Top Card Holder Wallets For Men ( Updated 2017 )


The current trend in technology is increasingly employing cards as a primary way to deal with payments for service or products, which is much faster and safer than cash. Wallet manufacturers are not left behind this trend; they at the same time provide a wide range of men’s card holder wallets. These products produced to hold a large number of cards and card – size items safely and comfortably. If this seems interesting enough and you also wish to get such a wallet for yourself then just spend some time looking at the products below to find out something really responsive to your requirements.

As the name suggests, men card holder wallet are designed with a focus on the ability to store cards and much lower attention is paid on anything else. While some of them can support a small amount of cash or other items, holding cards is actually their main function. So, let’s go on and examine their features

01. Slim Wallet RFID Blocking With ID Window by Lethnic

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If you are looking for an affordable men’s wallet but creating a luxury feeling, this is the one to go. Made of genuine leather in addition to three color options, this slim wallet by Lethnic will level up your luxurious look. Besides, its dimensions are 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inches, which you can carry to anywhere with no burden.

However, the RFID blocking technology is actually my favorite. I usually carry some Debit and Credit card along so that this feature helps a lot in protecting my personal information against hi-tech hackers. Though it might look slim, this wallet can hold up to 4-5 cards. In addition, it also has 2-3 money pockets and 1 ID window.

Sum up, I think Slim Wallet RFID Blocking With ID Window by Lethnic is perfect for businessmen or a gift for your friends because of its sturdiness and convenience.

02. MEKU Slim Leather Wallet Credit Card Case Sleeve Card Holder with ID Window


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If you are looking for a front pocket wallet or a sleeve wallet to hold your cards, this is a good wallet from MEKU specially made for you. Although this wallet could hold up to 6 or 8 cards with its cards slots, and also some cash in a middle compartment, it still looks very slim. It actually measures 4.1 x 3 x 0.1 inches – an ultra-thin product. The material is genuine premium leather to bring in its soft and stylish appearance. Especially, it has up to 14 colors and two versions for customers to choose from. The first version has an ID card window and 3 cards slots on the other side; the second one has 3 cards slots on both sides.

This card holder for men is almost invisible in your pocket because of its lightweight design. With this super thin card holder, you would not be fed up with bulges any more. The high-quality product is exactly similar to its picture. It’s quite easy to carry and gives you quick access to your credit cards, driver license, folded cash, etc.

03. Radix One Slim Wallet


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Lots of men wish to have a wallet not only a card holder but also a unique product. If you are among them, the wallet from Radix is especially made for you. This well-designed product is so tough and quite durable with its polycarbonate plastic cover. With carbonate materials, Radix has been able to introduce one of the thinnest wallets available now on the market. The dimensions of 3.5 x 0.5 x 2 inches allow the wallet to easily hold 10 cards maximum. There is a band lifer wrapped around the wallet to hold your folded cash.

This wallet actually works very well; all of your important cards can be kept together completely and safely. If you don’t often use cash, it is really suitable to your situation. Your cards and possible bills are stored quite tightly and securely in the wallet and it doesn’t take you any effort to access your stuffs. The wallet is so simple and easy to open with just one hand.

04. Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection by Vaultskin


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Elegance, convenience and luxury are what you would get when using this Britain wallet. Chelsea wallet is made from fancy top grain genuine Italian leather to give you a really soft and smooth feeling. Italian materials also features the durability and stylish of the product. Its stitching is also well-made. Especially, RFID technology embedded in this card sleeve wallet is capable of protecting your cards against scanning thieves. The wallet has 3 pockets to hold your cards and the inner RFID pocket could protect 6 cards maximum. You could also have quick access to your cards with a strap. Dimensions of this wallet are 4.8 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches.

This is actually a slim wallet able to respond well to your requirements. It is a perfect wallet for hanging out without any bulk and notice. This product is able to provide all of your need and still sleek to easily fit in your pocket.

05. YDC05 Best Business Card Holder Leather Card Case Excellent Designer by Y&G


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This is a low-price card holder for men made by Y&G. The dimensions are 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches. Materials include artificial leather and stainless steel. These materials give the wallet a cool and sporty look. The Y&G manufacturer has introduced lots of different colors for customers to choose from, totally 35 colors. The wallet can safely keep up to 14 cards. In addition, it has a magnet in the flap.

YDC05 is possibly a great choice for you. It brings in the durability and professional appearance. The stainless steel is thick enough to guard your wallet against any damage. The magnet keeps your wallet closed all the time even though you drop it. This card holder could adapt to all the required aspects in overall.

06. YDC06 Best Card Holder Black Leather Card Case Gifts for Designer by Y&G


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Another card holder for men from Y&G, this YDC06 wallet has the same materials with the YDC05 one: artificial leather and stainless steel. Its dimensions are quite similar to its brother: 3.9 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches. In general, this wallet has almost the same parts and abilities as its previous wallet. But like any other products, the new version is often better than the old one. This YDC06 was designed more luxurious and more elegant. The manufacturer has produced a well-designed wallet at good price.

If you like Y&G brand and you are waiting for a better card holder from Y&G, this is your choice. The YDC06 with its cool design will bring in a good look and great feelings for you. It has more spaces for you to store cards and allows handling these cards quite easily. The wallet features a simple construction but possesses a stylish appearance. This is really a great business card holder for every man.

07. Wallet Credit Card Holder Wallets for Men with Slim Minimalist Design by Raw


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An ultra-thin wallet designed by Raw giving you an easy way to handle your cards and cash. You can carry it out anywhere with no worry about bulges in your pockets. Although it is a minimal wallet with dimensions of 3.5 x 0.2 x 2 inches, it could hold up to 8 cards tightly and securely. Especially, each wallet has an amazing and tough loop for owners to attach their key rings.

Good choice for an ideal card holder for men’s. This wallet is exactly what you need to keep your personal things safely and comfortably when going out. With this high quality wallet, you can enjoy an easy access to all of your cards and ID cards. Furthermore, this wallet is quite slim and sturdy. It’s really a good traveling companion for every man.

08. New High End Leather Bifold Credit Card Holder


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Made from genuine leather, this bifold wallet has 20 cards slots and one currency pocket on each side with minimal dimensions of 7.2 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches. In addition, it has an ID window and a pen holder. This is possibly a great choice to keep all of your stuffs together and have a quick access to any of these cards anytime.

It looks neither big nor bulky when holding up to 20 cards. But its appearance possibly doesn’t impress you much at first sight. Too many slots make the wallet’s design not eye-catching very much. It’s a really good card holder but not a stylish and fashionable product. And the slots might be too slim for holding your cards and too deep for holding your ID cards.

09. RFID Blocking Wallet, Mini Thin Slim Minimalist Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet


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This Chalier’s wallet is not only a card holder for men, but also a RFIDC blocking wallet. With RFID blocking technology, you can securely hold all of your important cards. Even with RFID technology, its dimensions are just 4.4 x 3.6 x 0.4 inches, giving this RFID card holder a very thin look. The wallet is made from plain PU leather and available with 6 classic colors suitable for everyone. Especially, customers will enjoy a 100% money back guarantee if there is any problem making them unsatisfied with this wallet.

Your cards and cash altogether are provided enough space in this slim RFID card holder. In daily use, it’s very comfortable and convenient to handle your cards in public places because they are well protected against scanning thieves. Besides, the wallet looks very clean with straight stitching and classic leather. One minor problem, you might experience a bit difficulty to get your stuffs out in first uses, but this will be solved completely after 1 or 2 weeks.

10. Ben Sherman Men’s Embossed Leather Gingham Card Holder


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A classic product made of 100% leather from Ben Sherman. This wallet has designed with gingham in the front which makes it really stylist. The other side is soft leather with Union Jack embossed. Its dimensions are 4 x 5 x 1.5 inches. This wallet could store 8 cards with 4 pockets inside and a middle pocket to stash your important things such credit cards, cash or keys etc.

This product features a great and unique look so it’s quite able to attract attention of other people once you take it out of your pocket. All of your cards could be kept tightly and safely inside. But, when you put cash in the middle pocket you may feel it rather tight. It’s also a bit hard for you to fit in cards the first time. Everything will be alright just after a few days in use. The wallet will soften up soon to enable an easy handling of your cards.

11. Fine Leather Men’s Mini Front Pocket Wallet ID Credit Card Holder with Metal Spring Clip


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Although its dimensions are just 3 x 0.5 x 4 inches, this card holder provides 3 multiple cards slots and 2 cash pockets for customers. It could hold 4 or 5 cards perfectly. And with an additional ID window, it would fit 2 ID cards quite easily. This is a good card holder with simple design and fine leather material. Especially, it has one money clip to hold your cash more tightly and you could hold up to 7 bills with it.

This is a great minimalist wallet for holding cards. The wallet well adapts to your card holding requirement. When fully loaded, this wallet still fits in your pocket and you will feel comfortable with it all the time. This wallet might not have a luxurious design, but it’s still a good choice at its price. Be noticed, its money clip is not magnetic.

12. Plastic Wallet Insert Made in USA by Alpine Swiss 12 Pages Picture Card SET OF 2


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A product with Swiss quality is brought to you by Alpine Swiss. This product is really one of the best card holders on the market. This wallet has not only cards slots like others but also 12 page replacement inserts. The page replacement inserts made of plastic are the special part of the product. With this top load inserts, the wallet can work both as bifold and trifold wallet. Its dimensions are 0.4 x 4 x 3.8 inches.

It is really a great holder for men to hold all of their cards together. The wallet seems pretty durable and convenient. Made from high-quality material, its plastic is quite pliable to be in good service. With its good design and at reasonable price, you would not be disappointed with this purchase.

13. Travelambo Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Wallets Leather Slim Wallet Money Clip RFID Blocking


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The finest grain genuine leather brings in this wallet a very slim and stylish appearance. With dimensions of 3.6 x 2.4 x 0.4 inches, the wallet has 6 cards slots for standard size cards and one ID window so you can keep up to 12 cards. The wallet features RFID technology to completely protect your cards against scanning thieves. There is also a money clip equipped with this wallet to secure your cash. A smart pull-strap for quick access is a cool additional part for customers to handle their cards easily.

Quite possibly, you will be satisfied with this slim leather wallet. It gives you a comfortable feeling while resting in your front pocket. Its smooth leather and nice stitching make the wallet a good choice for buyers. Just like its brand name, the product is a suitable partner to carry your cards along with you everywhere, especially, when you are on travels.

14. AndarMens Leather Money Clip, Front Pocket Minimalist Card Holder RFID Blocking Wallet Made from Full Grain Leather, with Back Saving Bi-fold Cash Clip


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A unique wallet is what you will think about this one after using it. This slim wallet provides you enough spaces to hold your cards and a money clip spring to securely keep your cash or paper articles. It’s able to hold up to 10 cards and gives you a quick access to your things with 2 special cards slots. The RFID blocking technology equipped with the product to secure your cards kept in these cards slots. This handcrafted wallet is made from wonderful grain leather which makes it durable and fancy. This high-quality product comes along with a 2 year warranty. Its dimensions are 4.1 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches.

The product is produced with lots of skills and concentrations. It gives you a hand in arranging the cards you carry every day. The wallet still looks slim even when fully loaded with cards and cash. In fact, it is much lighter and thinner than you could imagine. It’s almost unnoticeable when resting in your pocket.

Nowadays, men are often required to carry lots of cards when going out. It’s the reason why a card holder wallet becomes an indispensable accessory for every man. A card holder now gives its owner a quick and easy handling of his cards to meet the needs of the modern time. Furthermore, an appropriate card holder is also able to take part in creating an attractive outlook for the user as well.


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