What To Wear On New Year Eve

With Christmas holiday is coming to an end and the New Year is coming around the corner, it is time to think about what to wear on New Year Eve. This is my favorite time of the year as it marks the last day and also marks the new day of a fully new year ahead. People do different things on New Year Eve – having dinner at home, counting down in the pub, celebrating outside or having a rave party.

Here are 4 places where you are mostly going to spend the New Year Eve at. Depending on these places, we give you our recommendation for what is the best look you should have when you come to them.

01. Home/ Staying In

Many people don’t like the crowd and tend to stay at their cozy home or house of their families or friends to celebrate the coming year with the ones who they love the most.

Although you don’t have any particular dress code when you stay at home and you are aiming for maximum comfort, keep in mind that there is chance that you and your beloved ones will take some pictures to celebrate the moment so dress nicely is also important.

To be comfort and stylish at the same time, I suggest you wear a T-shirt, whichever style you want to and feel the most confident and comfortable in it. It could be neck t-shirt or polo shirt. Along with a t-shirt, you can wear a pair of washed Jeans or skinny Jeans- whatever type you often wear.

Although it is definitely warm inside, you can wear a piece of knitwear such as a sweater to add to a defined look. In addition, you can wear a pair of loafers if you like.

If the party at home is big with many friends coming over, you can add some extra edges to create a smart look by wearing dark shirt and a stylish bomber on top of it.

02. Pub

In case you are heading to the local pub for a counting down events and a lot of drinking, you can opt for smart casual outlook style. If your pub where you are heading has a specific dress code for the day, make sure you know about it and follow the code to prevent yourself from looking like a fool in the crowd. Or worse, you might not be invited inside.

In my opinion, you would never go wrong with a white Oxford shirt- the must have item for any smart casual outlook. And you can also never make it a bad outlook at all if you go with black jeans. Black trousers might make you look a little bit stiff and create an overall too smart look for a New Year Eve party. So go for black jeans – washed Jeans or slim fit jeans, whatever you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that you are definitely going to have some dance on the floor so don’t wear Jeans that are too tight.

Bring in an overcoat in case it is getting cold, especially when you get out of the pub. Too much drinking will make you feel hotter but it might make you caught sickness much easily so take a good care of yourself.

Finally, you can wear a pair of loafers. As you can see, loafers are my favorite types of shoes when it comes to something that is not so causal but not so formal. (For more types of shoes and boots to wear on specific dates, you can click here https://coolmenstyle.com/important-dress-shoes-every-man-buy/)

03. Outside

It is a little bit easy to decide on what to wear if you are only planning to hang around on streets. You can of course wear whatever you want as long as you can feel comfortable and warm inside. So 2 most important items that you need to think about is a piece of outerwear and footwear. Choose a leather jacket for smart casual look and a suit for smarter look. You can choose a Bombay jacket if you want to look more stylish.

For shoes, you can wear trainers if you plan on walking a lot. But never pair trainers with suits as they are of contrast looks. Oxford shoes are better if you wear suits.

No matter what you wear, color combination is very important. To be safe, wear dark colors or colors of the same shade. You can be as playful as you want, though. But keep in mind that sometimes Simplicity is the best.

04. Rave

Finally, here is my favorite activity to do on a New Year eve. If you like to go for a 10 at night to 6 in the morning rave, it is the most critical that you can keep yourself comfortable and casual. As you might over from pubs to pubs, put on a sweater over a shirt to keep yourself warm.

In addition, you can wear a bomber jacket. This item is a wonderful stylish piece of clothing that can keep you modern and deliver a bold statement pretty well. It also helps you to look less boring with just plain shirt and sweater.

Black jeans are a good choice for a rave. Make sure they are not so tight. Another option you can use for a bottom is a pair of sweatpants or joggers. They are way more comfortable than Jeans but keep in mind that they are also less formal.

Finally, for footwear, you can go for a pair of trainers which can support you with a lot of walking. You can go wild with this option. If you want to look playful and unique, you can wear a colorful pair of trainers. However, if you want to blend yourself in and just want to wear something comfortable, a pair of black trainers is fine.


I hope that you can find some good ideas that suit your preference and taste here of what to wear on New Year Eve.  The choice of designs, types, colors and combinations is endless and I hope that you could be able to come up with the best possible outlook and have a lot of fun and memorable times on this special time of the year.

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