What To Wear This Summer?

Basketball shorts

Firstly, we have to talk about the come back of the Basketball Shorts. Even though this is not a new design or silhouette with man-kind. But the added, very long drawstrings is the focal highlight to make it impressive than ever.

Fifth Collection from Fear of God has contributed a lot for the come back of these shorts. Lots of celebrities, especially Justin Bieber is a big fan of this silhouette.

We can see a subtle tone colorway to much more colorful shorts. Personally, I’m not a big fan of them instead of the simple and transferable mono-chrome silhouette. Brands such as EPTM, Mintcrew and DVCN have caught up with trend waves and created alternative shorts to the Fear of God’s design and are now being continuously sold out.

Other than basketball shorts, the drop-crotch shorts are still favorable because the transferable factor that matches with a lot of outfit. They are especially very laid-back and comfortable.

If you are not into street style then Chino shorts, Linen and Denim shorts will still be a very safe item with most of the outfits this summer. Here are my two recommendations:

Above The Rim Men’s Basketball Shorts – Basic Athletic Workout & Gym Short

View here

Actually, I’m not a basketball die-hard fan so that my collection of basketballs shorts is not so many. And usually, I use them to style with men’s leggings to turn the streetwear mode on rather than use it for playing ball.

But I swear to God that these two bad boys are truly bang for your buck from its quality to the design.

This Above the Rim is my very first recommendation to you. If you are familiar to this brand, you will know that their shorts are specifically made out of Unparalleled wicking technology which helps a lot to keep you cool and stay fresh all the time, even when you use it for the most intense summer workouts. That doesn’t matter at all.

Besides, its material is very breathable, allowing the air flowing to keep you continuously going. A plus point for its high-quality elastic band that can fit up any body sizes easily no matter you’re tall, short, chubby or thin.

On top of that, there are two deep pockets on both sides so that you can put up some essentials with no fears of they being soaked by your sweat.

Red Fear of God Inspired Basketball Shorts

View here

In terms of this Red Fear of God, only four words: bang for your buck.

This is a perfect compromise of function and design that if you can it once, you will understand why many men including celebrities are crazy of them. In fact, it is one of essentials in my wardrobe to rock

Long drawstring, durable zippered pockets on both sides, stylized details and black elastic band.

There are two main things when it comes to choosing basketball shorts: fit and length. I personally like my shorts rest right above my knees to ultimate convenience when moving or playing sports. This is something that other basketball shorts didn’t have. They are definitely longer fit that I’m not a fan of. However, this amazing short does exactly that.

So, if you are like me that prefer a much shorter fit as well as your budget is on the table, a Fear of Good is worth to try.

What if you already have basketball shorts?

If you already have basketball shorts without long drawstrings, you needn’t buy a new one. Instead, you can DIY the drawstring on your pants. Firstly, find and cut a piece of laces that you want to replace. You may also shoe laces if you want. But I usually use a drawstring made out of suede.

I’ll measure a string long enough to wrap around my waist and still hangs under my knee. Feel free to use a little more just to be safe. If your pants have already lost its original drawstrings, connect the new ones with something stiff but not too wide such as a pen refill.

Tape it and drawstring together, make sure to not over taped them because it might not fit into the drawstrings hole. Gentle push the pen refill until it reaches the other hole and comes out of it. Done!

If your pants already have a pair of drawstrings, all you need is taping or a safety-pin or paper clip to connect the two drawstrings together, pull one end your existing drawstring until the new ones have been replaced.

In case, you cannot pull the strings, chances your pants have been “Secure thread” to prevent them from over-pull or from tugging in the washing machine. You can find behind your pants, usually there is a line of thread in the middle, use a seam ripper to cut all of the threads. After that, apply the same technique before to replace the strings


If you already read my article about popular trends in early 2018, then you are probably very familiar to Graphics Tee. However, they are even more outstanding during summer. Personally, I’m a big fan of basics but, in summer, only wearing a plain shirt will look often very boring and that’s why Graphics tee will shine especially.

Band tees such as Metallica, Guns n Roses and Nirvana or merch tour such as Pablo, Purpose Tour will be a very nice character to have in your outfits.

You can also layer a tank-top with a graphics tee. Other than these tees, we can’t miss on mentioning logo tees such as Supreme, Stussy, Off-white and Palace.

One brand that also has very heavy logo t-shirts is Guess. After releasing a collection collaborating rapper A$AP Rocky, these are shirts that are not very heavy in colors and graphics but grabs immediate attention as well as low-key flexing to some of the hypebeasts.

Just wearing a nice pair of sneakers with a graphics tee or logo tee that should already make your outfit impressive.

Tupac Marilyn Monroe Couple T Shirts Logo Hiphop Legend Graphic New Edition

View here

To be honest, I was hooked into this t-shirt by their image that’s nicely printed on the frontside, Tupac and Marilyn Monroe. How badass of this couple! Haha. And this is also my favorite t-shirt that I have beaten it up quite frequently.

Not only because of the graphic print, but also as its quality. For those who are new to Hat and Beyond, this is a good brand to go to if you need something durable, soft and end up with moderate length. I really hate a t-shirt that’s too way too shorts because when you lift up your arms, chances your skin and body part will be exposed, which’s not cool at all.

But this one, it rests nicely in my femoral and I personally think this is a perfect length as you can either wear it alone or layer with elongated shirt inside and a jacket outside.

Not saying that this t-shirt is made out of Premium cotton lends so that you can machine wash it conveniently. However, to maintain the print, I advise you to limit using the dry mode. In terms of this texture, it’s soft and durable. besides, it can absorb moisture or sweat quickly to keep us fresh all day during summer.

Champion Men’s Classic Jersey Graphic T-Shirt

View here

As mentioned above, Champion comes in a little heavy logo. Like this t-shirt, there is a giant brand name on the frontside that you can easily point it out from distance. I don’t like this detail at all but for the quality, nothing can beat against Champion in mid-tier range.

The shirt is made out of 100 percent high-quality cotton with heavy weight to deliver a durable feeling along with soft and comfortable experience. Because of this material, you can feel ease in mind to machine wash it.

It comes up with ideal length with narrow collar and short sleeves, which you can perfectly mix with an elongated shirt inside with long sleeves, striped pattern will be even better to emphasize your streetwear outfit.

Never Forget Sarcastic Graphic Fathers Day Gift Music Novelty Funny T Shirt

View here

I am always a fan of charcoal as well as other neutral tones because these colorways are very easy to mix and match, you can play with different colors or just go an on-set outfit, which is all okay. Besides, these neutral tones will add a cool, elegant, modern and masculine look as well.

Besides, grey, charcoal and black are three basic colorways that every man should add in his wardrobe, no matter which style you are in, these are the essentials.

This charcoal shirt comes in a nicely graphic printed on the frontside whereas the back is full plain to deliver something simple but not too plain or kind of boring at all. If you like something soft and comfortable like me, chances you will like to wear this t-shirt all days. It is made out of 100% preshrunk cotton for ultra-softness and durability.

Another small plus is their US standard sizing chart that you just order your true to size to get the best fit.


Next are summer accessories.

Summer is honestly my most hateful time to style hair because no matter how style it, sweating with outside’s heat will definitely weigh your hair down anyways.


Trucker hat

This is my favorite silhouette and compliments my face shape. Hats also protect my head and hair of UV rays causing it to dry and crisp up the hair, which breaks it and will especially cause it to burn its color.

Basically 2, 3 birds with one stone: hair protectant without having to always style it and most importantly, very fashionable. If you wonder which best trucker hats I usually style with, don’t forget to read my article about it.

Dad hat, Camp hat, Snapback

But, if that doesn’t match yours, then you can experiment with style like dad hat, camp hat or snapback.

Articles you may concern:


The second accessory I want to mention is the backpack.

In winter, it’s very versatile to layer many items together, which makes your outfit less boring and the back not so plain. But, during summer, the best way to cover up your plain back is to wear a backpack.

Invest in a minimal, subtle and transferable backpack so you can wear it with many different outfits.

Watch and bracelet

During winter, you pretty much wear long sleeves all the time, which is why you don’t notice that your wrist is very exposed. But, during summer, when wearing short sleeves then watches and bracelets are your best friends, take advantage of these accessories to make your wrist less exposed and boring.

Satchel and vintage glasses

There are two very popular accessories in streetstyle right now, they are satchel and vintage glasses.

Personally, I’m not really a fan of vintage glasses and I think this trend won’t last for very long. But, satchel is a very versatile piece with lots of variety and sizes.

Vintage satchels or High-end such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel to streetwear brands like Supreme. Other than that, there are rings and necklaces that I didn’t mention because I think those are accessories for all seasons, not just summer.


In summer, people often think that you have to wear sandals to cool off. Personally, I think sandals are not very fashionable, especially when you hear the flip-flop sounds as well as sweating also causes your feet to stinky and gets very dirty.

Instead of wearing sandals, you can rock with the best runners made out of breathable material such as Primeknit and mesh. Casual low top shoes like Stand Smith, Tennis Shoes, Achilles low and especially low-top Vans. I particularly like those Vans Slip-ons, Vans Authentic and Vans New Era that has a very light feel to it as well as can go with many outfits. They also look very modern and street.

2018 continues a year of worship comfort. Wear what you feel most comfortable with instead of having to always dress up. Summer is honestly the hardest season to style any clothes. No matter what you wear, you will sweat if staying outside for a couple of hours. That’s why my advice to you is to plan out where you will be going to wear stuff that is suitable for indoor temperature instead of keep having to think about outside temperature of 30-40 degree Celsius.

Almost every store such as café, restaurants and shops will have air conditions so don’t worry about what to wear for outdoor temperature. In case you have to stay outside for a long period of time, avoid wearing dark colors because they attract sunlight and may even trap the heat inside the fabric, which will make you even hotter.

Another thing is to watch what type of fabric you are wearing. Natural fibers such as Cotton, Linen, and Silk will be much more breathable than synthetic fibers like Nylon, Polyester and Spandex. Hopefully, this article helped you to get ahead of the trends and inspired you to dress for this summer.

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