Coolest DoubleK Biker Wallet Chains 2018

I don’t know about you, but I myself usually in this VERY COMMON issue. I bought a chain wallet for better protection of my belongings and when it arrives, everything is really perfect, except for the chain.

Might they want to cut off some manufacturing cost or somehow the chain is really lightweight and feel a little bit flimsy. Even if you take a peek at my collection of “The best wallets with chain for men”, you will see that the Achilles’ heel of some models is the chain.

So, how to deal with it?

Well, just replace what you are not a fan of – the chain. Actually, there are a lot of cool, heavy and durable chains for wallets out there on the market which I have already rounded up to 9 best pieces.

Can’t deny that a cool, durable chain is the best accessory to upend your masculine look, especially it matches perfectly with biker/trucker style. Amongst many brands out there on the market specialized in chains, I am fond of DoubleK’s because their products are various in style, designs and sizes. Meanwhile, their quality is totally no joke. I have bought many of them and up to now, there’s no remorse. In other words, they are excellent!

Along with that are two more options for other brands for you to go to. So, don’t miss out.

1/ DoubleK Basic & Simple Strong Key Jean Wallet Chain (30″) MLT CS39

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I’m going to show you the very first purchase of a wallet chain – this DoubleK basic and simple model. While meeting my first and foremost requirement of the best biker wallet chain – heft, what I really appreciate is its variety options in size. There are three for you to go to: the 10”, the 17” and the 27”.


Some big guys’ trousers can’t fit a normal length of chain, particularly when their wallet is placed in the back pocket. If you sit down with a wallet on the backside and it’s hooked to your front jeans’ loops, there’s going to be a big problem when the too-short chain lugs the loops and as the result, either the chain or your trousers’ loop get damage.

I bet that’s not what we want to be in, right? So, having a wide range of choices in the chain’s size is a good news to help you find out the best length to fit your outfit.

Besides, there are three colors to go to: silver, bronze and gold.

This chain has gained the popularity to become the most favorite chain in the world. It is used to attach our wallet to the belt or anywhere we want. If you hate putting your wallet into your pocket, a key chain is an ideal item for you to keep your hand free.

This wallet chain features a beefy, and lobster claw clasps and a rugged key hoop to attach our key as well as keep all stuff protected. The doublek key chain is made from tin alloy and rhodium plating with the length approximately 27 inches and 30 inches included the trigger snap hook. The weight of this chain is 145 grams.

2/ DoubleK Basic Strong Leash Biker Trucker Key Jean Wallet Chain (17″/21″) SLV/BLK CS146MLT

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The next wallet chain is the doublek basic strong leash biker trucker key jean wallet chain. This chain comes in 2 different colors, including black and silver. The doublek key jean wallet chain has been the newest trend, recently.

The chain is crafted of the tough plated steel to deliver a hardcore style with ultra-long wallet chain. Besides, this doublek wallet chain can be used as a standard jean chain to attach the clasp end to all wallets with an eyelet to secure our essentials or soup up vibe to jeans.

The length of the wallet chain included the lobster hook is approximately 16 inches. and the width is 5/16 inches and its weight are 2.8 oz. This wallet chain features strong, functional and good looking.

3/ DoubleK Big Skull Biker Key Jean Wallet Chain (28.1″/7.8oz) Black NCS50

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The doublek big skull biker key jean wallet chain is an awesome accessory for those who like the newest fashion trends. This chain is great for truckers, bikers, and punk rockers.

This key chain looks cool with some pieces of leather added. It is made out of tin alloy and rhodium plating. The leather is thick and sturdy, while the clasp has a great design.

The clasp of this wallet chain is strong and surely makes us confident when attaching to our wallet. The belt loop clasp is large enough. Its length is 28.1 inches and weighs 6.5 oz. The size of the ring and jean chain width is ¾ inches with a big skull hook 2 inches wide, and 2.7 inches long.

4/ DoubleK Strong Skull Spike Key Jean Wallet Chain (27.5″/8.1oz) SLV/BLK CS119

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If you are looking for a great and high-quality chain wallet, you should not ignore this one. In terms of design, this wallet chain is eye catching and quite impressive with two different colors: silver and black.

All the materials have good quality to make sure that it is long lasting. You can take the use of this wallet chain to attach your wallet to ensure that your wallet will be safe at all the time. Besides, using a wallet chain also can create your own style.

It helps you look more stylish. Generally speaking, this wallet chain is not only an item to keep wallet, but also an accessory. The wallet chain length is about 27.5 inches included the lobsters hook, and the width is about 15 millimeters, which is quite heavy and thick. The weight of this chain is about 8.1 oz.

5/ DoubleK Simple Classic Key Jean Wallet Chain (14″/24″) MLT CS105

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I often lose my wallet, so I need something to protect it from falling out of my pocket. Then, one of my friends recommended this wallet chain. I used it and felt awesome. Although it just comes with two basic colors, black and silver, these colors are easy to match with my outfit.

About the design, this chain looks like other chains, but its hook is well designed. The hook is decorated with some patterns. Its materials are the same as the above chains.

The dimensions for this wallet chain are 35 centimeters long (lobsters hook included), 12 millimeters wide, and 4.5 oz weight.

6/ DoubleK 2 Roof Durable Biker Key Jean Wallet Chain (24″/5.6oz) MLT NCS68

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The doublek 2 roof durable biker key jean wallet chain impressed me by its double chains. To be honest, this key chain looks super cool when we attach it to our jeans. I got many compliments when carrying it.

Although it has two chains, it has only one hook. This wallet chain also has two color choices that are silver and black. I ordered a black one; however, it is not dark black, but gun metal. If you decide to buy this chain, you should read the product detail carefully to make sure that you do miss this information.

The dimensions of this wallet chain are reasonable, which is not too long. Its length is about 24 inches, and its weight is about 5.6 oz. Furthermore, this chain is pretty small, which is 3/16 inches and ¼ inches for each chain.

7/ DoubleK Square Strong Biker Key Jean Wallet Chain (20″/30″) SLV & BLK CS21MLT

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Style and material of the doublek square strong biker key jean wallet chain is great. If you love jeans, and want to renew your style, you should take this wallet chain.

This chain can help you change your style to look stronger and cooler. Apart from holding the wallet, you can take the use of this chain to keep your keys with its hook.

The bead chain length is approximately 30 inches and its width are 0.3 inches. The biker chain weight is 3.6 oz. This chain is not too long or too short to hold our wallet. It will not make you feel uncomfortable, even when you wear it all day because it is very light.

8/ DoubleK Multi Skull Connect Key Jean Wallet Chain (26.5″) CS80MLT

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The doublek multi skull connect the key jean wallet chain offers you heavy duty, strong, durable, and awesome. This is one of the most freaking awesome wallet chains that I have ever seen on the market up to now.

Although this chain is heavier than the average chain, it is very strong and durable. You can use it for a very long time without breaking. In terms of material and color, this chain is similar to the above ones.

The wallet chain length is about 26.5 inches, which consists of the lobster’s hook. The dimensions of the skull are 15 millimeters wide, and 25 millimeters high. The width of the chain is about 13 millimeters and it weighs 7.4 oz.

9/ DoubleK Small Ring Roof Simple Trucker Biker Jean Key Wallet Chain (23″) MLT CS155

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The doublek small ring roof simple trucker biker jean key wallet chain MLT CS155 is very helpful to protect for a wallet. The design of this chain is like a figure herring bone.

This chain leaves a deep impression on buyers with two colors, gunmetal and silver. The materials are tin alloy and rhodium plating. With this chain, you can make you look more stylish to keep up with the latest trends in the world.

The CS155 wallet chain has a perfect dimension for any wallet. Its length is approximately 23 inches with the weight of 3.5 oz. Besides, the ring chain width is about 8 millimeters.


I used to think that only DoubleK Basic released cool stuff for men, and have been sticking to this brand for a long time. However, recently, I accidentally find that wallet chains from these two brands also meet my taste, too. From that point, I decided to add them into this list. Hope you like them!

Cross Skull charm Slim Angled Shape wallet chain Swivel Trigger snap Biker Punk Key chain

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Cross skull charm slim angled shape wallet chain is always the first choice of many buyers. It enables to hang firm, durable swivel trigger snap closure on our wallet or trousers. The spring gate mechanism coupling with the trigger snap hook can’t cause accidentally and swivel eye avoids tangling.

This wallet chain is available in three different colors, including bronze, gun metal and silver. It is made from rhodium plated tin alloy. This kind of chain is very useful with a simple design.

Its length is about 27.16 inches, and the biker chain width is approximately 7 millimeters. These dimensions are reasonable and suitable for all kinds of wallets. This chain is very light with about 3.63 oz.

Uniqsum Round Skull Charm Triple Wallet Chain Gun-metal Biker Punk Key chain

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The last wallet chain is the uniqsum round skull charm triple wallet chain. This chain is very special, which can suit both men and women. It has a usual look with an on trend inspired edge style.

This is a wonderful accessory for both biker and trucker. This chain has a superb styling and great weight. Furthermore, the clasp of the key ring enables to carry the keys or wallets with our own style.

It is a perfect fashion replacement for our old chain. This wallet chain is made from the antique plated tin alloy that has high quality. The longest chain is approximately 27 inches, while the shortest one is around 19 inches. The width of this chain is about 11/8/6 millimeters and weight are about 8.3 oz. This chain consists of three separated chains, from small to big chain.

What is your pick of the bunch?

Having provided a variety of wallet chains with different colors, sizes and types of chain, I believe that at least one of them fits your taste. Besides, for the quality, the price range really bangs for your buck.

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