Belts are an essential to every man. Surely as a man, you must be familiar with the basic dress code for a man’s belts. But what other nontraditional belts?

Once you are not wearing your work suits, you are no longer obligated to your strictly formal attire. You can wear anything from your jewel-studded belt to your casual leather belt. The option is limitless. However, today I’m just going to talk about the 7 kinds of belts that I think any man must try once in his life.


Why tan belts, you ask? Tan belts are nice accessories that add extra elements of style to your outfits. They help your pull your look together as a whole. Tan belts are also versatile, easy-to-coordinate and can go well with both casual and dressy look.

These belts come in many patterns and textures. You got horizontal patterns, perfect for a trendy going look. Or perhaps you may like tan woven patterns as they make an excellent choice for any smart casual look. There are also tan leather belts, which look flattering on any business suit. And then, there are tan canvas belts, brilliant items to add to your party looks.


What I love about belt straps is that they look vintage. They remind me of what men used to wear in the earlier day. And what I love about these belts is that they don’t have buckles. Thus, allowing their buyers to add and remove buckles whenever they want. Compared to other belts, this feature is quite refreshing.


Have you ever thought about wearing big buckle belts? Why not? Western belts or the so call Cowboy belts are signatures belts of Western men, but of course, you don’t have to live in the West to try these unique pieces on. Why don’t you go out of your comfort zone for once in your life by buying yourself a Western belt? After all, it can add dimension to your outfit and it sure makes your look way cooler.

You can wear Western belts on a day-to-day basis. However, my best advice is to wear this during your camping or hunting trip. For it has the right aesthetic to complete your look. Also, don’t hesitate to style your Western belt with a pair of leather boots.


Versatile. Functional. Simple. Those are a few words about stretch belts. Often sold for $80-$90, these belts are a must-have item in your closet. Unlike other belts, stretch belts provide a secure fit so that when you sit down, it doesn’t dig too much into your belly. It stretches out so that you can feel comfortable while performing activities. And they come in different sizes and different colors for you to choose from.

You can wear stretch belts in pretty much any occasion. From casual meeting with your mates at the bar to attending a meeting with your clients. For it is just the perfect item. Trust me, you are missing out a great deal if you don’t own a men’s stretch belt in your closet.


Personally, I think canvas belts are a staple of uniform in every man wardrobe. From the Army to the Boy Scouts, canvas belts play as a go-to item. Usually, come in plain monochrome and horizontal stripes. Canvas belts are the missing puzzle piece to complete your strictly formal business suit. Some may say they look plain but I can assure you that they are functional and easy-to-style.

This season, do yourself a favor by buying yourself a canvas belt for men. Go for navy or beige for a safe choice. Style them with a button-down shirt and blue plimsolls for an everyday casual look. For a sharp look, style your canvas belt with a chambray dress shirt and check suits. You can also choose plump or olive green belts to add colors to your closet.


Nothing says high-fashion than a gold belt? This year, treat yourself with a bit of luxury by buying yourself a gold belt. They add a pop of color to your look, as well as, making your look more interesting.

Feel free to wear a gold belt with a black suit for a more formal business look. Or style your favorite gold belt with a simple yet stylish short sleeve shirt and gray gingham suit pant. This combination sure will flatter your complexion and your body type.


How can you not try a studded belt? Don’t you see how cool it looks on you? Usually a black leather belt with studs in it, this belt is definitely an item that you must try once in your life. I know what you are thinking; you think studded belts are for kids. Well, think again, because they sure are not for emo culture anymore.

In today’s standard, studded belts are considered to be one of the most fashionable items. Fashion lovers love how these belts have a rock and roll vibe, while fashion designers love these belts because they’re unconventional and bold. They are exactly what they need to make fashion statements. Even if studded belts are not your thing, do try it once in your life.

So, do you agree or disagree with my choices? Feel free to make any comment or send me emails. Also, in the next few days I’ll be posting more articles on fashion, so be sure to check them out. Like always, stay tuned my readers!

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