9 Instagram accounts gentlemen should follow

They are not only hot blogger. They are also fashionistas who have a considerable knowledge about fashion and know how to express their personality through their clothes.

So this is the 9 Instagram accounts-both individuals and team-owning that includes fashionable items and numberless ideas of outfits.

If you want to become stylish, you definitely have to follow all of them.

01. Fabio Attanasio  (@fabioattanasio)

Fabio Attanasio is a fashion blogger and freelance journalist. By sharing his daily outfits, the Italian gentlemen is successfully expressing his subtle style in fashion which is classic but up-to-date.


Moreover, Fabio Attanasio also gives the followers detailed descriptions of clothes he wears: the brands and important tips so that they can get the outfits as perfect as in pictures.

02. Pharrell Williams (@pharrell)

We all know who is Pharrell Williams: a singer, a producer and a talented designer. With his exceptional talents, it is not very difficult to explain the huge number of followers on Instagram.

You can find in his account many strong-personality outfits and trendy accessories.


03. Johannes Huebl (@johanneshuebl)

With his handsomeness and gentle, Johannes Huebl seems to be easy to become an Instagram icon. Sometimes, everything he posted was just a lunch with the best friends, or when skiing in Switzerland with his wife Olivia. However, his pictures always attract a lot of “like”.


Johannes has always stressed that he does choose and mix his outfit on his own. And he believes that polishing up the style is a self-discovery process. And, it is quite normal that he has a huge number of re-gram and become one of the most famous gentlemen on instagarm.

04. Mr Porter (@mrporterlive)

Mr Porter is not a personal account. It belongs to an online fashion website for men. However, Mr. Porter does not only sells fashion products but also provides many useful advices about fashion through the carefully edited contents. Moreover, this site has also published a magazine weekly for their followers.


05. Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla)

Adam Gallgahter comes from California, and he has about 730 million followers in Instagram. He usually shares photos about the busy life of a fashion blogger like him. And he industriously changes his style everyday.


Adam said: “each day is a new style that is suitable for his job and his emotion”. And he is doing exactly what he said. Even more, he also constantly changes with different styles within 24 hours.

06. Matthew Zorpas (@matthewzorpas)

It would be a big mistake if you do not follow this creative consultant. Matthew Zorpas is a hot icon coming from London.

Visiting his website, you will definitely be impressed by the pictures of a gentlemen with short-cuff trousers with a light-colored blazer, a pair of slip-on, and finally- a subtle scarf.


For more information, Matthew was voted at No.2 for the list of best dressed British Gentlemen of Esquire magazine.

07. TSB Men (@tsbmen)

This account is founded by the website of tsb.com. It provides fascinating and humor insight about a lot of different styles of fashion. In addition, the pictures are also transmitted in an extremely authentic and lively way. Therefore, you will feel closer to the up-to-date fashion style.


08. Tommy Ton (@tommyton)

Tom is a Canadian photographer who specializes in photographing streetstyle. He has the eyes of a photographer as well as a connoisseur of fashion. That is why his account is always full of beautiful pictures, accompany with ideas for costumes and accessories.

Tommy’s Instagram is a perfect choice for guys who wants to update the prominent street styles.


09. Street Etiquette (@streetetiquette)

This account belongs to Joshua Kissi. Its provides followers a very interesting and exciting definition about fashion.



Normal people describes fashion by colors, materials and designs. But Kissi is different! He explains fashion through his eyes of many angles: culture, history and even street. He also emphasizes on analyzing the way an item tailored, fabrics’ quality and types of accessories. So this is a great account for the gentlemen with the passion of creating for themselves the most stylish outfits.


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