How to make a choice of the Feng Shui wallet?

In this day and time, when the technology has developed, people can take the use of the credit card instead of bring money at all time; however, either the card or money, people need accessories which can hold them well. The men are different from the women because they cannot carry a purse, but a wallet is fine. There is a wide range of the wallet for men to opt for, depending on their preference. Today, we will guide you how to choose a Feng shui wallet that attracts the wealth and money.

1.   Buying the right wallet for the property

Many people believe that the Feng shui is just important whenever you make a decision of buying or constructing a house; however, buying the wallet, the Feng shui also plays a very important role because it can make a great contribution to bringing you money and wealth as you expect.


If you make a choice of the right wallet, it will be the most powerful tool to attract the property, wealth and money into your lifetime. Some people think that the wallet is just a tool to hold their money, and other items such as the credit cards, or the ID; however, it also is the home for money and all things have a closer relationship with it. In addition, if you do not treat the wallet well, it will reflect you. Therefore, you should make for sure that your wallet is safe and in a good condition.

Wealth and money always are attracted to those who treat the wallet respectfully with the appreciation. If possible, you had better keep it in a special place when you go home. Some people are careless, so they usually place the wallet anywhere; however, this action is not recommended. You should not put your wallet on the kitchen table because someone can steal it or it can have the negative effects on your financial position.

2.   Selecting the Feng shui size

Apart from buying a right wallet, you should pay more attention to the wallet’s style. As we knew, there remain a huge number of different wallet styles with various sizes to fit the users, but you should make a choice of the right home for your money in a careful way.


Nowadays, the wallet plays a very important role, so the manufacturers have produced a large amount of the wallet on the market which makes the buyers feel confused. They do not know which wallet is suitable for them. Although there are no criteria to assess whether the wallet fits you or not, you can depend on the size of that wallet to have a smart decision.

It is frank to say that the main purpose of the wallet is to keep the cash and some cards; therefore, a good wallet should have enough space for you to keep all items you want. If it is necessary, you can refer the reviews of people who have experienced for more useful advice. They can suggest you the best wallet for the men. In addition, you should remember that money will not like to be folded

The new wallet should be portable to put it in the pocket or the pack pocket. You cannot hold the wallet by your hands at all time as the women. Besides, you also need to ensure that the wallet is large enough to place all money. More spaces in the wallet can make a great contribution to attracting more money to fill that free space.

3.   Choosing the proper color

The color of the wallet can have both positive and negative effects on the wealth of the owner, so you had better be aware of this factor. According to people who have knowledge about the Feng shui, either black or dark blue stands for the water element and in our life, water element takes the responsibility of your property and wealth. Traditionally, men usually have a deep passion on the black wallet because it can help them keep up with the latest fashion trend in all over the world and it never becomes out of date as another color. Besides, the black wallet is suitable for all ranges of age.


Apart from the black and dark blue, you also can choose the silver, white, gold or gray. These colors are considered as the elements which are responsible for the permanence and stability, so it can infuse the financial capacity with those qualities. The gold is always connected to both the wealth and the luxury, so it can help you attract these things easily.

The red color is considered as the color of the fire element which can motivate you to promote in your life as well as activate the money’s positive flow into the wallet. Besides, a red wallet can make you feel happier whenever you look at it. Or in other words, it can make your life lighter and lighter. The green color of the Feng shui represents the wood element and it is the development and growth. A green wallet can be very beneficial for your financial situations. The yellow and brown colors are the color of the earth, so it can add the reliability, confidence and the stability to the wealth.

Additionally, there are some activities that you need to avoid to protect the wealth and the property as following:

  • Do not bring the family pictures to avoid distracting the money
  • Just hold a small amount of money in the wallet
  • Keep the wallet clean
  • Choose the high-quality wallet
  • Never put the receipt in the wallet

In short, the Feng shui is very important which can be helpful for your finance. Here are some factors that you should take into the consideration before buying a wallet. Hope that after reading this sharing, you can know exactly how to opt for the Feng shui wallet, although it sounds crazy, but you should try at least one time.


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