5 Best Mens Clip-on Sunglasses You Should Try

Guess which sunglasses rock the trend this year? Yes, it’s clip-on! The famous retro frames which allow you to go from regular eyewear to incognito in just a blink of eye are now back in fashion. Cheer up and read on this ultimate review article if you want to pick the best clip-on sunglasses.

1. Splaks Unisex Polarized Frameless Rectangle Lens Flip Up Clip Clip-on Sunglasses

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Talking about Splaks, I always appreciate their thoughtfulness.

You know that when driving at night, sometimes the glare or dark locations reduce your eye vision, which is very dangerous. Understand that matter, Splaks not only made a pair of clip-on sunglasses for the day time to save your eyes from UV rays of the sun, but also designed a pair for night time to help you improve your eye vision. Detailly, it reduces the glare, brighter locations.

Besides, they are especially built with rubberized grips so that you can minimize scratching or damaging the glasses.

This Splaks includes two packs of alternative clip-on sunglasses and they can fit most of reading eyeglasses just in a few seconds. And when not in use, they are easily flipped up. Plus, Splaks clip-on are very easy to clean. To keep them free from debris or dust, all you need is a microfiber cloth to wipe the glasses down.

One more feature of this amazing Splaks is its light weigh. Unlike many other clip-ons, this one doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort on the bridge of my nose. Sometimes, I even forget that I’m using them.


  • Easy to attach/remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Have two packs: one for day time and one for night time, which is very convenient
  • Rubberized grip to reduce scratch and damage
  • Lightweight


  • It’s not a weakness of Splaks at all, I think. My friends told me the yellow color of the night clip-on glasses made he feel odd. But I feel it’s normal. Thus, maybe depend on your favorite, you will have different feeling about it.

2. Besgoods Polarized Clip-on Flip up Metal Clip Sunglasses

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The very first impression when I hold this Besgoods in hand is its sturdiness. Follow the trendy mens sunglasses 2017, its metal clip is a remarkable thing. Besides, Besgoods clip-on are very easy to attach on any eyeglasses. Plus, they have polarized lenses.

For those who don’t know, polarized sunglasses’ lenses are coated with chemical firm to eliminate glare of the sun. Thus, they help to protect your eyes from harmful rays in day time as well as support you to see objects more clearly. And people prefer to use these sunglasses when they are driving or walking under strong light and strong glare.

Back to this Besgoods, their UV400 Lens Technology is awesome, which can absorb over 99 percent of UVA and UVB spectrums. On the other hand, if you choose to pick one, then you’ll have no worries about warranty. They will refund full to you for any defective sunglasses.


  • Fit almost of any eyeglasses
  • Fashionable, sturdy, protective and durable
  • Polarized lenses to protect eyes
  • Good warranty


  • Heavy
  • Some people may feel they’re a bit dark in bright.

3. ClipShades 2 Pack Lightweight Clip-on Sunglasses

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Like Besgoods clip-on, ClipShades also has polarized UV400 TAC Sun lenses with the ability to protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB ray and help you see object clearly.

However, this one overcome the weakness of the Besgoods when they are made of polycarbonate, which is quite lightweight and doesn’t cause any discomfort to your nose. Besides, ClipShades has another improvement, which is Anti Blue Light Amber Poly-carbonate Lens.

Blue rays that are emitted by monitors and screens are very harmful to our eyes. From what I have searched and learned about them, blue rays are the highest energy wavelength and they cause intense in your eyes if you look or work on digital devices for long times. Moreover, they can cause insomnia.

From that point, you can see how convenient this ClipShades is. You not only use them to support your outdoor vision but also wear them on when you work with laptop, monitors and screen.


  • Lightweight
  • Have polarized UV400 TAC Sun lenses
  • Have Anti Blue Light Amber Poly-carbonate Lens
  • Fit perfect on many eyeglasses


  • Easily broken

4. Costyle Black Grey Retro Polarized Clip on Flip up Plastic Sunglasses

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I love black and this is indeed my favorite. Look at it, how masculine! Talking about its benefit for eye health, this Costyle is 100 percent UV protection and has polarized lens.

I once tested Costyle and other sunglasses of mine. I wore them on and went fishing under strong sunlight. Surprisingly, with Costyle, I didn’t even make a squint to see objects while with my sunglasses, my eyes got useless. Thus, with such affordable price and good quality, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I truly recommend this clip-on for drivers or fishers, it’s awesome for sure.

A small talk about its design, metal frame makes the Costyle more sturdy and nice looking while the soft rubber coating helps to protect from scratching and shifting. On the other hand, its design can fit perfectly with both plastic and metal eyeglasses.


  • 100% Uv protection
  • Well Polarized
  • Sturdy with metal frame
  • Have rubber coating to protect lenses
  • Fit any kinds of eyeglasses
  • Cheap


  • A bit dark lens

5. Dollger Clip On Sunglasses Steampunk Style and Round Mirrored Lens

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Among my five recommendations, this Dollger has the most various color options to choose. There are totally 6 lens colors including brown, blue, black, pink, rose, silver in addition to 3 frame colors including black, gold and silver. And that’s what I like the most!

The second impression about this Dollger clip-on is its high fashion and nice looking. It fits perfectly for both men and women, not too girly and not too masculine. Very unique!

Like Besgoods and ClipShades, Dollger has UV400 TAC Sun lenses, but it doesn’t have polarization feature. In turn, its price is rather affordable so that if you are just looking for a budget friendly clip-on, pick it!

And the last thing I have to tell you, this set includes two parts: frame and lenses. Unlike all above clip on sunglasses, this Dollger’s lenses cannot attach to other frames. They only fit their own frame.


  • Cheap
  • 100% Uv protection
  • Look good in both men and women
  • Various color options


  • Doesn’t have polarized lenses
  • The lenses cannot fit many other frames

In conclusion, above are my best clip-on sunglasses. I try to pick many different brands and kinds to match with different demands and requirements. However, high-quality is first. They are really good and worth every penny. Thus, I hope that this article may help you pick the best one for your own.

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