Guide To Buy Best Items For Men While Camping 2017

Camping is adventurous and interesting. But first, you should think about which essentials you need to pack with before the trip. If you are completely a beginner, don’t fret. In this article, we will guide you on how to prepare the best items for a perfect camping trip.

Difference between camping and backpacking

First thing first, I think I should make it clear about these two terms. Usually, people make some mistake about them. If you google them, there will be long explanations with full meanings. However, in sum, camping is when you drive to somewhere and then camp out right at that place. Backpacking is when you hike to somewhere and then camp out there.

Depend on which kind of camping you are going to make, gears to prepare will be different, especially packability and weight. If you want to buy gears for backpack, you should focus on which ones are portable and lightweight. However, they must be good for both backpacking and camping.

To prepare full gear for you camping trip, you should pay more attention to your specific needs than a generic list. However, almost camping trips can’t lack of these essential items:

The most essentials for a camping trip

Tent, pole, stakes, tarps and tie downs

No matter you are going camping or backpacking, you will need a place and something to sleep. Thus, a camping tent should be a priority. Of course, there won’t a tent that can meet all needs, especially the amount of people will sleep in.

The features you need to keep in mind to choose the best tent will depend on which kind of the trip. For examples, if you plan to go camping, size is the very first thing you should consider. It’s based on how many people participate in the trip. The more people, the bigger of the tent. Weight is not a matter at all. Besides, you should think about whether or not you should choose a tent with some rooms as well as its shape and material. If you are on a tight budget, think about the price, too.

On the contrary, if you intend to go backpacking, weight is matter, really because you will carry it on your back while hiking. A lightweight and durable tent is a must. As it’s a backpacking trip, you should choose a small size tent, or one-person tent. In such cases, size doesn’t a problem.

Sleeping bags and pads

When it comes to sleeping bag, you should consider its ability to handle many kinds of temperature and weight. From that point, you must make clear when and where you tend to camp.

If you need more comfort, choose a good sleeping pad. It will be between the ground and your sleeping bag. This gear is not the most essential, so depend on your budget and need to choose.


Backpack is more important when you go backpacking. Consider a good one with great durability, many useful compartment and size. Usually, there are three basic sizes: overnight, day packs and long haul. To choose a reasonable backpack, you should make a clear plan for the trip. How many days you will go, how many people will be on the trip (to share and pack those items they will use together), etc.

Hiking shoes

If you plan on a backpacking trip, a good pair of hiking shoes is a must-have. On the other hand, if it’s just a common camping trip, a pair of sneaker is fine.

Talking about hiking shoes, the very first thing you should consider is size. Next is comfort because during a long backpacking trip, a good pair of hiking shoes/boots will support your feet and make your ankles stable.

Besides, it also depends on personal favorite and needs as well. For example, if you want to have much grip on your shoes, go for a pair of study and clunky hiking shoes. On the other hand, for those who love jumping around, choose trail runners.

If you are completely new to hiking shoes, consult here for more information.

Tactical knife

I think those people who will go for long haul backpacking trip or make camp deep inside a jungle will need a tactical knife. As it is very useful and multifunction. You can use it to self-protect against dangerous animals or cut meat, rope or even wood to make campfire, etc.

To pick the best tactical knife, first thing first, you should consider the knife shape, blade material, blade shape, etc. If you usually go backpacking, you should even invest more on a good tactical knife to use in all sudden cases that maybe happen during the trip.

Water filter

It’s based on how often you go camping or backpacking as well as how long if the trip. If you plan on going for a few days and it’s just sometimes like once or twice a year, a water filter is not essential at all. As you can bring some big water bottles.

On the contrary, if your camping/backpacking trip takes long time, a few weeks for example, you should think about buying a good water filter to support your basic need to survive as it’s hard to bring enough fresh water to drink in such long time.

When it comes to water filter, think about the types. There are two basics including standby or portable filter. Next, consider the filtered water is fresh enough to drink? Or on the other words, which technology it uses to filter water.


Some more items you should bring for your camping or backpacking trip is a sun hat to avoid sunlight, food, paper maps, headlamp, flashlight or lantern, stove and fuel, bowls, cups, utensils, pans and pot, etc.

I have just list out all essential things and some more items you might need for a perfect camping or backpacking trip. Hope you will have joyful moments from it.

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