How to become stylish in snow: 6 trendy colors for this winter

In this post, Cool man style will point out some top-ranking colors that are used by famous fashion brand for men.

What is this? And how to mix this colors? The answer is right here!


The leading fashion designers are choosing this classic color for their high-level  Autumn-Winter outfits. This winter, bronze seems to be the most famous colors that are spread out almost all fashion catwalk in the world. Thee colors is preferred color trends of the 70s. And it is coming back strongly on the wood and velvet shirts that users a dignified and manly look.

Bronze is a special natural color that brings about both warm and powerful feelings. And it can also combine well with other winter colors, such as black, white, gray and navy blue. However, it is best suited with a thick sweater or winter coat.

02.Spruce blue

If you love green but you are tired of light green or navy blue, this color is for you!

Thanks to the trendiest items of Burberry and Gucci, spruce blue becomes one of the most interesting color-trend this winter. It appears in all items: sweaters, leather jackets, bomber jackets, jeans and casual pants.

Spruce Blue is exactly one of best color for a snowy night in Christmas season. It will shine and attract all of glances on you although it is a type of dark color.

Spruce Blue always makes people wearing it become swanky and high-fashioned. However, it is a little difficult to mix spruce blue items with other things. White, black and some lighter shades of blue are safe and priority that will harmonize with spruce blue.

03. Ruby red

Another perfect color for Christmas eve!

Ruby is a powerful color in the winter menswear’s palette. It always creates a hot but profound feeling when we looking at. You can use this color in many different ways: from sweaters, shirts, jackets to accessories like belts or handkerchieves.

Fortunately, it is easy to wear ruby red items and mix itwith other things. Ruby red gets on well with many different colors: if you combine it with white or black, it will be a perfect set of clothing for Christmas. It can also make a good combination with earth tones or yellow and becomes a warm flame in a dull and snowy day.

04. Earth yellow tones.

It is the mixture between light brown and yellow and it looks similar to sand. The earth tones are always a safe choice for the fashion followers who don’t want to be too striking.

All the shades of brown always give us the warm and quiet feelings. And earth tones is typical one. It relatively “adulates ” your skin as well. That means it is suitable for both light and dark colors of skin.

There is only one rule when wearing earth-yellow-toneitems: varying the colors. Because this color looks quite old sometimes, it is not a great idea to simplify colors in your set of clothe. A costume with only 1 to 2 shade of earth yellow will make you look old, worn and a little “scruffy”. On the contrary, diversified colors will give you a simple but subtle outlook.

For more information, this color can perfectly come together with some dark shades of red, navy blue, white and black.

05. Russet brown

The leading fashion designers such as Tom Ford and Berluti brought back the Russet brown to catwalk this winter. Like its cousin of the bronze, it gets on well with natural color. However, the combination of russet and navy blue is always the best, and it can also make the ruby pants become more masculine and serious.

Here are some ideas for mixing items of clothe with russet brown.

06.Break the rules: being colorful with flower patterns

If you want to flare in winter, you should put this trend on your consideration list.

Flower is not only for women, nor for spring. Men’s fashion is witnessing the proliferation of floral patterns in men’s costumes. All the patterns are arranged  in a subtle way makes the design luxurious and noble.

You can find flower patterns in black suit sets of Dior Homme, jackets of Etro, trench coat of Burberry…..However, complicated patterns are adventure. If you know how to moderate, you will look stylish. If not, you will look ludicrous and that’s such a disaster.

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