Motorcycling: What you need to have a safe ride ( Updated 2017 )

When it comes to an image of cool and badass man, we usually think about a motor biker. However, before becoming such that cool, there’re many things to prepare, especially basic gears to make sure you’re safe first.

If you are new to motorcycle, my guide will help you to choose the most basic accessories to prepare for safe and cool rides. Read on!

1. Helmet

This is always the first and foremost equipment every biker must have, no matter the speed you will ride or whether your country forces bikers to wear helmet or not. It’s not only a gear to keep your head safe, but also your face and ears.

Besides, if you know how to choose a helmet, you can make it become a cool accessory for your motorcycle outfit.

To have the best helmet, you must focus on its quality. Is it certificated DOT, Snell2010 or ECE22.02? The second thing is the type. Basically, there are four, but bikers usually choose the ¾ or full-face helmets to invest their benefits on protecting their face, eyes and ears from wind, sunlight and other objects.

Furthermore, they’re cool as well.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a helmet is its weight (should be between 1400-2000 grams), comfort and insulation.

Below are some of my picks for the best motorcycle helmets:

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet

View here

This Fuel Helmets’ affords the most basic requirements of a good helmet including insulation (duel vented diffuser), full face construction for the best protection and DOT certification.

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet, Gloss Black has four size in totally: small, medium, large and z-large.

Besides, its weight is 4.5 pounds, appropriate 2000 grams. It’s light enough to keep a biker feel comfortable during long time riding.

There are only two annoying things, its chinstraps which connect in the opening for ears and the cheek pads sitting back too far.

ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip up Dual Visor Helmet DOT

View here

Though this ILM’ doesn’t have x-large, it has many color options to meet different favorites. Besides, it is certificated not only by DOT but also by FMVSS-218.

About weight, in comparison with the Fuel Helmets’ above, this ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip up Dual Visor Helmet DOT is much lighter, which is only 3.3 pounds in addition to lightweight cheek pads to help bikers feel as much comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, ILM’s helmet is also equipped with special visor which can flip up easily and has anti-fog as well as anti-scratch functions. Its full-face design support to reduce wind noises.

However, you should take note their size charts because there is maybe some difference.

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT

View here

This ILM’s, in turn, doesn’t have small size, but the x-large. But there are two more color options to choose. Like the helmet above, ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet has DOT and FMVSS-218 certification in addition to Advanced lightweight ABS shell and wind noise reduction construction.

However, a plus is its two visors including a neck scarf for winter and a clear + smoked visor. Besides, it is equipped with an easily released strap to use. Especially, this ILM’s helmet is much lighter than the above ILM’s, which is only 3 pounds.

But, the drawback of this helmet is no info coming along with package such as how to change the visors. Thus, you must learn it outsides.

2. Sunglasses and goggles

You should prepare a good pair of sunglasses or goggles unless you are wearing a full-face helmet.

Sunglasses or goggles will help you a lot to protect eyes from wind, harmful rays from sunlight and other objects like sands, dust, etc. If you usually ride under strong sunlight or at night, you should consider polarized sunglasses to support your visual.

Another feature you should consider is its comfort. Do the goggles fit your head size? Are the sunglasses tight is enough? Do they have extra pads?

You may concern:

Basic steps to pick a suitable pair of sunglasses

If you are looking for some goggles, here are my recommendations:


View here

It meets all basic needs of a good pair of goggles such as soft foam pads, UV400 filter. In additionally, they also have anti-scratch feature and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses to help you ride safely on rainy days.

One more plus is its light weight, only 1.6 ounces. It helps bikers not feel cramped or uncomfortable while riding.

The only annoying thing is its strap connecting in the opening for ears.

CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Motorcycle Cruiser Scooter Goggle

View here

My favorite thing about this CRG Goggles is their various color options which opt for different demands. Like the Eliminator Goggles, this one has soft foam paddings, scratch resistance and 100% UV resistance.

CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Motorcycle Cruiser Scooter Goggles don’t have many sizes, just one fits all, which is really special.

Besides, there are still some advanced like PC silver color lens, CE certified and ABS raw frame.

About the weight, in comparison with the goggles above, this one is a little bit heavier, which is 4 ounces.

However, there’s only one thing I don’t like this product that is the brand name on the strap.

Global Vision Eliminator Motorcycle Goggles

View here

Again, Global Vision Eliminator Motorcycle Goggles provide many color options to suit different favorites. Their lenses have anti-fog and UV resistant feature, which is suitable to ride whenever.

Within three goggles, this Global’ is the heaviest, which is 8 ounces. But it still doesn’t cause any uncomfortable feeling to bikers. A plus is its red baron lenses which help you look everything clear, even indoors.

In comparison with two goggles above, I think this one is suitable for wearing at night, not in strong sunny days because their lenses are a bit darker than the standard.

3. Gloves

Like an Instinctive reflex, when it comes to a sudden accident, we usually use our hands to protect our body from upcoming danger. It’s the reason in many accidents, no matter it’s serious or not, hands are always injured.

From that point, protect your hands is essential. You should prepare a good pair of gloves. When it comes to motorcycle gloves, bikers usually choose leather ones because they are sturdy and look good as well.

There are two types of gloves: full-covered your fingers and the half-covered. Whichever you choose, let’s consider both safety feature and their comfort including insulation and tightness.

Remember that you wear these gloves for long time riding, if they are too tight, your fingers or whole hands might be cramped. It’s not good for control your two-wheel vehicle at all.

Besides, if the gloves don’t have good ventilation, your hands are very easy to get smell. It sounds confused, right? Thus, here are my favorite gloves you can consult:

CHCYCLE motorcycle gloves touch screen summer motorbike powersports protective racing gloves

View here

Apart from basic features of a good pair motorcycle gloves like breathable feature, three-dimensional drop protection fist shell and comfort. There are many other advanced such as screen touch ability and anti-slip feature.

CHCYCLE motorcycle gloves include four sizes including medium, large, x-large and xx-large

One thing I like these gloves a lot is their high-strength two-wire reinforcement so that it can lengthen the glove’s life. For more protection, the gloves are also equipped with anti-collision protection plastic chapter from joint to join to minimum all the impact in addition to shock-absorbing foam and stretch finger sidewalls.

Talking the drawback, I think you should take note their size charts because they are a little bit smaller than the standard.

FREETOO Tactical Gloves Military Rubber Hard Knuckle Outdoor Gloves

View here

These gloves are suitable for motorcycling, camping and hiking because they are full-covered to protect your hands and fingers in the best way.

In literally, the FREETOO has the same size charts as the CHCYCLE but more color options.

Apart from maximum hand protection, FREETOO Tactical Gloves are also safety thanks to their feature of anti-slip in addition to special construction including knuckle padding, reinforced palm and double stitching ability.

Besides, you’ll have no worry about smelly hands after long time riding because these gloves are breathable and comfortable. They are a great choice for mild winter season or hot weather.

Again, you should notice their size charts because they might be smaller than usual.

Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves 09

View here

Talking about size charts, these X4’ gloves have small size, but in turn, they don’t have the xx-large. Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves also come to four color options including black, blue, silver and red.

Reasonable price is another plus point for these Street Bike Gloves so that I think they are really suitable for taking a class in.

The biggest drawback of these gloves is their material – plastic, which is quite uncomfortable to wear in hot weather. They just opt for winter to keep warmth, I think.

4. Shoes

Bikers usually wear boots because they are sturdy to help users protect their feet from injuries if accidents occurred suddenly. However, sometimes, shoes/sneakers are acceptable, if they are particular for riding motorbike. I mean they must have special construction like tough material, thick foam to reduce injuries as much as possible.

From that point, never ride with a pair of sandal, flip-flip or even tennis shoes if you don’t want your toenails fly away during any accidents.

When it comes to choosing the best motorbike boots, you should remember two major things: size and functions. A good pair of shoes in general speaking and the great boots in particularly must fit your feet the most.

About the functions, consider their weight, comfort and safety. Remember that lighter the better.

NEW Men’s Motorcycle Racing Boots Black US 10.5 EU 44 UK 9.5

View here

The very first things I like these boots are their various sizes and colors. Totally, there are 7 sizes and 4 colors to go. Their outter shell is light durable fiber leather plus with anti-slip soles so that they can ensure two important things – comfort and safety. Besides, they are soft and flexible enough to keep biker’s feet feel convenient while riding.

A plus is that you can clean these boots easily because they are anti-stain and waterproof in addition to weather resistant. One more important thing is their ability of insulation to save your feet from distinct smell.

Weight: 4 pounds, which is reasonable.

Yet, the only thing I don’t like this NEW men’s is their weak ratchet straps.

O’Neal Rider Boots

View here

In comparison to the NEW Men’s motorcycle boots, these O’Neal have an advanced and a drawback. They only offer black, but in turn, they have more size options. For me, it’s acceptable because black is cool and can fit many motorcycle outfits.

About the construction, I must say that these boots are very durable and safe thanks to metal toe guard, Metal shank insert, Snap-Lock with 4 buckles, good Goodyear welt sole, Injection molded plastic plates, etc. and those traps and buckles are replaceable.

However, you’ll have no worries about their comfort because of cushioned insole and Air mesh interior.

Their only drawback is 8.1-pound weight, which is a little bit heavy for wearing a long time.

Chitone Motorcycle Boots Men Racing Black

View here

Like the O’Neal, these Chitone only have one color – black. And they also provide less sizes than the NEW Mens’. However, in turn, they are very durable with Anti-collision, Shift protection and 2.0Wear-resistant super-fiber leather to use in the hardest weather. Drop resistance feature helps to save these boots from strong impact if you accidentally drop them down.

The only one thing similar to the NEW Men’s motorcycle boots is lightweight, which is only 3.1 pounds. Plus, with Flexible and Soft Fiber Leather Outter Shell and Ventilation ability, they offer the maximum comfort to bikers.

Note: If you intend to pick them, you should choose one size larger than usual.

When you choose to go around on a motorcycle, it is a whole new level of mobility and speed in comparison to usual car and bicycle. It’s more freedom than sitting in a car but more risky and dangerous than riding a bike. Thus, apart from enjoying moments, let’s just spend some time to prepare for safe rides by choosing and wearing the best motorcycle accessories.

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