TOP Popular Men’s Zipper Wallets ( Updated 2017 )


Among your accessories, wallet is regarded as a vital one since it contains all critical items you have to bring with you when you head out from home. And it’s really a hassle if a compartment flips open right at the moment you take it out from the pocket. This also offers a chance that something from the wallet drops out without your notice. Well, if you are now become worried about this and really in need of a safer accessory, then in here we introduce a simple but effective solution: a men’s zipper wallet. And if you feel clueless about how to get such a wallet for yourself, you are offered in this article all necessary information on 12 famous products in the category available now on the market.

Men’s zippered wallet is a quite a normal one but offers the benefit of an outside zipper that run through the entire length of the wallet to keep it securely folded or seal off specific pocket when not in use. This feature will make sure that there will be no items slipping out of the wallet by mistake. If you feel like getting a wallet like this then just take a look at the products below and pick out one most suitable to your liking.

01. Lethnic Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper Travel With Front Pocket, ID Window, RFID Blocking For Men

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Good material, good look – that’s my very first impression when hands on this zip around wallet. The surface of this wallet is quite soft and smooth, look expensive and sleek. I also bend it over to check whether it’s easy to make wrinkle or not. The elasticity is very good. The “real” feeling of genuine leather is also from its smell, as well. Elegant and comfortable. This wallet is designed for both men and women so, I think they are perfect to be couple things.

In terms of functions, if you have more than just one regular card to use frequently, this wallet is a go-to item as they provide up to 3 outer card slots and 1 ID window. Going inside, there is 1 moderate compartment for cash, 1 inner card slot with special design to hold up to 3 ones.

Besides, the zippered pocket is large enough to keep coins, keys, and other things needed. Yet importantly, the maximum thickness is only appropriately 0.4 inch, quite slim and handy to stay firmly in the palm of your hand or neatly in your back and front pocket.

Last but not least is built-in RFID Blocking material that has been tested for 13.56 Mhz so you can feel ease of mind when carrying your bank cards, ID card and even driver license along.

02. Alpine Swiss RFID Blocking Men’s Leather Wallet Zip Around ID Card Window Bifold


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A beautiful product from Alpine Swiss, this wallet provides one of the most reliable zipper designs you can find around. With up to 9 slots and 3 compartments for large object or extra cards, the storage capacity of this wallet will be able to satisfy all your needs. The ID window also offers a convenient way to show up your ID papers. And coupled with the 100% genuine leather material and aluminum foil leather, this product provides an all – around protection to your personal things and will last for quite a long time.

The size of this wallet is rather compact yet you are still able to put in unfolded bills and documents with no difficulty. Its sections are well – divided so that you can put in/take out any items without any interference from other things. You may find the slots for cards are a bit hard to use at first but the tightness will eventually loosen to your desired shapes.

03. Men’s Metal Zipper (Zip-around) Black Leather Wallet Kabana


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A sturdy design from Kabana, this trifold wallet is spacious and easy to use. The zipper can be operated with little effort yet offer a wonderful protection to you wallet items. Well – processed material and precise craftsmanship result in a product that can withstand heavy hand and still remain functional. Possessing 10 slots for cards, 2 cash compartments and 4 transparent pockets for ID paper or pictures, the wallet can keep a heavy load yet it won’t make any considerable bulge in your pocket.

The security strap right at the slots openings adds another layer of protection for your cards. The numbers of available slots also eliminate the need of storing multiple cards in 1 slot. But its may be worth the effort to sort out and only carry the most essential items in order to reduce the overall thickness of the wallet.

04. Goson Genuine Leather Credit Card Case Organizer Compact Wallet


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Goson is well- known for its compact product and this wallet is not an exception. With up to 2 zipper compartments, you can put in 8 cards, ID papers, cash, coins, etc. The overall size is well within the palm of your hand so it will fit in your pocket nicely even when fully loaded. Each of the slots is also roomy enough to store an extra card or two if required by the situation.

With the divided compartments well secured by the zipper, you can keep stuff in a fashion that aids quick retrieval when needed. And since the quality is high, it will remain the performance for years. Sometimes you may feel a bit stiffness of the zipper, better not force it too much and just gently keep pulling it down.

05. Admetus Men’s Genuine Leather Bifold Zip-around Wallet with Elegant Gift


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An innovative 3 – piece product from Admetus, this wallet possesses an envious interior space compared to any other men’s leather zipper wallet. Using 100% genuine cow leather, the product is rather tough and will stay intact for quite a long time with proper usage. It has 9 cards slots, 1 transparent window, 2 cash pockets and 1 coin pocket with zipper. This means it can be used to store almost everything you can imagine of for a wallet accessory.

With good appearance, well made and no budging, this wallet seems to be a perfect choice for people who desire a product with high level of storage space. Yet, since this is made from natural material, be mindful to prevent the possibility of scratches and tears. Clean it with a soft towel and not expose it to heat and direct sunlight.

06. Big Skinny Men’s Zippered Bi-Fold Slim Wallet


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Among the Big Skinny products, this wallet stands out as a prime example for the brand’s compactness aspect. Made from nylon micro fiber and rubber coating to prevent slippery, this product is tough and durable enough to stay effective under any natural conditions. With 4 card slots, 1 ID window and 2 extra large pockets for bills or document, the capacity while exceptional still means a lot considering its slim profile.

The space provided by the large pockets offers other places for storing cards. You can fit in approximately 20 – 25 cards instead of bills or document if you want to. The zipper is easy to operate yet strong enough to keep the wallet folded while not in use. The tough material allows it to be machine – washed without any shrinking. You may encounter chemical smells at first but it should go way after a short time in use.

07. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Johnny Zippered Pouch Wallet


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Herschel Supply has been a famous brand for its well – made wallets which employ tough materials having gone through high manufacturing standards. And here is another flawless product from that brand. Utilizing 100% polyester with careful lining and full grain leather zipper pull, you will have a hard time finding another wallet as compact and sturdy as this one right here. The super slim profile makes it almost undetectable in your pocket. Its only has 2 slots for cards and card – like items though so it’s most appropriate use should be a coin wallet.

If you are looking for a mobile and compact wallet and you only bring a minimum number of items with you when you go out then this wallet is certainly a good choice. Yet the zipper only runs through 3/8 of the outside length of the wallet so it’s maybe a bit hard to reach the bottom compartments. The inside fabric may also make it hard to quickly take out a specific item so you should put frequently used items on the top slots.

08. Men Pocket Wallet M05 Black with Rfid by IGOGEER


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An awesome product from IGOGEER, this bifold zipper wallet for men is a perfect combination between appearance and functions. Using nylon fabric as the main material, the surface of the wallet feels soft and smooth yet extremely durable and water – resistant. It also comes with a RFID layer to assure the safety of your card information against electronic thief. As for the storage ability, it has 4 slots for cards, 4 transparent pockets and 2 compartments for cash or document.

This wallet provides a quite spacious interior compared to that of other zipper wallets, due to its high level of space – efficiency. The weight of the wallet even when fully loaded is still negligible and won’t give you any uncomfortable feeling while moving or sitting. Yet due to the width of the wallet, you should put it where it stays deep in your pockets. In general, it’s pretty much a wise purchase when getting a wallet like this for daily uses and travel.

09. Belyton Men’s Business Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet Wirst Hand Bag


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As a nice men’s leather zipper wallet product from Belyton, it is possibly among big size wallets and able to provide the highest storage capacity in this category. The use of light alloy for the zipper combined with a removable hand strap allows a flexible and easy usage. The wallet is made of 100% leather, which gives you a smooth and soft feeling every time you run your hand through its surface. With up to 11 slots, 2 pockets for cash or associate papers, 1 ID window and another 2 compartments for small size accessories, you can put in anything you often need when going out.

If you are looking for a wallet able to carry a lot while also as compact as possible, then this product is possibly a right choice for you. The high capacity of this wallet allows it to be used as a handbag if you want to. Yet since it’s a bit large, you may need to put it in the inside pockets of you jacket for convenient uses.

10. MEKU Slim Leather Front Pocket Wallet Credit Card Holder with 8 Card Slots and Zipper


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MEKU are famous for their slim and compact wallets and here is another one. Using 100% leather, the wallet focuses on a simple and effective design while also features softness and smoothness. With up to 8 slots for normal cards, 3 slots for smaller cards, an ID window and middle compartment for cash, documents, coins….this wallet is a superb choice for people who want something with a slim profile and easy to carry around.

Simple, functional and inexpensive, this wallet has all nice characteristics. If you hate looking through every corner of your wallet when searching for something, then this wallet is quite able to give you a hand. You now can easily identify and pick out your desired items almost in no time.

11. Polare Men’s Cowboy Genuine Natural Crazy Horse Leather Bifold Wallet


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Another wonderful product from Polare, this bifold wallet employs a typical organization of pockets and compartments yet capable of fulfilling any expectation you may have for a zipper wallet. Using top quality leather and precise hand – stitching, this product is built to last. Possessing a spacious interior with up to 3 slots for card, 1 ID window, 2 cash compartments and 1 zipper pocket, this wallet is just what you need for daily uses.

The large sizes of the 2 compartments allow them to be stored with extra cards, documents or anything you want. The wallet may have some scratches on its surface after in use for some time but that are just the proof of authentic leather. It comes in two sizes so you can choose the one suitable for your needs. Just be noticed that the big size may take you some hard time trying to fit it in your pant pockets.

12. Men’s Leather Wallet Zipper Coin Purse 6 Card Slots 3 More Pockets 2 Bill Section


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Alpine Swiss has been a famous brand for quality wallets and this one is no exception. A well made product that has envious storage capacity within a slim profile that offers easy handling and fitting in well in your pocket. If you want a compact wallet able to carry a lot, this is what you want. The use of genuine leather guarantees a fairly long lifetime for the product. Possessing up to 6 slots for cards, 3 pockets and 2 cash sections, it will function well in it intended role.

With its well divided sections coupled with a space efficient set up, you can put in lots of stuff and its thickness is still barely visible in your pant pockets. The wallet width is a bit long so it’s wise to put it in you back pockets. The slots seem tight at first but they would stretch out to your liking after a short time in use.

13. Sakkas Men’s Bi-Fold Leather Wallet with 6 Card Slots/2 Coin Pkts with Gift bag


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An innovative 3 piece set up from Sakkas, while still like a bifold, it possesses superior storage due to the appearance of a third piece in the middle that offers extra space. Using 100% leather as material, the product is soft yet rather tough to withstand heavy uses without breaking. The main advantage of this wallet is its admirable interior. It gets 6 slots for cards, 2 cash pockets and 4 compartments for various miscellaneous items. It also possesses an ID window with a snap button, 1 coin pocket and 1 zipper pocket. You can actually pack everything you need for daily uses just in this product.

With its compact design and a large number of compartments and pockets, the wallet frees your mind from any worry about the storage space for your personal items. And surprisingly, it still fits in your pant pockets comfortably. Anyhow, there’s still a minor detail you must know. The wallet is a bit bulky when fully loaded so you should prioritize what you really need to bring with you when going out.

No one expects to experience an accidentally dropping out of things in their wallet but it’s quite a possibility if their wallets don’t have a secure opening. This is why a wallet with a zipper proves to be a wise choice to prevent such an incident. And if you wish to possess a wallet like that, all you have to do is looking through the products mentioned above and pick out the wallet most suitable to your liking.


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