items. Quite a convenient right !?
Lastly, its collar can be turned down if you feel a bit hot inside. Due to its cotton materials, this coat is soft for your skin. This feature is important for those have sensitive skins and prone to sweat during hot weather. Though also beware that the size neck is Asian measurement, so make sure you pick a larger size than you anticipate.

With such multipurpose, Zicac coat is my daily pick for many casual occasions such as hanging out with friends, going for a walk or attend certain outdoor activities. I bet you will feel cool and comfortable for wearing such a fashionable coat.

5. FLYHAWK Men’s Lightweight Rain Jacket Soft Shell Waterproof Outdoor Hoodie Trench Coat

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If you are a sporty person, and like to be outside most of the time, then this FLYHAWK hoodie trench coat is the right choice. When you need a men’s long trench coat with hood, they are made for specific purposes, in this case is to combat rain and wind.

Don’t forget main useful features are:

This tough trench coat can challenge any rainy and misty weather. Its Polyurethane shell fabric is the secret weapon here. The materials are completely waterproof and windproof. Keeping your body dry and warm all the time is the most important objective.

Besides, the coat feels soft yet very durable to wears and tears. Since Polyurethane is technically a plastic materials which can withstand heat, and resistant to outdoor conditions. So don’t worry if you wear this trench coat for a long time, it will definitely worth your investment.

The best part aside from its unique functions, the hoodie and cuffs are adjustable to fit you nicely. I can’t appreciate more for its zippers on both the coat and pockets. You will be thankful to protect your expensive phone under such reliable pockets.

Even for myself, I was shocked to see this is on sale for $34 – $40. This men’s trench coat also comes with five different colors for your favorite pick. Though you need to check whether the long or short types. For me personally, I prefer the long variations since it protects my underwear better during heavy rain.

6. Cheering Unisex Rain Coat for Mens Rainwear Waterproof Rain Jacket Long Sleeve Raincoat

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Continue with our battle against bad weather, here I have a men’s lightweight trench coat that also protect you from heavy rain too. At first glance, you can recognize the smooth fabric since it is made of Oxford material. The coat is lightweight and practical for both outdoor daily routine and emergency usage.

You don’t have to worry about the hash weather anymore as this covered well. This material also very durable with the thicken fabric. So you can enjoy your outdoor activities or playing sport with no interruptions. With the elastic sleeves and reflector strip on the back, you can even use it for jogging at night since you are too busy in the morning.
What’s more?

This coat is made of high-quality fabric (PVC) is not only waterproof but also snowproof too. While protecting you from the vicious weather outside, it keeps you warm and circulates the heat as you move. The adjustable string pull cap plus button sleeves which cover you closely and prevent any moisture entrance.

What I could ask more from this are some pockets! This will increase the utility of the coat as sometimes we have many things to store along the road. That is all you have for such a cheap price $25-$28 though. If the color does not match your taste, please keep reading since I have more stylish trench coats bellow to consider.

7. Alpine Swiss Zach Mens Wool Trench Coat Knee Length Overcoat

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Here is something even more stylish:

Coming from Alpine Swiss brand, established since 2010, it has made a huge impact globally over 45 countries. This men’s long black trench coat is one of my father’s favorite for a long time. The first impression from it is the coverage, it reaches down to your knee and keeps you warm throughout the day.

Moreover, don’t overlook its simplistic and classic designs. It can be very useful during the cold and wet weather. Since it is made of wool blend, there is no doubt about all the warmness you can get from this men’s trench coat. Though it won’t last long as polyester coats, I can guarantee with you it is useful to keep your inner clothes dry.

Due to its materials and design, this coat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. You will find this coat efficient with 2 outer pockets and 3 additional inner ones. The lining is seamless gives the coat a neat look too. In addition to the clean look, you have 5 covered buttons cleverly hidden. This contributes to your professional appearance in the office and not giving out too much of attention if this is what you intend.

Besides, for just $50 bucks, you actually donate to a greater cause here. Alpine Swiss contributes part of its sales to the Children’s Hunger Fund. This infers your charitable personality by helping those are more in needs indirectly. I see this is a win-win for both consumer, the brand and the community as well.

8. DAVID.ANN Men’s Windbreaker Notch Lapel Single Breasted Coat

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As for David.Ann’s coats, it is all about the style you express every day. You can wear this coat for any occasions such as work, casual hangouts, walking, outdoor parties, etc. The stylish look highlight your unique personality and the materials will keep you warm throughout the day.

As mentioned, this is a fashionable men’s dress trench coat. Thus, it increases the wearer’s body features with single breasted buttons. You can see closely the fine polyester lining which will keep it intact for a long time usage. Besides being such a reliable coat, it offers four unique colors that will match your taste.

Let’s talk about its material designs:

With high-quality cotton and viscose, it will definitely keep you warm like the other men’s trench coats. Its materials are breathable for your skins and absorb moistures like sweat well. You will love it even more when it comes to the gorgeous decorative buttons, and zippers.

There are two side pockets, one inner chest pocket for, and one decorative zippered chest pocket. This is why it is both stylish and efficient for you on the go. Even though David.Ann’s product is new to the market, I admire the great design, as well as the tremendous efforts, put in every lining and materials.

If you want to show off your active style, this is the right choice for such a reasonable price. This coat is offered in four contrasting colors while costing only from $31-$39. I see no reason to ignore such well-tailored trench coat.

9. LP-FACON German Classic Officer WW2 Military Uniform Black Leather Trench Coat

View here

This leather trench coat has a unique feature:

It catches everyone’s eyes from the very first impression with the German Officer look. Inspired by the classic WW2 military uniform, your tough and serious character won’t be underestimated by others easily. It is long to cover up to your below calf, which is far enough against rains and moisture.

The materials are 100% leather with decent linings. This helps you to stay dry and warm during heavy drain. Originally, German and the Europe regions are mainly cold and have unpredictable weather. The German officer uniform is designed well for that purpose.

Let’s talk about the look!

As a men’s double breasted trench coat, it has a sophisticated and authoritative style. No argument here! This coat reminds others to take you seriously when talking to you. Besides that, having your hands in the belly pockets are both aggressive and intimidating too. The design alone is enough for you to cosplay or attend special meetings.

Lastly, some minor details that you should be aware before buying it. Since it is leather, so sometimes it can have lots of wrinkles if you don’t fold it neatly. It has a large collar with lapels leaving your neck exposed a lot. So I highly suggest wearing with a matching scarf to protect your throat during cold weather.

For a good price of $150, you have yourself an amazing trench coat. I think being ordinary a lot will make you look boring. Sometimes, you just show up with a unique look will make you stand out among the crowd. This is when everyone is surprised by seeing you look attractive yet dominant, wearing such a coat!

10. Darkrock Men’s Black Cotton Twill Steampunk Tailcoat Jacket Goth Victorian Coat/Trench

View here

Bearing a resemblance to men’s black trench coat full length, this Steampunk tailcoat will wow the room as you enter any formal conference, and convention. Don’t let the name fool you. If you are going to such a formal party or classic conference, this is the right coat you should wear.

Since it is made with genuine cotton, you will feel the amazing softness as in every touch. The black color will bring up your dominant side and the business attire. Combining with the Victorian design, you are well prepared to discuss businesses. I am sure that you can’t find such a slick men’s trench coat easily for just $70 bucks.

In my view, the important feature is the symmetrical sense at first glance. It balances well with your body shape, whether you are slim or a bulky. Hence, others won’t be distracted easily and rather focus on you to discuss essential matters. Don’t everyone loves a bit of attention? Yes, we all are!

Besides the formal style, you should pick a perfect fit size in this case though. Since it has 5 snap fastening at front, it won’t look well if some are unsnapped and reveal your big belly. The cuffs also have 3 snap fastenings which are more flexible depending on your cuffs’ size. With such a high-quality coat, you would need to hand wash in cold water or dry clean to preserve it for longer usage.
If you are still wondering about formal coats, I still have two more for you below. Stay tuned!

11. Long Plaid Coat

View here

Zara is famous for many creative and fashionable designs. Especially in this long plaid coat, simple yet standout Karo design is what makes you unique. Still, under men’s fashion trench coat category, you can rest assured for the excellent quality from such a premium brand.

In exchange for the premium price tag of $250, the outer coat is consist of 65% polyester, 25% wool, 10% acrylic. This combination both brings you comfort, warmth, and durability. I also admire the detail linings too, of course, Zara design and techniques in every product are impeccable. It worths your money eventually experiencing a high-quality coat.
I have used a similar coat with a different color for three years, and it is still last today! It is enough said about the material quality.

Why would you go for such a simplistic design though?

This is to focus on your body shape and features more. Certain people would prefer others pay attention differently. Some prefer a shining and standout costume that attract lots of stares because of its uniqueness. By wearing Zara, you are confident in who you are! This simplistic coat will enhance your body shape and curves.

Instead of being handsome by wearing something sophisticated, you decide your clothes should compliment your body instead. Others instead focus on the coat itself, they will rather focus on your personality and identity. This is the hidden meaning in premium brands in the fashion market. To deliver what is best for you!

12. APTRO Men’s Quality Wool Trench Coat Winter Business Gentlemen Long Pea Coat Overcoat

View here

From the previous coats, you have lots of weaponry at your disposal from every casual occasion to the special meeting one. As the last item, I would like to bring more unique and identity to your wardrobe. The Aptro wool trench coat is all about business and professionalism.

You will need this coat mostly for important meetings, going out with your partners, or dealing with clients. This is the “one” you should always ready for these specific purposes. The look from afar will notice the premium fabric (with 80% wool and 20% polyester combined). The coat is super smooth and soft as predicted.
Furthermore, the full vertical design plus the 1701 knee-high style will highlight your waist if you are slender fit. Don’t worry though if you are a bit overweight. It still preserves your sharp and professional look even if you leave one button open.

The long sleeves combine with lapel collars will boost your shoulder up, increasing your dominant sense to everyone. If that is not enough, the brand also measures well the ratio between your collar and shoulder to present a smooth look of a strong man. This is the key feature that makes me grab this coat instantly at the first glance.
The smart design of those neat pockets confirms my decision too. They are not too show off since you don’t want to intimidate your potential clients, but rather efficient. Again, this coat is likely to make a good impression but still leaving you the stage for a further demonstration of who you are.

What I wish to have more is a suitable belt to go along with the coat. Since it will compliment well for those who have a small waistline. By then, it will definitely be listed as one of my top favorite men’s belted trench coat. So, you can innovate further with this coat depending on your body shape. Don’t give up on such a stylish coat just because you are too slim or big.

At the end of the day
You are the boss when choosing the best trench coat regardless anyone says about you. You should be able to identify your unique personality, color taste, and the specific purpose before buying a trench coat. I hope that this article brings you essential information about each individual product.

Additionally, you should be confident of who you are and your body shapes too. They make of the image you want to project to others. These men’s trench coats will obviously help you to bring out the highlights of your body features. That is already 50% of the first impression, the rest is how you act and respond in compliment with what you choose to wear that day.

I wish you can choose the best trench coat that shows the very best of you!

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