12 Best Baseball Caps for Men [ Updated 2019 ]

It has been more than 60 years that baseball caps became a staple in hat world. No matter it was created by Gucci or Adidas, we just know that once baseball caps are designed to be a part of ball players’ uniform, it’s hot like hell.

Easily, you can sport a baseball cap be worn by anyone, from singers evading by paparazzi to tech titans.

Choosing one baseball cap is as easy as a piece of cake. BUT choosing one that fits snugly your style will need more considering. To simplify your searching process, this ultimate buying guide will give you 12 best baseball caps that are carefully picked on the market.

Here are the best baseball caps out there:

1. Best overal – KBETHOS Classic Polo Style All Cotton Baseball Cap

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Come with a wide range of lively color options and 100% cotton-made, KBETHOS Classic Polo Style Baseball Cap is the best choice for any warm-weather activities.

For those who don’t know, KBETHOS has gained really good fame about their headwear since 2001. Their headquarter is placed in New York, which is the reason I really feel ease in mind about their quality and size chart.

With the baseball cap line, you can freely adjust the strap on the backside to find the best fit for your head and that’s the best thing about this hat type.

Out of breathable and well moisture-absorbing, cotton is also lightweight and smooth to stay comfortably on your head. It’s thick so the capability to protect your hair and scalp against sunlight and UV is decent.

Besides, cotton is a durable kind of material. No matter how long it’s exposed to the sun or how many times you wash it, there’s hardly wear and tear.

With 6 panels added to the pre-curved visor, the form is kept really well – It’s like a new elevation taken on the classic silhouette of baseball caps.

Overall, if you’re looking for soft feeling and luxurious look on a baseball hat, this black baseball cap is good to go.

2. Most Athletic – Flexfit Men’s Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap

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Hats from Flexfit is always well-known for affordable price and ultra-lightweight material.

Unlike the KBETHOS Classic, this men’s athletic baseball cap is crafted from a hybrid of 34% cotton, 3% spandex, and 63% polyester, making it wick moisture fast as lighting. I love this highlight the most when it comes to the combination of polyester and spandex since your head is always cool during a hot day.

Besides, spandex is known as an elastic kind of material that gives a nice fit to variable head sizes. Not saying that Flexfit’s size chart is huge so if your head is either too small or too big, don’t fret, this will be your best companion.

If you’re wondering about the quality (I know, affordability is usually equivalent to poor quality!), the good news is this fitted cap is quite durable and relatively soft.

I think since they are crafted from Bangladesh and Vietnam – two famous countries for cheap labor, the price is such competitive.

The style of Flexfit hats are a bit different from KBETHOS – it’s more about athletic and sporty, which is the reason their colorway is mainly on neutral or cold tone. If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

3. The softest – Falari Classic Baseball Cap Dad Hat 100% Cotton Soft Adjustable Size

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I’m impressed by the vast colorway collection of Falari mens baseball hat line. And aside from the solid color options, there are patterned hats, like the Woodland and the Camo.

With simplicity in design and classic silhouette, Falari hats are unisex, which is a perfect choice for those who are looking for couple stuff. Like the KBETHOS, this is crafted from 100% cotton but in comparison of texture, I feel this is softer and more comfortable on my head.

The adjustable strap on the backside is quite easy to adjust and I believe you can find the best fit for yours. Cotton is a low-maintenance kind of material so it’s washable and stay intact under harsh sunlight with minimal wears and tears.

The price isn’t a matter when it comes to Falari hats since they are under $9. You can cop many colors once with no fears of breaking your bank. The colorway, on the other hand, is quite true to the image (at least in my opinion).

All-in-all, I’ve got no remorse when trying this classic baseball cap. Really bang for bucks!

4. Best with Vintage Look – Unisex Vintage wash baseball cap

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If you’re a vintage man, I highly recommend the one from Mommy Jennie. Their baseball cap lines are very affordable and various in colorways. Importantly, the hat is finely washed and distressed to deliver a true vintage look while the material’s quality is still assured.

You’ve got 6 options to choose from: yellow, army green, navy, burgundy, and khaki. The best thing is the more you purchase, the lower price.

As Flari and KBETHOS, it’s made out of cotton with same strengths: lightweight, durable, comfortable, breathable, and soft. Rest assured that it’s washable and dried out pretty fast. No matter how many times washing, its shape is still intact. No bent. No deformed.

While highlighting the breathable cotton material, there’s one extra layer of mesh on the inside to increase the hat’s permeability. I really appreciate that while the price isn’t costlier to other baseball caps that don’t have this extra feature.

As a unisex item, it’s kind of one less worry about the difference in style between women and men. In general, this is a good choice for lovers, friends, and family members.

Ah, I almost forgot. Keep in mind the hat size! Since it’s adjustable, the size range will be within 21.7 – 23.6″. The brown is 6.3″ while the brim is 2.8″ wide.

5. Best Under Armour – Men’s Blitzing 3.0 Cap

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Compared to other baseball caps, Under Armour men’s blitzing cap is a bit cooler and lighter since it’s made entirely of high-grade polyester that’s well-known for quick moisture wicking ability.

If you’re a sweat man and afraid of running on a sunny day will ruin your hairstyle, rest assured to pick this. I can assure that it will be your best companion.

For those who still have no idea of Under Armour – this is a famous brand specialized in men’s fashion items. Their products are not only well-loved for extremely high quality but also for fashionable look. With minimalism in style, hardly you can find their items are out of trend.

Back to this Blitzing 3.0 cap, I appreciate the sophisticated embroidery of brand logo on the frontside, which creates a simple but impressive vibe to wearers. With this, you can try different fashion style, from sporty, minimalism, casual, to smart casual.

There’s an extra layer of foam on the front panel for more comfort and moisture absorption.

But the best thing is, you can MACHINE WASH it with no fears of deformed brim or dent crown. Since Under Armour utilized re-engineered fibers designed to deliver superior breathability, stretch, and especially, durability. It stands out from the crowd of this capability.

6. Best NIKE – AeroBill Featherlight Cap

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Like other baseball caps from big brands, the Aerobill Featherlight gives lots of options in colorways and sizes. The good news is they go true to size so, turns out it’s easier for customers to find the most suitable option.

Designed with minimalism in mind, Nike’s hats have no excess details but just an exquisite brand logo embroidery on the frontside, making it adequately distinguish from the others.

It’s easy to style and versatile to match nicely any occasions, from workout to wearing to a party. I’m sure you will be the best guy in the crowd.

Hats from Nike (in general) emphasize the Dri-FIT Technology that brings two biggest advantages: Extra comfort and coolness.

There’s actually an interior perforated panel and extra mesh layers to help with better breathability. Plus, are the superior materials: polyester on the bill while a blend of spandex and Recycled Polyester on the sweatband.

The hook-and-loop trap on the backside with reflective pull tab is another highlight since it’s much easier to adjust and get the best fit.

7. best adidas – Men’s Originals Relaxed Strapback Cap

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For winter apparel, corduroy is a familiar material with emphasis on warmth keeping capability. You might usually see it in many items like jackets, pants, and t-shirts. But a corduroy baseball cap? Sound strange?

Yes, the adidas men’s original relaxed strapback cap, made out of cotton corduroy, is for cold days to keep your head warm. The best thing about this “new” material is providing coziness while ensuring breathability.

Like Nike and Under Armour, it’s designed minimally with an embroidered brand logo on the frontside. With various colorways to choose from, the Men’s originals are easily matching to the deepest need in terms of fashion tastes to warmth-keeping ability.

The price is quite well-worth to its quality. Since this is 100% authentic and the material is super durable, this hat can last you for years and never be out of style. If you’re fan of this big brand, the Originals are good to go this fall/winter.

8. Best with mesh – ELLEWIN Unisex Breathable Quick Dry Mesh Baseball Cap Sun Hat

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Unlike other mesh baseball caps that are usually crafted from hard and skin-unfriendly material, the one from ELLEWIN is quite soft and comfortable. While playing the essential role of keeping superior ventilation and breathability, the mesh layer also makes your head feel snug and free from stuffiness.

A compliment for its adjustable and ultra-long strap that makes sure to fit variable head sizes, including the big guys. Mesh material is quite durable and a bit stretchy to hug your head girth perfectly.

For those who are wondering about its size, here they are: 5” deep, 22-1/16’’-23-5/8’’ diameter and 3-1/8” of bill length.

The brim is still built with 6 panels to hold form and protect your face from sunlight, making it a perfect choice for any summer sports or activities. Unlike regular caps, this ELLEWIN doesn’t get wet easily. On the contrary, it dries out super-fast.

For the price of under 10 bucks, such performance is phenomenal. I’ve got no complaint on it.

9. Best for camping – HHNLB Unisex Camping Hair Don t Care 1 Vintage Jeans Baseball Cap Classic Cotton Dad Hat Adjustable Plain Cap

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The very first baseball hat that’s made out of Cotton Denim Fabric with 7 total colorways to choose from: Asphalt, Black, Blue, Gray, Natural, Navy Blue, and Red.

It’s from HHNLB – a newcomer in headwear world but by searching, I luckily found it out and decided to give this a try. Glad that it hasn’t disappointed me yet. The material is quite amazing. It’s not only durable and protective against sunlight but also gets more stylish with time.

The more you wash it, the more uniquely vintage vibe it delivers when the color is faded out gradually. The most incredible thing lies in its printed letters decorated on the frontside “Camping Hair Don’t Care”. They aren’t prone to peel off like other printed hats that I’ve tried.

It’s just when you wash it by machine, chances are that there are some little wears and tears.

This baseball cap is unisex and one size fits all, that’s why there are two kinds of designs: A normal version for men and another with a small hole on the backside for ponytail girls. Very thoughtful!

Due to its decent protection capability and breathability, this is a nice option for athletic purposes or sporty guys. Try it! You won’t regret!

10. The cheapest – Gelante Plain Blank Baseball Caps Adjustable Back Strap Wholesale LOT 12 PC’S

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Gelante Baseball Cap Set includes 12 pieces while pricing only $24. So, it’s obviously the cheapest of a bunch to be a perfect choice for your crew members, family, or friends.

There are some set options with plain color. You can purchase them and try embroidering your name or team on to create custom baseball hats on your own. I bet it will be the most one-of-a-kind item ever for your outfit.

Now, is the quality – which is the feature that I bet many people want to know most about this amazingly cheap set. Well, in my opinion, compared to other printing baseball caps in its field, Gelante Baseball Cap Set is much more durable with true colors and great fitting. Not to say that the interior is nicely stitched.

Made out of 20% wool and 80% acrylic, this hat provides good warmth in cold weather while staying lightweight on your head to provide the most comfort. Of course, such this material blend is washable but take note to cleanse it by hands only.

11. Best with UV protection – ELLEWIN Unisex Baseball Cap UPF 50 Unstructured Hat with Foldable Long Large Bill

View here

The most outstanding feature of this ELLEWIN is the UV protection with 50 UPF that already passed the third-party test. So, if the summer in your living area is harsh with high rate of UV rays, this is an ideal selection for you.

Regardless, ELLEWIN Unisex Baseball Cap with extra wide and long visor will protect your face, head, and neck against sunburn.

If you prefer a baseball cap with soft brim to easily fold and fit inside your pocket when not in use, the good news is this model has only 3 panels in the brim to let you do that. With this, it’s much more convenient now to take the hat with you without occupying too much space.

Take note that it’s designed as a “one size fits all” hat so, the indicators are important. It’s 21-1/4’’-24” of forehead circumstance, 3-5/8 inch of brim length and 6-3/4”-7-5/8” size. Don’t forget to measure your head carefully to ensure you fit nicely this hat.

Out of that notice, everything about ELLEWIN Unisex Baseball Cap is great. It’s even slightly waterproof to keep your head and hairstyle temporarily stay safe against rain. The fabric is also soft, comfortable, and moisture absorbing while the extra mesh layer helps with better breathability.

Get it and you’ll love it like crazy.

12. Best made by denim – Denim Baseball Cap Sorta Sweet Sorta Savage Men Women Golf Hats Adjustable Plain Cap

View here

Despite a newcomer in this industry, the QHZM is sooner solely-beloved of all-age wearers, from teenagers to adults. There are seven colorways to choose from: Red, Natural, Blue, Black, Gray, Navy, and Deep Heather to easily mix and match diverse occasions.

With it, you can confidently rock your daily outfits, add soul to your party clothes, or join in any outdoor activities without fears of sunburns or ruined hairstyle.

Made out of denim seems like the biggest advantage of this hat since the fabric texture is durable enough to allow abusing, which leads to a nice and sweet vintage look for anyone who are following this fashion style.

Rest assured that it’s unisex to be a safe choice for couples, group of friends, or family members without worrying about difference between men’s and women’s fashion. Aside from the denim shell, there’s an extra mesh layer on the inside to add ventilation to your hat, keeping your hair and scalp always dry and cool.

Hence, for the price, what else to ask?

Buying guide

Since buying a baseball cap online will lead to some limitations, such as you can’t directly touch or try them on your head. So, how to know if it fits your head or suit for your style and face or not? This detail buying guide will help you:

Know your head size

This is important! Once you get a wrong number, finding a suitable baseball cap will be more difficult afterward and might lead to a wrong choice of size.

If you don’t know how to measure your head, don’t fret, there’re now a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube or instructions on Google. Do some research!


Don’t get it wrong! Baseball cap isn’t just for summer, but also for fall/winter. That’s why aside from cotton, polyester, spandex, or acrylic, you need to keep an eye on leather, denim, fur, corduroy, and fleece.

Might you be too familiar to summer materials, especially cotton and polyester so here, I’m going to focus more on the options for cold weather.

First off, is fleece. This is well-known for its decent comfort and pleasantness of touch while retaining heat efficiently. While some hats are crafted utterly from fleece, there’re just some with fleece layers on the inside. The choice is up to your preference and warmth needs!

Next is fur. This is the most favorite choice for winter because of its coziness and fashion.

Leather on the other hand is also famous for its warmth keeping ability but the unique vibe it does deliver is more renowned.

To find out the best kind of material for your baseball cap, consider two things:

  • Which season do you intend to wear it?
  • Your preference

Style and model

When it comes to baseball caps, there are 5 major styles:

  • KHL caps with numbers (KHL stands for Kontinental Hockey League)
  • Hockey caps
  • With fastening
  • With ear flaps
  • Sporty

I bet all fans want to wear a baseball cap that’s printed or embroidered the t-shirt number of their favorite player or the team name on it. That’s why KHL caps with numbers, hockey caps, and sporty are well-loved by many sports fans.

Conversely, the ones with fastening or with ear flaps are the functional caps. The baseball caps with fastening are for easier adjustment of travelers’ camera to keep their hands free and the convenience of photo shooting. On the other hand, the ones with ear flaps are appeared recently, playing a role of keeping your ears extra warm in cold weather.


While considering your favorite color, also keeping in mind of which purpose you intend to use it for. For example, a whitecaps baseball hat won’t be suitable for sports or outdoor activities relating to dirt or mud. It’s because bright colors are more difficult to cleanse off.

In such occasions, choose a black or another dark-toned color is a great choice. For daily use like going to school or going to a party, choosing a lighter with detailed or decorated features isn’t a matter.

How to style with baseball cap

How to wear a baseball cap without looking like a fool? Yeah, this short guide will share you some golden tips and tricks. There are five common ways to style coolly with a baseball cap:

Transitional Topper

The two annual limbo periods between the frigid cold of the next and the one season’s scorching heat can be difficult notoriously to style for. But if you mix with a bare head or a bobble hat for a baseball cap, it will look perfect.

Or, you can try navigate this style with a twill hat, some underneath layers and a jacket (due to specific seasons).

From The Streets

The love affair between streetwear and high fashion is still almost in their honeymoon stage but for most people’s tastes, this mix and match might be more than a little OTT.

That’s why I highly suggest dressing more subtle manner prior to heading out to a pub in a pair of Ozweegos and a floor-length Vetements anorak.

With a 5-panel baseball cap, you should style with a logo t-shirt or a hoodie and a few jeans or cropped trousers. By this way, not only you can avoid looking like trying too hard, but also embrace the streetwear aesthetic in public.

Tonal Tailoring

I bet if you have told anybody in the 90’s about the future of 20 years later where people will mix a baseball cap with suits, probably they would have choked on their dropped their Walkman and choked their 3D Doritos. But yeah, here we are!

This style might sound new to you but it’s been well-beloved of worldwide fashionistas. A perfect way to style a baseball cap without looking like a teenager. Simply, mixing a premium-looking but minimal cap with a t-shirt covered by an unstructured blazer and finally, finish it with crisp sneakers. So perfect that those 90’s people will nod their head of how fantastic this look is.

Summer ready

The most common style out of a bunch!

The most usual mix and match you might at least once see in your life is a baseball cap with sunscreen, a sand-filled picnic, and warm tins of beer. To add your own personality and taste to your summer outfit, choosing a t-shirt with graphics or letters or images and bog-standard shorts can’t be more ideal.

For those cozy days in the beer garden or at the beach, picking one in the same color will help your hat tie the outfit together. Or, you can try combining another part of your OOTD by being it in your sandals or shirts.

One thing to keep in mind is to select topper to go with other layers in your bag if it’s a night session.

Some other tips:

  • Never wear a baseball cap sideways and seldomly wear it backwards.
  • Combine showiness under simplicity whenever possible. A baseball cap with plain color will be always easy and versatile to match with whole closet of yours.
  • No cutting off your circulation: a huge yellow line across your forehead is not likely to leverage your appearance either
  • On those days that you intend to wear the hat continuously, ensure that hair isn’t an issue to bother on.
  • Ensure the hat fits snugly to your forehead to avoid unwanted and annoying movements of it on your head.

How to clean

Step 1: While filling a sink with warm water only, add a tablespoon of OxiClean, laundry detergent, or other dedicated stain-fighting treatment. Don’t try dish soap because it’s not strong enough to get all stains rid of your hat.

Step 2: Firstly, spot clean the hat. Secondly, dip it utterly into the warm-water sink, use a small scrubber, like toothbrush to rub the cleaner into the hat’s fabric. If there’re some sweat stains on the forehead band, my tips are using the shampoo and repeat rubbing for 30 to 60 seconds. The result afterward will be very amazing.

Note: Be extremely careful when rubbing around the printing or embroidery since with too much force on these areas, they are prone to peel off or torn.

Step 3: Soak your hat in the sink for a few hours or if you don’t have time, 30-40 minutes are still okay. After such that time, take a look at your hat and find whether there’s any stains on it or not. If yes, rubbing gently on that area. Conversely, move to step 4.

Step 4: Cleanse off all soap on your hat and let it air dry. To shorten this process, you can try patting down a dried, clean cloth to help with getting excess moisture rid of your hat. Don’t try to dry it with a hair blower since the harsh heat from this tool will easily make it stiffer and uncomfortable when wearing on next time.

Want to speed thing up? Try using a fan instead. It’s really effective!


It’s showtime for baseball caps, folk. Store your beanies and start your summer vibes.

I hope that this article is helpful to you and if you want to take a look at other hat types, this list might be what you’re finding:

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