Essential Pieces for Men’s Wedding


Wedding is one of the most important occasions in men’s life. Thus, they always expect that it would become a perfect and memorable day.

And, suitable clothing is the significant factor for a good-looking groom. Every essential piece, from suit to shirt and other accessories have to be smart and fine-looking.

If the groom is nice-looking, the bride will also feel happy and she will pride of him.


Each groom wants to be the most handsome man in his wedding

But, sometimes, it is hard for men to pick up perfect outfit for the wedding. And, the following selected items are essentials for future groom to make him look as gorgeous as possible.

01. Formal shirt

Like bride usually wear white wedding dress, groom usually wears white formal shirt for his wedding.

In my opinion, although there are a lot of colors and patterns for shirts, but the white one is still the best selection.

I remember that, I have ever spoken out surprisingly that: “You look like a groom!” when I saw my closed friend in a new white shirt. No doubt, the shirt in white always delivers formal and smart look for groom.

Your wedding shirt should be totally new, crisp and clean. Principally, it should be the shirt that you have not worn yet, except for trying on before buying.


Because, the shirt could be discolored due to sweat of your body from time to time wearing.

Further, you can use a pair of cufflinks to decorate the cuffs of your shirt. Not only bringing luxury look, but also the cufflink is the way to express your characteristic.

02. Suit

Formal suit is also the essential for your wedding. A set of sharp suit will help you get the right tone.

If you like classic style, you can choose suit in black color. Otherwise, if you like modern style, there are various colors for you.

One of the hottest trends this year is three-piece suit. If you like it, you should learn how to layer the jacket, waistcoat and trousers. The jacket and trousers should be in the same material.

But, the waistcoat can be in the different color from the jacket and trousers. Attention, when wearing suit, a bit of the shirt’s cuffs has to be uncovered by suit’s sleeves.

03. Shoes

The shoes you wear should help you feel relaxed to move in your wedding. In that day, you have to go around a lot shaking hand and clinking glasses with your guests.

Hence, the good footwear also makes you feel self-confident in each step, no painful and uncomfortable.

When trying on shoes, you should wear the trousers you want to wear on your wedding day. So, you can pick the shoes in the appropriate color to give a new lease of life. A pair of formal leather shoes is more suitable than informal ones in this occasion.

You can choose Derby shoes, brogues or Oxford shoes. You can view here for some suggested Oxford shoes for your wedding.


Allen Edmonds Men’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxford is one suggested items for wedding day, particularly with gray suit

04. Other accessories

Bow tie or tie: A perfect set of men’s wedding clothing could not lack bow tie or tie – the essential accessory to doll you up. If you use a bow tie, the black is the most popular one.

But, do not use the black tie because it is often for gloomy occasions! Bow tie may make you have younger look than tie. And, one color tie makes you younger than multiple color one. If you use tie, you have to know how to tie a knot.

According to my father, tying a knot himself proves that a man is really grown-up and ready for his life after wedding! To be more impressive, you can learn to tie a knot in strange styles that are different from a traditional way.

Pocket square: Pocket square is a small piece, but it has a power to beautify your suit or tuxedo. However, do not forget to choose pocket square that is appropriate with remaining parts of your clothing. There are very many simple ways to fold a pocket square that you can search on Pinterest.

05. Other tips for wedding clothing

If you will be a groom next year, you should plan and start buying for your wedding clothing early. You should finish buying clothing before your wedding at least two months.

Firstly, buying early saves your money. My friend is working as a tailor for many years. He told me that, in wedding season, price of wedding services can go down, whereas, price of clothing for wedding go up a bit – especially clothing you order to design and made for you.

For the reason, the tailors have to work much more than usual to complete orders in the right deadline. Besides, clothing shops may not skip that opportunity to increase sales, so, they will not discount for you.

Secondly, buying in advance will help you reduce stress before wedding. Clothing can take you very much time to go around and try to decide which one is the most suitable from a plenty of choices.

If time remains too little, it is possible that you will be confused and stressful. You pick an outfit quickly and then, you realize that it is not the right one.

In addition, you will not feel comfortable during your wedding. So, your wedding is a failure occasion. You may regret in remaining life each time you see an attractive groom!


The suit paired with appropriate shoes will smarten your look

For all items, you should practice wearing them together before your wedding. Therefore, you can see that your shoes and suit are appropriate to each other or not.

Or, you can see they fit your body or not.

If you try them on early and you see they are not suitable, you will have enough time to choose others.

Finally, do not forget to communicate with your bride to prepare clothing. Because, clothing in wedding is not only for you but also for your bride. Plus, she can be a good adviser to help you choose the best outfit.


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