Guide To Buy Best Items For Men While Playing Golf 2016

Golf is a famous and interesting sport. Many people love playing golf because this game brings them a lot of excitement and joys. The rule of this sport is not really complicated so players can learn it quickly without any problem. A club is the most important item of this sport. However, players also need to have suitable clothes and special equipment to play golf easily and comfortably. This review will be a useful guide to buy best items for men while playing golf.

Many men take up a sport to keep fit. Many of them choose golf as their favorite sports. They also want to look fashionable on the golf course with attractive accessories such as sunglasses, hats or gloves are indispensable. Here are some tips to choose a perfect item.

1. Clothes

  • Golf Apparel Tops


A collared shirt is a usual selection. Many men choose a simple Polo shirt for playing golf. This type of shirt does not have a complex design but it looks very beautiful and elegant. There is no rule about the outfit while playing golf. However, Polo shirts are like the traditional shirts of this sport. Golf shirts are available in different colors and sizes so customers have a wide range of options. If the weather is cold, men can choose to wear a golf jumper or golf jacket. A waterproof jacket will be a good choice of clothes in rainy days.

Depending on the material and the brand of the golf shirts, the price can also be different. For example, a woolen jumper will be more expensive than the synthetic one. Although there is no standard apparel, players should choose suitable clothes. The traditional tops such as collared shirts or Polo shirts are highly recommended.

  • Golf Apparel Pants, Shorts


Men can choose to wear a golf pant or golf short to play this sport. The dress code is really important while choosing golf bottoms for men. Men should choose the appropriate pants or shorts that perfectly match with the shirt. If the pants or shorts have belt loops then players should buy a suitable belt. This accessory is also really necessary for a perfect golf outfit. The pants must be comfortable and loose so that it will be easy for players to move and play golf. Moreover, the pants or shorts must be fashionable and attractive so that men will always look good on the course.

Some of the golf clubs allow shorts but some are not. If the course allows shorts then men can wear this type of clothes. It is also extremely comfortable and beautiful. Choosing a right type of pants will complete the outfit.

2. Sunglasses:

Golf is an outdoor sport which means that players will have to stand for a long time under the sun in summer. Sunglasses will be extremely useful. It has many amazing features and benefits. It not only improves the style of your outfit but also helps you protect your eyes. A pair of high-quality sunglasses will be a good choice because it can block 100% of UV rays.

You must also consider the material of the sunglasses frame carefully before buying the sunglasses. The frame of sunglasses is made of many different types of material such as metal, titanium, acetate, nylon, plastic or polycarbonate.If you play sports such as golf then the nylon frame will be really suitable. The frame made of nylon is really lightweight and flexible.


The lens of the sunglasses also divided into many kinds: optical glass, polycarbonate, NXT polyurethane and acrylic. Each type of lens has a different price and benefits. It is highly recommended that you should choose the glasses with the lens that suitable for your uses. For example, if you choose a pair of glasses to play golf, the optical glass or polycarbonate lens will be a great choice because they have an amazing price and good quality. The NXT polyurethane lens has the best quality among 4 kinds of lens but the price of it is very expensive. The acrylic lens is the cheapest one but the quality of it is not really good.

The style of the sunglasses is also very important. You must know which pair of glasses will be a perfect option for the shape of your face. For instance, a pair of glasses that has bottom-heavy frame or oval-shaped frame will be an excellent solution for men with heart shaped face.

The price of the glasses also needs to be affordable and acceptable. Choosing a cheap pair of glasses may be wasteful if the quality of it is not really good.Your eyes will be probably protected by a high-quality pair of glasses. A suitable pair of glasses for men while playing golf must be stylish and helpful.

3. Hats:

Hat is also a necessary accessory while playing golf. There are many types of hats that players can use: newsboy, flat cap, golf cap or baseball cap. A perfect cap can protect players from the sunlight or rain.

The material of a hat is one of the most crucial factors that will affect your choice while buying. Cotton hats are the most common type of hats nowadays. Moreover, the price of this type of hat is also acceptable. Players can use a high-quality hat for ages without any problem.


They must also choose a suitable hat that fit their heads perfectly.

  • If the hat fits their head, they will wear it comfortably and easily without any trouble.
  • If you want to look stylish on the golf course, you should choose a hat with attractive color.
  • The color of the hat needs to match with the outfit. The hat and the outfit do not need to have the same color but they must look good together.

Players must also pay attention to the style of their hats. Choosing a wrong type of hat can ruin the beauty of the whole outfit. There is no rule about the types of hats on a golf course. However, the common types such as newsboy, flat cap will perfectly suit the golf clothes. For instance, a hip hop snapback may not be a perfect choice of hat for a man who wears a polo shirt and plaid pants on a golf course.A perfect hat for men is an item that is not only beautiful but also helpful.Because of its great advantages, all of men who love playing golf should buy this amazing item.

4. Gloves:

Gloves are the useful equipment that will help you enhances the grip on the handle of a golf club. They can help players control the club better. It also has many beautiful designs. Although players may feel uncomfortable to wear gloves in hot weather, this item is still extremely necessary because of its useful benefit.

The size of gloves also needs to be taken in careful consideration. The gloves must not be too tight or loose. It must fit your hand perfectly. When you wear the appropriate gloves, you feel really comfortable.


Choosing the right gloves for golf will be very simple if you know some basic tips. There are many gloves that are design for golf players. You just need to buy the gloves with the suitable size in a store. The gloves that made of leather will be a perfect choice because they are very soft and durable. Although the price of leather gloves may be pretty expensive, the players can use it for a long time.

Black or white gloves are commonly used by many players because they can fit any type of clothes. However, there are many special versions of gloves for men that have various colors. Fashionable golf gloves can have unique and special design but it must go perfectly with your outfit. If you want to play golf professionally then gloves are the indispensable item.

Choosing the perfect accessories will make your outfit becomes more stylish and fashionable. Moreover, these items are also exceedingly useful. They have many great advantages that will help men play golf comfortably. Moreover, there are many types of equipments that will be suitable for any kind of clothes. Men will look handsome and attractive even when they play their favorite sport.

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