10 Best Clip-on Sunglasses for Men – That Don’t Look Dorky [Updated 2019]

You’re looking for some fashionable clip-on sunglasses as a great choice to try to kill birds with one stone: A set of normal glasses and a set of sunglasses, aren’t you?

There are lots of different mounting systems available for clip-ons. For example, the traditional claw approach which stretches one side of the clip-on onto the glasses and then, you stretch it over to the other side. (They have little claws on the back of the clip-on.)

Truth to say, I don’t like those since they could scratch up your lenses. Instead, I prefer these modern sets more:

I. Here are the best clip-on sunglasses for men

1. Splaks Unisex Polarized Clip on Sunglasses – 2-Piece Frameless Rectangle Lens Flip Up

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The Splaks Clip-on Sunglasses are actually 2-piece frameless lens. There are two different color: Black and Yellow, to serve for specific purpose. Detailly, the black one, with UV400 blocking polarized feature, helps to protect your eyes against UVA and UVB rays as well as sun glares. It’s perfect to use in date while driving, fishing, biking or hiking.

The yellow one, on the other hand, is specialized as night driving glasses since it helps to brighten your visual in lack of light conditions. Besides, it’s anti-dazzling from car lights.

If you don’t like the combo of one yellow and one black lens, there are other different options to choose from, allowing you to choose the most favorite lens shape and color.

In general, they come in average size (58mm x 37mm) to ensure fitting as many kinds of glasses as possible, including prescription, non-prescription spectacles, metal frame, plastic frame, rim-less, half frame, and full frame.

Each lens weighs about 9 grams, which is rather lightweight to wear comfortably without leaving less sunglasses mark on your nose. On the other hand, its quality really satisfies my standards. From the lens to the soft rubber tips, the spring-loaded flip-up design to the polycarbonate protection area.

They help to keep the sunglasses themselves from scratches and breakage efficiently. Though when clipping it on a pair of sunglasses with smaller lens, they look a little bit weird. If you don’t mind about that, just go ahead for its wonderful quality and function. These clip on sunglasses for plastic frames are worth a try!

2. Aoheng TR90 Five-in-one Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses – for Night Driving

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If you want a more fashionable option, the AoHeng Clip-on sunglasses are really worth considering. It’s the magnetic kind so, there is no mechanical clip or the rubber tips like the Splaks above, but just the metal spring mirror legs to connect the frame.

Also, as a complete package includes one frame with flat lenses and five other clips, it ensures that the extra clip-on lenses will match perfectly to the frame. No weird look anymore! It’s also easy to clip on due to the strong magnets attached on the right and left of the sunglasses. They are superbly solid absorption as well.

You can replace the flat lenses by your prescription ones and stack up other colored lenses for specific purposes. But rest assured, the total weight of frame + flat lenses/prescription lenses + clip is just around 20 grams. In comparison to other magnetic clip-on sunglasses, this is considerably ultra-lightweight.

As mentioned, you’ve got 5 additional different colored lenses. They are all anti-radiation, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-glare so that you can wear at either date or night. Hardly will other people realize you’re wearing clip-on sunglasses because of its so much fashion look.

Also, there are two lens shape options: The rectangular and the round. The choice is yours!

3. Solar Shield Clip-on Sunglasses – 48 Oval 2 – Polarized Gray Lenses Full Frame


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In comparison to other pairs at my local department store, this online purchase is more affordable with good quality. These frameless sunglasses have nice clear lenses and the polarized treatment helps to expand your visual under harsh sunlight significantly with comfort.

It’s pity when the clips are plastic – pretty easy to break if you’re not careful. However, for the price and its wonderful functionality, you will still want to buy from this brand. It’s a great choice for those who are saddled with prescription glasses and in need of quick sunglasses to drive, ride, go fishing, or hike.

They come in average-sized lenses to fit almost kinds of glasses. The only drawback (and also same as the Splaks above) is they look a bit “off”. If that’s not your concern, just keep the purchase.

4. Polarized Clip-on Flip Up Metal Clip Rimless Sunglasses for Prescription Glasses – Various Lens Sizes & Colors

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The best thing about these Caxman polarized clip-on sunglasses is the various options of lens sizes and colors provided. Thus, you will get more chances to pick the most suitable of your prescription glasses with less weird looking.

Another big bonus is their solid, sturdy metal clips that at least in those clumsy moments, they aren’t prone to break like the plastic. Plus, they are shatter-proof, non-shrinking, and super durable as well.

Op top of that, these metal clips seem not to affect significantly on their weight at all, if not saying that the sunglasses are really light.

With UV400 technology, these sunglasses reduce reflection and glare efficiently to improve our vision at date. At the meantime, they protect eyes against UV rays – perfect for outdoor activities and driving. Their lenses are designed specifically to resist scratches pretty well so, just rest assured of bringing them for hiking, fishing or riding.

5. Punasi 4-Pack Polarized Clip-on Plastic Sunglasses Lenses for Outdoor Walking Driving Fishing Cycling – (Night Vision Yellow + Grey + Dark Brown + Dark Green)

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For an economy selection, the Punasi clip-on sunglasses are really worth a consideration as set of 4 packs just cost less than $20. There is just not any hard glasses case, but in turns, you will get a fabric bag. I think that even spending some extra bucks for a cool glass case, it’s still much more affordable than many other counterparts on the market.

All 4 packs are really high-quality and UV-protection efficiently to bang for your bucks. Besides, Punasi provides two size options of medium and large. Each includes 4 different color lenses: black, gray, brown, and yellow to fit specific time in the days.

The best thing about this set is each of them comes in higher upper edges than normal prescription glasses, thus, you can feel free of the best fit. Tips: If you’re unsure about which size to go to, just pick the bigger size. Consider carefully the dimensions of each option before picking them.

And about the quality, rest assured that they are equal with emphasis on scratch resistance and lightness. Overall, this set is the best choice/gift for those who usually drive date and night or an outdoor guy.

6. WELUK Polarized Clip on Flip Ups Sunglasses TR90 Frame UV400 Driving

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With a looser budget, the WELUK is worth considering for some reasons. First off, it highlights UV 400 protection coating that can absorb 100% UVA/UVB rays. This is important feature for sunglasses since they will reduce entirely glare, reducing eye strain and improving visual clarity efficiently.

Thanks to that perfect protective, I highly recommend this pair for fishers, hikers, bikers, and travelers.

Second, is the rubber clip-on piece. This brings you two biggest benefits: Avoiding scratches and fitting perfectly to your glasses. Though its durability won’t be as impressive as the stainless steel, rubber clip-on piece strikes back with lightness and easy application.

In general, I find they are trade-off things. You need to understand which overweighs the other to find the most suitable pair. With this, it’s more about customer convenience rather than durability.

Other than that, customers will receive a 90-day money-back guarantee to try and get a thought about the product before deciding whether returning it or not. So, why not?

7. Eyekepper Easyclip Spring Polarized Clip On Sunglasses


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What I appreciate the most in the Eyekepper Easyclip Clip-on Sunglasses is its nice little plastic case and careful packaging. I actually don’t prefer those are wrapped in a plastic zippered bag or fabric bag with a draw string. It’s so unprotective and unprofessional. Not to mention that the products are prone to break during delivery.

The next mentionable feature is its ease of slipping over the glasses. If you’re an experienced, trying it with one hand isn’t a hard task. Notice that you’ve got two lens size options to choose from: The 59mm and the 53mm. Hence, consider carefully your glasses’ before picking one.

In terms of the polarized ability, they are pretty dark to keep my eyes “relax” completely. At the same time, it works perfectly in my car where transition lenses can’t do. That should be the best part!

Even though at first, its tightness caused me a headache if wearing it a while, after a few weeks when the spring action is broken in, I feel really comfortable while the clip-on sunglasses still secure sufficiently.

8. Costyle Black Grey Retro Polarized Clip on Flip up Plastic Sunglasses Driving Fishing Traveling

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Next up is the Costyle Retro Clip-on Sunglasses! They are the best bet for those who already have corrective lenses and don’t want to wait for the transition ones to change.

In comparison to other clip-on sunglasses, this pair is much darker, which is exactly my style. Very well-polarized and totally improve my vision on bright sunny days even though you might need to lift it up to read an LCD screen. However, flip-up feature works greatly when going from outdoors to indoors.

The biggest selling point of this pair is its new design leg profile. Unlike other traditional clip-on sunglasses that only fit a specific type of frame. These can fit both plastic and metal.

Considering the price, this clip-on pair of sunglasses truly makes an easy affordable solution that I couldn’t ask for a better one. What a great purchase!

9. Pro Acme Polarized Clip-on Flip Up Sunglasses Wear Over Prescription glasses


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For big face shape, the Pro Acme Polarized Clip-on Sunglasses featuring a lens width of 60mm will be the best low-cost alternative to the Rx Sunglasses.

The very first thing I noticed about this pair was all its contact points had been coated with rubber. Nice! Since my skin is really sensitive and easy to get scratches, this extra feature is like my life-saver.

Another highlight is its components’ quality. They are all made of metal to stay durable with time. Not to mention that the flip-up function works very smoothly. Particularly, they don’t slip down when flipping up. Thumb-up!

There are four different color options to choose from. But don’t just pick one due to your preference, consider more about the regular time frame you’re outdoor. For example, while the black lens is suitable for date driving, the yellow one is more about night going out.

Whichever you choose, rest assured that they’re completely UVA/UVB protected to save you from Cataracts.

You might concern:

10.Wangly Polarized Unisex Clip On Flip Up Sunglasses Over Prescription And Reading Glasses Frames Suitable For Driving

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Feature 2.36 x 1.73 plastic lenses, these Wangly clip-ons are good for smaller frames with lightness. Due to the equipped polarization feature, they offer clear flawless vision with no distortion – a perfect choice for fishing, hiking, driving and other outdoor activities.

Other than that, is the UV400 protection to block UVA and UVB rays efficient, keeping your eyes healthy as well as staying away from cataract. The mechanism on the other hand is practically designed, easy to grasp and strong. Plus, they stay where you put them without distracting the visual field.

And, it’s also easy to flip up and down as well.

That’s why for the price, I get no remorse after all. Such a fine product that I’m going to re-order for my brother.

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II. How to choose the best clip-on sunglasses

1. Type

There are three basic types of clip-on sunglasses:

  • Flip-ups
  • Standard clip-on sunglasses
  • Magnetic clip-on sunglasses

The flip-ups, as its name defines, flexibly stay on your lenses and flip up and down when in need. It’s more convenient than the magnetic, especially if you’re an absent-minded who usually forget where things are stored up.

While with magnetic clip-ons, you a huger case and remember to bring it to take care of the clip-on sunglasses when they are not in need, the flip-ups don’t. They stick to your eyewear all the time.

However, the only gripe is they’re more prone to scratch the surface of your eyewear to shorten their lifespan. Besides, when you want to remove it complete against your glasses, it takes more time than the magnetic.

One more strength of the magnetic clip-ons is their various color options to match them to your clothes that day.

About the standard clip-on sunglasses, this is the most affordable out of a bunch – a perfect choice for those clumsy guys who usually break their eyeglass accessories and frames.

However, remember one rule of thumb – you get what you paid for. It’s synonymous to a flimsier construction of these standard models. Also, they are easier to break because of less maintenance and cheap material made. To the end, there will be less eye protection to yours.

2. Size

Size is critical when choosing clip-ons and to figure out which is the most suitable for your eyeglasses, firstly, remember their measurement, including the width, height, even the nose and bridge.

It’s good to find out the exact size fitting perfectly to your eyeglasses, but that is really rare. If after a while looking for some but there’s none of them giving you the best fit, remember, bigger is always better than smaller. Those clip-on sunglasses shoulder cover entirely your eyewear to provide the complete protection to your eyes.

3. Lens material

Four common types of lens material are:

  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyurethane
  • Glass
Strength Weakness
Acrylic -Affordable price

-Good alternative for polycarbonate

-Good choice for occasional or casual use

-less optically clear and durable than polycarbonate or glass
Polycarbonate -Phenomenal shock resistance

-Good optical clarity

-lightweight & low-bulk & affordable

-Less scratch resistant
Polyurethane -Better impact resistance

-Excellent optical clarity

-Lightweight & flexible

Glass -Best in optical clarity & scratch resistance

-low impact resistant


4. Lens color

When it comes to clip-ons, two most common colorways are black (for date use) and yellow (for night use). They are the best to use in each specific case, but actually, the market for this is vast that there are still many more options, like red, pink, green, blue, gray, and brown. They are more about fashion-spectrum but still functional.

That’s why I will divide them into two major group: The dark colors & The light colors.

Like black, the dark colors are perfect for date driving, riding, hiking, and other outdoor activities where your eyes are more exposed to the sun and UV rays. Darker shades are also good at cutting through the glare, ends up with eliminating eyestrain.

Conversely, the light colors excel the moderate-to-low light conditions to perfect opt for night or winter when the sunlight isn’t too harsh. This is also the most favorite picks of night driver, skier, snowboarder, and other winter sports players. They help to enhance contrasts in flat-light, tricky condition, provide decent depth perception while making your visibility brighter.

5. Coating

The more coatings, the more functions you will get. However, it’s not always the more, the better because of the fact that the more functions, the pricier. Consider firstly what you really need in a pair of clip-on sunglasses: UV protection? Anti-scratch? Anti-fog? Mirrored coating? Which ones? Also, your budget as well.

6. Lens feature

There are two basic kinds of lens feature:

  • Photochromic lens
  • Polarized lens

Might you hear a lot about polarized lens that play the role of reducing glare, but what is the photochromic? Exactly, they are magical lenses that automatically adjust to changing light conditions and intensities.

For example, when conditions get darker, they will automatically be lighter while on bright days, they tend to be darker. That’s why it’s the best choice for those who take longer to work in cold conditions. But if you’re a driver, I don’t highly suggest because they don’t work due to UVB rays don’t penetrate the windshield at all.


Rather than wearing sunglasses over eyeglasses, which is quite heavy and stressed to your ears, choosing a pair of clip-on fitting over your eyewear helps to cut much weight off. At the meantime, it’s still protective to your eyes against sunlight, UV rays, dust, and glare.

Hence, I always encourage you to equip yourself good-quality, nice-fitting clip-ons that allow you to take part in both outdoor and indoor activities with eyes healthy and more economic bank.

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