Top Popular Men’s Zipper Wallets ( Updated 2018 )


Zipper wallets, they are arguably getting the same popularity as the bifold models for their wonderful convenience, multi-functionality and especially, high closure.

They were made to serve for the purpose of keeping coins, which is also the biggest disadvantage of bifold wallets. Sound too good to be true, right? But not quite! To be fair, it frequently comes up with a very common issues – easily broken-down zipper, especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly wallet, this risk is even higher.

So, how to deal with it?

While considering the whole wallet, kindly searching for the keyword “YKK zipper” (because this is one of the most durable zippers on the world that can last for years without bursting out), or “warranty”. This is not only applied for the cheap wallets, but also for the higher-end ones. Warranty is nearly a must when you intend to buy something.

Aside those two features, of course, you need to take a look at its capacity, construction, outer performance as well as other additional features fitting your needs.

That’s why choosing a good zippered wallet is as difficult as doing with the bifold. To help you out, I’m going to share my favorite models that not only satisfy such requirements, but also vary in styles to ensure meeting your taste. I advise you to not miss out this collection if you do want to get more free times on your hands.

1. Lethnic Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper with Front Pocket, RFID Blocking

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As minimalist lifestyle is trendy now and the world is going crazy for it, which is why my very first recommendation is a small, slim and compact zippered wallet.

It’s from Lethnic – a new brand in wallet world but has earned trust from a lot of customers by their great compromise of price and quality. However, what makes me love their products more is the sensitivity to catch up the latest trend in wallet in particular saying and in accessory world in generally.

And here, this model is a typical example for what I’ve just said. It’s perfect from the premium cowhide genuine leather to the stainless-steel YKK zipper.

Not only minimalist, this wallet is also simple yet elegant. While other brands try to add their brand logo everywhere on their products, which is annoying sometimes, this one come in a whole plain surface with a small exquisite nicely embossed logo on the front.

Also, choose from three colorways: black, blue and brown – all basic tones that are also the easiest to style with. If you’re after the classic and a little bit vintage style like me, take the brown. It’s freaking awesome to style with a newsboy cap or ivy cap, a jacket, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Or, sometimes, a scarf to soup up your dreamy look.

And do you still remember two key things when choosing the best affordable zippered wallet? They are either “warranty” or “YKK zipper. But with this inexpensive product, they come in both, perfect for a steal.

And there’re more, compact design, streamline organization, nice packaging and importantly, RFID Blocking Technology. Really worth a try!

2. Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Zip Around Wallet ID Card Window Secure Zipper Bifold

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Now, if you are a loyal fan of bifold wallet, but ask for more security and private, don’t miss out these two options. First thing’s first, the Alpine Swiss!

It’s equipped exactly what you need – a closure zipper. Other than that, the whole construction is quite similar to any traditional bifold silhouette: 9 card slots, 1 ID window and 2 separate bill compartments.

Besides, for extra storage space yet still keep the slim profile for their wallet, Alpine plays a trick with the center inner flip card case. Truth to say, this wallet is minimally bigger than a deck of card due to its zipper. So, just ease in mind that this buster can fit your back pockets as easily as a piece of cake without burden. (For those who are wondering, it’s measured by 4 1/2″ x 3 3/4″ x 3/4″)

In terms of the material, apart from utilizing genuine cowhide leather with sophisticated surface treatment technology to remain the natural marks of the animal, leaving a freedom, oldie but trendy look.

So, if your EDCs include various types of cards, look no further than this product.

3. Men RFID Blocking Wallet, Wraifa Genuine Leather Short Purse Bifold Card Holder

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Another option for you is this superb beautiful leather bifold zippered wallet from Wraifa. The best thing about this design is that it comes up with the same capacity as a traditional bifold wallet yet stay slimmer to fit both your front and back pockets WITHOUT BULK.

Instruct with 15 card slots, 2 zippered pockets, 2 SIM card holders, 1 ID window, 1 bill compartment and 1 driver license slot, Wraifa has reimaged of what a 3.74L*0.98W*4.72H wallet can accommodate.

Besides, take notice that there’s a zippered pocket in the bill-storage sleeve, which isn’t listed in the description, which is a gold feature for many people who want to carry some loose checks, or emergency changes alongside without exposing them out.

Another best thing about this secret pocket is its full-black zipper to easily hide inside

Good news is that all card slots are attached with advanced RFID Blocking Material to deliver highest security. Another big bonus is its really soft leather texture that you don’t need to spend time for breaking in. With it, just feel like an old friend!

4. Men’s Wallet, Minimalist Vintage Cowhide Leather Wallet With zipper pocket for men

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In United States, we don’t use many coins in our daily payments, which leads to less demand on the coin pouch dimension attached in a wallet.

However, I understand that some countries are on the contrary, such as Europe, Thailand or Singapore (also where I also have traveled to). And of course, you will need a bigger coin pocket for bigger demand.

This is my option for you – dual zippered pockets for more coins. Along with that, more card and bill holders to accommodate up to 8 cards, 15 straight bills and IDs or driver license.

Again, the built-in RFID Blocking Material is a thumb up for better protection for your vital bank information against hi-tech thieves.

There’s just one thing to keep in mind – the leather material. It’s high-quality and genuine, though. You will patiently wait a couple of weeks for breaking in before adding more loads to it. But trust me, after this period of time, even sometimes you cramp it up, the material is flexible and durable enough to bear it without damage.

Another bonus is their really various color options, most of which is after vintage and rustic style. Besides, its price range is quite good to pick more than one easily. Or, you can pick one for you, and one as a present for somebody you love because their packaging is very nice and elegant to be a gift box as well.

5. Leather Wallet Zipper Credit Card Wallet RFID Credit Card Holder Protector

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For those whose habit of payment is based on cards, surely, you’d prefer a zippered wallet with card slot fold accordion style, don’t you?

And here’s my pick for you – the leather zippered credit card wallet from Maxgear.

Feature with 9 separate card slots, 2 bill compartments and 1 slot on the outside. In general, you can put up to 11-15 cards without bulk inside this bad boy. However, based on its super-small dimension (4.5 x 3 x 1 inches) don’t think about placing your driver license there. Also, it might fit your back pockets, but isn’t comfortable at all.

But, don’t be discourage just because we started with the bad news first. Despite such inconvenience, it strikes back with durable soft hardware and leather material, advanced RFID Shield and reliable warranty.

Though the outer pocket is too small to accommodate driver’s license, it’s perfect to take advantage of for stashing cc receipts or folded bills. In briefly, it’s exactly what you – a modern man need to carry slim.

6. Wallet for Men, Dandeli Mens Long Wallet, Leather Wallet, Dad Gifts, Father’s Day Gift

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Girls, if you are looking for a perfect wallet to wow your man in his important occasion (like his birthday), this wallet for men from Dandeli is your best bet.

There’re places for everything, from credit cards, debit cards, member cards, card visit, receipts, coins, keys, straight bills to even a smart phone.

Measured by 7.28 x 3.54 x 0.787 inches, so, it’s perfect to accommodate any 6.5-inch phone, for examples iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung S7. Importantly, it keeps your EDCs neat and streamline with various and separate compartments. In details, 12 card slots, 3 bill compartments, 2 receipt pockets, 1 ID window, and 1 zippered pocket.

Along with that, its premium Genuine Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Leather with nicely grain texture and smooth hand-feel surely shocks you out due to the strikingly comfortable and soft feeling touch. You also take advantage of its health-friendly texture which is much better than the vinyl wallets.

Like other counterparts, it’s equipped with advanced RFID Blocking Material to prevent any 13.56 MHz frequency signals. And if you intend to pick a wallet for traveling abroad, it’s more essential to add this feature to keep those hi-tech thieves at bay.

Last but not least, their customer service is sure to please you. For any questions, just contact them and Dandeli is going to respond it within 24 hours. Amazing, right? But, that’s not all! The manufacturer also provides 2-year warranty to cover any matters from manufacturing process. So, try it!

7. Leather Men Wallet RFID Blocking Vintage Bifold Wallets Credit Cards Holder

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I love its stylized 3 card slots on the outside, not only for extra space of storage, for examples, your regular cards, parking cards, or stuff like that, but more conveniently, this design helps to access more easily, whether you draw it out or put it in.

Besides, such unique outer performance, combining with the elegant brand logo embossed on the front and its overall clean look, delivering a professional, masculine and impressive look. I’m quite sure that every time being pulled out, this bad boy will hook all surrounding attention.

Another truly wonderful feature about this wallet is its inner construction – can’t be neater. There’s a ton of slots, pockets, and compartments where you can easily find a place for each kind of your belonging, no matter it’s small or big.

After unzip the wallet, you will find 6 card slots, 1 zippered pocket and 2 full-length bill compartments in the middle. Speaking of these two neat and comfortable bill compartments, their length is enough to fit US dollars, receipts or flight tickets. Along with that, a small nicely brand logo embossed on the right.

But here’s where the real fun begins, there’s another snap button pocket right in front of the major zippered compartment. Inside it, there’s an ID window, 3 card slots, 1 additional pocket, and particularly, 2 SIM card slots – which are also my most favorite part.

The wallet is completed with the advanced RFID Blocking Technology and a nice packaging with giftbox look-alike to take advantage of a perfect present box.

Ah, speaking of material, its material brings a soft, durable and high-quality feeling touch of real leather. Besides, its texture delivers a unique vintage look to take you back to 90s fashion.

And of course, no doubt of its longevity and durability – perfect to serve you for years!

8. RFID Blocking Wallet for Men, Large Capacity Black / Brown Leather with Zip Around Opening Trifold

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If you are the type of person who highly appreciate the security, I guess you will love this zippered wallet even more than the Bullcaptain’s above. No stylized card slots, no impressive or outstanding outlook, even its outer performance is as normal as the most ordinary zippered wallet, which makes you give up buying it. HOWEVER, the whole interesting, highly secure world inside will change your mind.

Everything that already has been secured by the main zipper now becoming more secure and neater with an extra zippered pocket in the middle and a flap pouch on the right. It means you can store more coins, keys or stuff like that without fear of them looking like a mess every time you open it up, or in some cases, getting lost.

There’s also a flip aside with some additional card slots. Along with that, 1 ID window and 1 full-length bill compartment to keep not only your cash, but also your important documents and receipts straight.

Now is the flatness. If you wonder if this buster fits your front pocket or not, my answer is a no because (of course) the inner flap pouch as well as the flip aside card slots have take a lot of space. However, it’s sure to fit your back pocket.

So, if your demand of security for your belongings overweighs how thick of the wallet itself, importantly, can’t level down a bunch of dozen cards of your EDCs, pick this one. Might it not the best wallet out there on the market, but I’m sure it’s your perfect losing piece.

Some other features that 100% convince you to hit the buy button and give it a try: the built-in RFID Blocking Technology, nice packaging and reliable warranty from the manufacturer.

9. Mini Card Holder with Zipper and Id Window, Genuine Leather Durable Slim Wallets

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How can I describe exactly this awesome wallet?

Ah, it’s a perfect combination between a normal slim wallet and a zippered pocket. From that point, this zip-around wallet can overcome the most common disadvantage of general zippered models – thickness.

Right! It’s quite slim (only 0.2 inch) to fit even your front pocket and back pocket without bulk. However, it’s a tradeoff between capacity and thickness. I mean the significant decrease to reach such this slim silhouette leads to the fact that its storage isn’t as enormous as other bifold or trifold zippered wallet.

But on the other hand, it’s not that narrow, you are still capable of putting enough your vital EDCs such as 5 cards, 7-10 folded cash and some coins (or key if you want). Moreover, it keeps your stuff stay neat and streamline and secure all the time not just due to the durable zipper, but also the RFID Blocking Technology.

So, if you’re a minimalist man or just a person who love carrying less and neat, this one will fit you the most.

10. Men’s Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Extra Capacity Bifold Wallet

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I remember the very first time receiving this bifold zippered wallet from MANBANG and unboxing it, my jaws had just dropped. It’s freaking beautiful, luxurious and speechless to describe how awesome it is!

Particularly the material, it’s superbly soft, premium and beautiful, combining with the clean look, elegant logo embossed, durable nicely gold-tone zipper and sturdy stitching to create a perfect wallet that I bet any businessman wishes to have.

Aside from its look, the size is perfect without any bulk to stay in either your back or front pocket. Compared to other ordinary wallets, this one comes in a little bit smaller dimension. Though that’s not significant, once putting it into your pocket, the distinctive feeling is much clearer.

However, the best thing is its bill compartment still enables to fit US dollars or other kinds of currency, straightly and nicely. Big bonus: there are two bill compartments to freely organize your receipts, documents and cash.

On the other hand, the number of card slots is no joke. There are 5 card slots and 2 ID windows. Along with that, 1 large-space zippered pocket attached in the flip aside; and 2 SIM card slot, too. Perfect for an abroad trip.

And you wonder about its packaging? It’s nice! Apart from a carton luxury box with inner thick padding for the best protection to the wallet, there’s also a paper bag wrap outside as well. I think it’s absolutely fine to take advantage of a present gift box, too. You should try!

11. Huztencor Zipper Wallet Men RFID Blocking Leather Bifold Credit Card Wallets (FBA)

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Though this Huztencor’s model also comes in the black version, but I truly in love with this crazy-horse brown wallet. It’s unique, beautiful, classic, vintage and luxurious.

Particularly, no brand logo! Score! If you love something simple and not too over to brand or logo, this one is for you!

Compared to other counterparts in this list, this wallet has a moderate thickness, moderate capacity and moderate organization – 9 card lots, 2 functional pockets, 1 bill compartment and 1 ID window, sizing 4.8″ x 4.4″ x 0.8″. But that’s entirely a perfect fit for those who love something secure with zips up in a bifold silhouette and in middle-range price.

I’m not a neat man (truth to say that!), which leads to the fact that I often threw my cards and bills anywhere in my wallets and ended up with a hot mess in the next time I opening it up. It’s shameful and inconvenient. But this design has reminded me to secure my valuable stuff in a better way. No fear of losing your cards or cash is a sure-to-have feeling.

Buy it and you will have the same thought as me – why didn’t I buy it long ago?

12. Admetus Men’s Genuine Leather Short Zip-around Bifold Wallet

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You know what, the biggest disadvantage of those wallets advertised to attached one or even two SIM card slots is such space doesn’t fit the big-sized memory cards, like the camera ones. And it ends up with you finding for somewhere else in your backpack to keep this precious tiny stuff secure, which is truly inconvenient.

But good news is this Admetus will save your life with its particular space for memory cards, alongside with the SIM card slot. Cheers!

Besides, its inner construction is quite closure and secure with a small zippered pocket, 5 card slots, 2 bill compartments and a flip-aside with 1 ID window and 3 additional card slots.

Equipped with RFID Blocking Material, this is 100% the best option as a travel wallet, especially traveling abroad. Not only there’s space for everything, it helps keep your valuable stuff neat and well-organized, especially the dual bill compartments. You can entirely take advantage one for domestic currency and one for the foreign ones.

Measured by 4.5″x3.9″x0.8″, its length is perfect for US dollars, Euros, Yens, and Pounds. Speaking of the thickness, enough to fit your back pocket without burden.

But the best thing about this product, also the feature that I’m sure if you’re a die-hard fan of leather, your heart is going to be melted – its cow genuine leather is truly unique, soft and premium. Even as time goes on, the texture is getting softer and the color is brighter.

With the 100% money-back guarantee, is it enough for you to click the buy button?

13. RFID Men’s Leather Zipper wallet Zip Around Wallet Bifold Multi Card Holder Purse

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Or, if what you are looking for is something bringing itself a motorcyclist vibe – freedom, rustic, badass and mature, my high recommendation is this RFID Zippered Wallet from DONWORD.

Its genuine leather is on point, the texture of which still remains the scratches and marks from the animal, creating a classic, vintage, rustic and badass feeling to surely nail your style and stand out from the crowd.

Other than the material, its inner construction is absolutely the same as the Admentus above, and also the built-in RFID Shield, which is even more perfect for a long-distance ride or traveling.

But there’s still one more advance in this model – its additional outer card slot in the back of the wallet with stylized design to both bold its uniqueness and easier access your regular cards. I’m a little bit in love with the extra thumb strap as well.

With such thoughtful and well-made design, I think that even those who has never deviate from the basic trifold will love this model.

14. Slim Wallet with Zipper RFID Sleeves Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet Card Holder

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Buy one get two, sound interesting, right?

With less than $20, you will get a slim zippered wallet that comes in a perfect compromise of size and capacity, which means it not only fits your front pockets (even the jeans’), but also fit enough your EDCs, including maximumly 10 cards, 10 folded bills and some coins). Besides, there’s a beautiful money clip to use for either your headphone or your cash and cards if you really want to downsize your carrying loads.

This clip, it’s actually a strip of leather with tight stitches and well-made outer performance. It does work and keep my essential stuff inconspicuously. Two thumbs up for this!

Now, back to the wallet, speaking of the instruction, there’s up to 4 inner pockets to organize your belongings in place. Along with that, the built-in RFID Blocking Technology to keep all hi-tech thieves at bay.

For those who are wondering about its dimensions, they are 4.13 X 3.14 X 0.39 inch. Plus, quite lightweight, only 1.76 oz to avoid straining your pocket down. Carry along your EDCs without noticed, too good to be true!

15. Men’s Genuine Leather Coin Purse Mini Cash Wallet Change Card Holder with Brass Zipper

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Last up is a zippered wallet from Hense, which is also my most satisfied model serving for the on-the-go demand. I don’t know about you, but I myself sometimes forget to bring my wallet (or actually don’t want to carry that brick alongside) when I’m on a hurry or just want to go out for lunch or buy miscellaneous things.

Such those moments, I really wish to carry as less as possible, but usually, it ended up with me tossing my money or cards in my iPhone case. It’s not good for my smart phone (I know!) but it’s truly convenient. However, recently, I have given up that bad hobby thanks to this mini coin purse.

It’s small and compact enough to fit snugly my palm while accommodate perfectly a couple of cards, small loose change or coins. Measured only 4.33″ L x 3″ W x 0.39″, holding the record of the smallest zippered wallet in this article. But the best thing is its attached key ring on the side of the wallet.

You can’t imagine how beneficial it is. You can loop it to your car keys and bring it to anywhere you want, or hook on your belt loop.

Though it’s small, don’t quickly underestimate its power. Speaking of its security, three zippered compartments might be sure to ease your mind, right?

With it, just ready to say goodbye to those too hurrying moments to forget to bring along your wallet because now, it’s coupled with your most essential stuff – keys.

15 Wallets – 15 Styles, I believe that at least, you have already picked up one that’s suitable for your demands. Don’t forget to consider its dimensions, your needs, budget and your favorite color before hitting the buy button.

Besides, if you still want to take a peek at some other types of wallets, don’t miss out these articles:

And also, my detail instructions, like:

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