Top 9 Aluminum wallets for men in 2017

Nowadays, almost people have the credit cards and that’s why the metal wallets come in to help them secured without any risks or damages. And are you tending to buy the best aluminum wallets for men? Did you know that what a good metal wallet must have? A tip is that you should read the reviews first to see both pros and cons. This exciting article below will introduce you some with the highest quality to help you purchase the best one.

1. Trayvax Element Wallet

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The made in USA element wallet of Trayvax is a metal wallet for men which can hold up to 12 credit cards. With a signature stainless steel frame, this wallet has RFID-resistance and rugged endurance. It also has the hidden bottle opener and the internal money clip to keep up to 5 bills.

There are 6 colors of this wallet to choose which are Canyon Red, Canyon Red Black Edition, Mississippi Mud, Mississippi Mud Black Edition, Tobacco Brown and Tobacco Brown Black Edition.

I must say that this is such a high-quality and high-design product as it is made very well. Apart from credit cards and cash we mentioned above, you can put BART pass, security badges and driver’s license in it. But also as every wallet, this has some limitation. For example, if your wallet wears the red color, it will be all bled out while soaking and become light brown. Or there are no slots for commonly accessed cards like BART card or Clipper card to access them quickly.

2. Decadent Minimalist DM1 Titanium Wallet

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This wallet is a product of Decadent Minimalist, includes 3 coating styles that are Brushed Titanium, Stonewashed Titanium and Ti-black Hard Coated.

Talking about this Decadent minimalist DM1 Wallet, I’m always impressed by its nice design and good material. This solid titanium wallet can keep up to 12 ID or credit cards. Plus, it is an ultra-light wallet with just 40-gram weight.

However, you may be unsatisfied a bit because the money went out in the clip is rather wider than the wallet. Besides, it is quite expensive. And although it is extremely convenient, the cards are easy to get cracked when placed in it.

3. Slim RFID-Blocking Aluminum Minimalist Wallet Money Clip With Bottle Opener

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This Prägres wallet satisfies my color requirement as it comes to four including black, blue, gold, and silver. However, my favorite feature must be the RFID Anti-theft function to protect your private information of this aluminum wallet for men.

Additionally, this is excellent for those who love the sleek lightweight design because of chunky trifold style in this hyper-minimalist metal money clip wallet. Its capacity is also expandable when keeping your credit cards, ID cards and cash with a long-lasting elastic security band.

Though its look is just simple, it can help you hold all things in a neat way. Amazingly, the bottle opener of this wallet is handier than others up to twice. It is not only thin but also stable, which will impress you a lot. The beauty of this wallet is charm and modern style.

But it has still some cons. You can see either the edges of this wallet are quite sharp or the burrs on the several spots. They might make you unsatisfied about this drawback.

4. EZGO Wallet: Lightweight, Durable, Water Resistant, Slim Wallet

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This wallet keeps cards, cash and access to digital media well in spite of its light weight, just 24 grams. Plus, the measures are so slim, only 89mm x 71mm x 16mm.

And if you have many essential cards and bills to force to carry along with you, you’ll fall in love with this wallet right then. It has the whole capacity up to 8 credit cards, 15 cash bills, 1 standard SD and 2 micro SD memory cards.

On the other hand, it is still safe when you do clean and remove easily the dirt on it just by using water. The reason is that it can float on water. Lastly, you will be surprised to know that it is made 100% in the USA from the recycle materials.

When compared to other wallets, it is a little lighter. And obviously, the metal wallet always keeps cards safer than traditional leather ones and the cash as well. To access the cards staying in this wallet, that does not matter! You can do it very quickly.

But this wallet still exists some disadvantages which could cause you some inconvenience. This card holder can keep the US dollars and some others well but it isn’t fit some currencies like Hong Kong Dollars or Thai Baht.

5. Dango Dapper EDC Wallet

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This wallet of Dango Products is full features of a good aluminum wallet for men. Made in the USA. Two colors: Jet Black/Satin Silver and Golden Whiskey Brown/Satin Silver.

The design of this aluminum credit card holder is a combination of genuine top grain leather and 6061 aerospace grade CNC aluminum. You can completely keep up to 12 business or credit cards in this wallet. The security level of this RFID blocking mode is very OK for your private sensitive information.

However, a magical thing is right in its special slim design as you’ll feel like it doesn’t exist in your pant pocket. Besides, it fits your cards and cash well.

However, in fact, to some users, the weight of 2 oz of this wallet is still heavy. In addition, the aluminum chassis can make the cards seized when you are trying to get them out.

6. Flipside Wallets Men’s

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The cover of this wallet is really sturdy. Flipside Wallet is made from high strength polycarbonate and aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Very distinctive! And that could be better than your cash/cards both can be kept safely and slide in/out easily as well. The benefit of this metal credit card holder is that you can choose a favorite color from 5 styles of it. Those are Flare, Impulse, Mech, Stealth, and Trooper.

You will keep up to 8 cards and 10 cash bills and get them out very easily. Besides, the open/close mode of it is automatic through a button.

Like the Slim RFID-Blocking Wallet above, the RFID blocking function of this aluminum wallet for men helps to protect the information on your cards.

Though its performance is very impressive, the material of this wallet seems to be a cheap stiff plastic product. Plus, it seems to be rather expensive for a hard sell wallet.

7. Radix One Black Steel

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An outstanding feature of this product is that though other wallets are really slim, this one is even slimmer. However, it can hold up to 4 – 10 cards and some cash in an extremely thin profile. And even though this wallet looks so heavy and solid, it is just 3.0 oz weight. Importantly, it has the function of RFID blocking.

One feature can make you satisfied about this wallet is its appearance, very eye-catching and small for the whole. While the metal plates of this wallet have no sharp edges, the rubber band looks so enduring. You can sit on it comfortably without any feeling of a metal wallet in your pocket.

But, in fact, it is not really tight. It may make you feel the cards seem to come out of their slot easily. So, it might be understood that it is easier for plastic cards to slide against the metal surface than paper cash. Besides, it has the only color that is black.

8. Sharkk® Aluminum Waterproof Wallet 

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If you have many important things to keep protecting, find a wallet with RFID mode, like this Sharkk tactical wallet for men. You have to notice first that this aluminum wallet for men is not served for cash. But if you can fold your bills into multiple times, this is still OK for cash.

This wallet is made from high-end plastic which covered by a layer of stiff aluminum outer. And it is considered as the best wallet for who need to keep up to 7 cards. The wallet of Sharkk is very thin because its dimensions are just 3.02” x 4.39” x 0.81”. And of course, you can put it in any pocket and purse completely.

Remind of Sharkk wallet, its convenience and looks are famous. You can keep many cards as well as cash in it. And they can’t slip out the wallet easily. Thus, it brings you the comfort any users of the wallet want.

However, the only drawback is that it’s not durable. Usually, it almost begins to crack after few months. And like the Radix above, this one comes to only one color, but it’s gray.

9. RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder

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This is an aluminum wallet for men produced by America Kings. And right from its name, you can easily guess its very first advantage is the RFID blocking protection. You can keep all types of cards in this wallet from credit cards, debit cards, passport, banking information, smart cards, driver’s licenses, so on. And importantly, they’ll never fall out.

Not only safe, but it is also good-looking. This wallet can suit any occasions and anywhere, even that is a pocket on the tight jeans or tidy purse. Plus, the cards in this wallet never get broken or bent, this wallet fits your cards perfectly.

Either to use this wallet or to pull the cards out of the wallet, it is very easy. And obviously, as it is not designed to hold cash, you may get an inconvenience when bringing cash by side. Instead, you should put cash in pocket or purse.

Above are my 9 picks for the best metal wallets. Though they are all my favorites, I have tried to give you the most positive and detailed reviews with full pros and cons I found in each wallet. Really hope that you can find out the best metal wallet that can match all your requirements and demands.

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