The Best Minimalist Wallet For Modern Men (Update 2018)

There is a paradoxical fact that while society has been developing more and more, humans us prefer to simplify almost everything. Like nowadays smart phones is getting slimmer and slimmer. Or from those simple-style houses to minimalist items.

The whole world out there is changing every day so, why don’t we? Minimalist wallets are trendy now, let’s go and check it out, my modern men!

1. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather

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Number one on this list is the slim protective stylish and functional minimalist wallet you have ever seen from Lethnic. It figures unique innovative designs that offer irrefutable value for users.

Despite of its minimalist design with only three compartments totally, each of which is measured correctly to fit many sizes of your valuables, like bank cards, member cards, ID cards and your money. Thus, it gives rather high customization to help your freely organize your stuff.

Not only that, its maximum capacity is up to 15 cards and 20 bills at the same time secured by a button strap. But importantly, it isn’t tight or hard to get your cards in and out. But the real fun is that its measurements are very compact, only 4.33 x 3.15 inches.

From that point, you can place it in your pocket or your bag with no bulk, very convenient. Another good feature about this minimalist wallet is the RFID Blocking material integrated in it to offer ultimate protection to your important cards and documents.

Thus, I think this wallet is suitable for those who love simple-design wallet with enormous capacity.


  • Stylish and unique design
  • Great capacity
  • High protection and customization
  • Reasonable price
  • Include gift box


  • Don’t have many color options

Check out review video here :

2. Secrid Men Slim Wallet Genuine Leather Vintage RFID Safe Card Case for max 12 cards

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This Secrid Men Minimalist Wallet is probably one of the coolest ones since it has an automatic strap that allows you to quick access to any of your cards. Essentially, all you need to do is pulling the tab and immediately you can access to 5 cards at the same time.

Besides, it does have RFID Shield to secure all cards inside. There is a separated compartment for banknotes and of course, some others for freely organize your stuff like money, bills and maybe more cards. Maximumly, it can fit up to 12 cards with only 1.4cm thick.

A cool thing about this wallet is the combination between genuine leather and aluminum so that it can’t be broken or bent over. We know that plastic cards have tendency to get squashed in wallet, especially when you put it in your back pocket, a common problem is that these cards might be bent over. Not saying that sometimes with those faux leather, its chemicals even make them become more brittle.

Thus, the biggest advantage of this extra aluminum compartment is to offer supreme protection to these cards.

However, in turns, I don’t highly recommend you to use it with skinny jeans or tight pants, especially, don’t ever sit on it.


  • Have special pull tab
  • Combine with aluminum for ultimate protection
  • Great capacity
  • Provide many slots to organize better
  • RFID Blocking material
  • Slim and durable


  • A bit costly

3. DASH Co. Slim Bifold Wallet

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I remember how thrilled I was on the very first time unboxing this Dash Slim Wallet. Their beautiful patterned packaging is really no joke, very unique and attractive with nice slogan: “a faster, smarter kind of wallet”.

Basically, this design meets all requirements of a minimalist wallet: simple in the outside, full of application, lightweight and striking slim silhouette. Can’t imagine that a 3″ x 4″ x 1/4″ wallet, weighs under an ounce, fits up my everyday carry essentials better than ever. There are 2 card slots, 2 flips and 1 ID window with smart finger-glide to quick access.

I really appreciate its moderate tightness to hold all your valuables in place securely without easily falling out or losing, but it also isn’t too tight to difficult get my card or cash in and out.

Thanks to the inner clear ID slot, it helps to expose needed information of my ID card without getting it out.

This wallet is made from super thin leather PU canvas, though. I know that many people are afraid of thin material because of its decreasing in protection ability. However, don’t fret, it is premium quality to offer high durability to keep things secure and serve you for years. Not saying that its edges are oiled precisely and sophisticatedly for extra longevity.


  • Premium quality material
  • Durability
  • Moderate capacity
  • Hold everything neatly and fitly
  • Provide good warranty


  • Don’t have RFID Blocking Technology

4. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

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This is a brand-new design that’s been launched by Lethnic recently and truth to say, I’m a little bit in love with it. Grown up from the previous version of their theme-park minimalist wallet, this one comes in more advance.

The very first feature is its outlook – much cleaner, sturdier and cooler – with squared design but rounded in every corner and the well-made button snap. I like their color palette the most. This version arrives in more various tones, such as ethnic military, military and moss.

(The moss green, holy crap, can’t find anywhere such cool and manly shade than this Lethnic wallet. You should try, die-hard moss fans!)

The other two are utilized camouflage patterned with small zigzag embossing, this is a perfect choice for those who are looking to a grungy, badass and freedom style in wallet. Whichever you choose, there are four beneficial staples you’ll receive: slim silhouette, high-quality material, security and roomy storage.

Once again, Lethnic asserts their products aren’t something just…have their beauty but bring you more. Like the precious Italian genuine cowhide leather for better durability, the wider and longer dimensions, the roomier and better organized construction or the advance RFID Blocking Technology.

But there’s more, 30-day warranty to cover any defaults from manufacturing process. In fact, if you aren’t satisfied with this product, just return it for no excuse. Besides, the elegant packaging will melt your heart. Not only perfect to become a decorative item in your living space, but also an ideal present box for someone you love.

It’s worth a try, guys!

5. Men Minimalist Bifold Wallet

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I particularly include this brown military-styled minimalist wallet in this collection for those who are obsessed with something vintage and rustic. It is a great combination of sophistication, beauty, design and material. Take a closer look, you will find that every single stitching is well-made with marine grade heavy-duty polyester thread by the generation leather craftsmen. They are even, good-looked and super durable.

Not saying that the beauty of this wallet is presented through the nicely embossed brand name and logo in the front, matching perfectly to the crazy horse genuine leather.

Not only does this wallet mesmerize you by its striking outer performance, you will fall in love with its application. Don’t let its slender silhouette fool you, it is full of life in the inside. There are 3 card slots with clever slash-designed of the bottom one for quick access, 2 functional pockets, 1 clear ID window with smart finger-glide and a full-length compartment for money, receipts or other documents.

There’s more, 2 External slots for your daily cards, as well. In generally, it can hold up to 10+ cards and lots of money. Whereas, the whole measurements of this wallet are roughly 4.3 x 0.2 x 3 inches, fit neatly both your front and back pockets.

Besides, it is equipped with RFID Blocking Material that enables to block any 13.56 MHz Frequency and higher. To that end, wherever you go, just feel ease in mind that your bank cards and ID cards are safe entirely.


  • Durability: premium crazy horse genuine leather, using marine grade heavy-duty polyester thread
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Slender and compact
  • Spacious capacity
  • Nice vintage outlook
  • Include elegant gift box
  • Good warranty
  • Built-in RFID Blocking Technology


  • Only provide one color

6. Front Pocket Men’s Wallet – Minimalist Wallet- Slim Wallet – Leather Card Holder

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Front pocket slim wallets are fairly not a new type of design these days and have been existed for some time now. However, what I really want to bold in this minimalist wallet from Nvious Living is its superb convenience and application.

This is a product particularly made for those people already depending on cards more than using cash for making payment. Very simple, it consists of three compartments, each of which are concisely designed to fit either cards or folded paper money. The sided pockets also have clever slash for quick access, as well.

Take a look more in depth in the middle space which is also the largest compartment, it has a smart pull tab for quick access your desired cards.

Moving onto the material, this product is made from top grain genuine leather which is a well-known material for its unique softness and strength. In addition, the stitches are well-made to ensure to serve you for years.

As this is a cardholder-styled wallet, the manufacturer hasn’t forgot to equip the RFID Shield in the inner to optimize its protection ability. Please take notice that it enables to secure your ID and bank cards against 13.56 MHz Frequency.


  • Slim profile
  • Durability
  • Soft and strong
  • Moderate capacity
  • Integrated smart pull tab and slashes for quick access
  • Handmade totally for higher value and more sophisticated made
  • Equipped RFID Blocking Technology


  • Limited in color options

7. SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men Billfold – Made From Full Grain Leather

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When it comes to Serman’s products, the very first word I want to use to describe them is trustful. Always, they provide at least 12-month warranty to cover any detects derived from manufacturing process.

We all know that a specific product can’t satisfy all customers. Some will love it, some won’t. Thus, they are really thoughtful to offer such guarantee so that in case you don’t find this design fit yours, just return it without excuse.

Next is the advanced RFID Blocking Technology. Serman asserts that their products can protect your valuables against any unknown scans in 13.56 MHz and higher Frequency.

A deeper look in this Serman genuine leather wallets, you will see that it comes off slender profile as well. Literally, its dimensions are 4.25″ in. x 3″ in. 0.6″ in., fitting nicely in any pocket, from the front to the back, even your jacket pockets as well.

However, it includes many compartments for ultimate organization. There is a front outer pocket, 2 inner ones, 1 ID window, 1 flip and 1 long top compartment. In here, you can store 8+ cards and 10 bills. Particularly, if you don’t like to have your cash folded, this is an ideal choice.

Not saying that, the outer pocket also includes a smart pull tab for quick access your regular cards in addition to the slash and finger-slide strap.

Convenient, attractive, modern look, security, spacious, contemporarily, I don’t have anything to complaint about this wallet.


  • Concise and slim silhouette
  • Great arrangement and organization
  • Moderate space
  • Smart design with slash, pull tab, finger-glide
  • Protective
  • Soft and strong material

8. Lethnic Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet With ID Window – Genuine Leather

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Compared to the Nvious Living Front Pocket Slim Wallet above, this Lethnic wallet takes the advantage of its various color options. There are many catchy, trendy and beautiful colors like Burnt orange, special brown, special green and special red to surely meet any tastes.

In terms of the material, this wallet highlights its high grade genuine leather that is particularly thin, soft, flexible but strong and durable. Its surface has been through strict treatment for smooth and nice outer performance, as well.

Its general design is simple with no prolix details, except for its nicely embossed logo and brand name in the front. Now, let dig deeply into its construction to find out its functional feature.

Despite its slim silhouette, the wallet includes 6 card slots, 1 ID window with clever strap for quick access and 1 middle pocket. Totally, it can fit up 8+ cards with some money, affording your basic essentials to get ready for a go.

Not saying that the RFID Shield with the ability to block any 13.56 MHz Frequency as well as its elegant packaging that you can make use of as a present for someone.


  • Striking slim and compact, fitting neatly any trouser and jacket pockets
  • Large capacity with various compartment for better organization
  • Durable, strong and soft material that is made to last
  • Good warranty
  • Built-in RFID Blocking Material
  • Various color options

9. ROCO MINIMALIST Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID BLOCKING Money Clip – No.2

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When you already get bored with leather wallets, make a plot twist with the aluminum material. Start with this ROCO as this is one of the most well-known brands for its guaranteed quality and reasonable price tag.

If you are worrying about the softness of aluminum compared to the other metals like stainless steel, then don’t. Its material is high quality and high grade to offer moderate hardness to avoid deforming even you put it in tight skinny jeans or front pocket. 100 percent it can protect your cards against bending or breaking.

The most common issue when it comes to metal wallets is their toughness. I mean its sharp edges might make us hurt or feel uncomfortable. However, the corners of this wallet are curve-designed to avoid such problem.

Another good thing about this wallet is its simplicity yet application. Its construction consists of just two strong aluminum pieces related by an elastic band. However, it can accommodate up to 20 cards at the same time and hold some more folded bills.

Not only invested on the aluminum material, the manufacturer also puts their heart on the elastic band to ensure its super flexibility to not easily get loosen to keep your valuables neatly and safely.


  • Various designs and colors
  • Durable, strong, sturdy and firm
  • Simplicity and application
  • Super large capacity
  • High quality material
  • RFID Blocking material
  • Slim and compact
  • Offer two different size bands


  • A little bit hard to slide the cards out
  • Hold less money

10. Ebax Mens Bifold Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Wallet

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If you are fond of slim wallet and slim material, don’t miss out this wallet from Ebax. Compared to those leather wallets, it is 2-3x thinner to offer striking slim silhouette without notice when putting in your pockets.

However, it is asserted for high quality, striking lightweight with super durability. Based on the provided information from the manufacturer, this wallet is made from Microfiber & synthetic material that makes a compromise in Eco-friendly, design and quality. Not saying that it is waterproof as well.

And if you are a busy man who don’t have much time for caring your wallet, I do advice you to choose this design as it doesn’t require much maintenance like the leather.

The wallet is measured by 4*2.8*.02 Inch, but don’t rapidly judge a book by its cover, it can fit up your daily essentials as easily as a piece of cake. There are a spacious full-length compartment for cash/bills/documents, 2 card slots with the ability to hold up to 2-3 cards each and 1 clear ID window.


  • Come in various styles, colors and designs to meet any tastes
  • Firm, thin and durable design
  • Spacious space
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to maintain
  • RFID Blocking material
  • Lightweight
  • Well-made
  • Good warranty

11. Sparkle Tmax Front Pocket Minimalist Wallets for Men – RFID Blocking Slim Genuine Leather Wallets

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You know, the feature that hooks my eyes to this wallet is its one of a kind outer performance. It’s very simple, but the special thing is its none of prolix details.

Every compartment to the button strap or the key chain, they are all measured concisely and giving at least one benefit to the user. I mean this wallet is created with an ultimate application, which is also the first and foremost element of a minimalist wallet.

What I am really impressed by this design is its material. It does make its own vibe, something seems rustic, vintage and wild, perfect for those people who love showing up their personal characteristics.

Due to the information from Sparkle Tmax. It is made from the Finest Full Grain genuine leather to deliver the highest durability and wear-resistance. With tight stitching from professional artisans, this wallet arguably serves you for years.

Wondering about its dimensions? It is measured by 4.05” x 2.75”, including 4 Card Slots, 1 Cash compartment in the Center and 1 Metal Key Ring which is the highlight feature. It is spacious enough to fit up 4-12 cards and some cash at the same time meanwhile compact enough to be a useful key chain holder.

Another good thing is its middle pocket can hold some more coins, as well.


  • The highest application wallet in this collection
  • Slim, compact and concise
  • Spacious capacity
  • Can accommodate many kinds of stuff: cards, cash, and coins
  • Include a key chain
  • Good warranty
  • Durable, wear-resistant and strong material


  • Don’t come in RFID Blocking Material

Here is the end of this collection, which is your pick of the bunch? I know that there obviously are many other good minimalist wallets out there, but hopefully these recommendations from me are useful to help you pick the best one. Good luck!

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