6 Hollywood male celebrities who will inspire you to dress better in winter

They are the best male celebrities who constantly appear dapper as they strut down the red carpets or in photo shoots with men’s magazines like GQ and Esquire.

They are the ones who can keep pace with outfit’s trend. They have a subtle aesthetic taste of fashion. And they almost never give anyone any change to criticize about their styles, in both events and casual life.

In particular, they are really know how to keep warm and look stylish at the same time in cold winter.

So who are they? And how do they dress for this winter? Take a look!

1. David Beckham

Since having quit playing football in 2013, David Beckham becomes a legend of modern day style success:  a man who has swapped his white tracksuits on the highest pinnacle as a footballer for a crisp, modern uniform of monochrome and impeccable tailoring.

From then on, The formal  football star always remains his top position in almost every lists of the best smart and elegant gentlemen in the world.


His styles focus on anonymous classic and elegant outfits. Besides, his flexible fashion sense also helps him to  work well with many different items of clothes.

2. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig‘s stellar role as the sixth James Bond catapulted his career, leading to him becoming one of the most famous British actors in the world and a fashion inspiration as well.

He had been scrutinized for his lack-of-sense outfits in the pass, but thankfully the performance of 007 has successfully blown in a stylish wind that put him under the fashion spotlight.  His smart, uncomplicated  and easy-to-imitate style has inspired man of all ages.


Craig’s stye generally fits with the smart-casual category. He seems to prefer keeping his outfits as minimal and neutral as possible. And it is exactly the simple things that make him become effortless stylish.

3. Drake

As a pop and rock stars, Drake has inspired millions of his fan, not just with the music, but with his unique fashion of hip-hop style.

Sometimes, for a certain type of rich guy like him, luxury means comfort. It means clothes that fit loose, so as not to constrict the swag. He usually chooses items of clothes that look appropriate for watching and even for playing some type of sports.


Drake has dressed these things up to the hilt. His style has evolved over the years, and there is no doubt that it will change in the future. If you type his name on Google, you will find photos of him in everything: a pea coat, a silk patterned shirt, bright green trousers….

4. Brad Pitt

It sounds like the complicated love story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can not strong enough to rule Brad out from the list of best dressed stars.


He not only  cause women to swoon but also make men idolized as well for his iconic fashion sense.  His looks, while well-tailored and always fashion forward, are not effeminate, girly or over the top by any means.

Brad Pitt is the type of stars who makes guys who are totally not  interested in his clothes suddenly and incredibly know exactly what is hanging in his wardrobe, and how to mix them together before going out.

5. Tom Hiddleston

You know him as Loki in Thor and The Avengers and as Captain Nicholls in War Horse. You’re eagerly awaiting his roles in Thor: Ragnarok, I Saw the Light, and The Night Manager. He is Tom Hiddleston: actor, scholar, style icon.

One of Hiddleston’s most popular looks involves his suits. He likes to use a black theme while pairing the look with other monotone colours for a smart and effortless look. In the cold winter, everything he need just a pair of shoes and an overcoat that adds colour, texture, and style to his suit.


Tom Hiddleston is the star of many of the films you know and love, but he’s also a fantastic fashion icon. And fortunately, his style is not very difficult to follow. Why don’t you try to steal some his secrets of style?

6. Eddie Redmayne

With his first-ever Oscar win in 2015 for portraying Stephen Hawking in “The theory of Everything”,  Eddie Redmayne  is arguably the biggest break-out British film star.

However, he’s also one of the most stylish thanks to his skill in out of the box black tie and having a bold eye that is truly well-fitted tailoring whether he’s on duty or off.


His secret? Being able to look like a true 21st century leading man whether he’s on official duties or keeping it casual on the weekend. This is anchored by an impressive selection of superbly fitted statement suits, and Redmayne regularly experiments with colour, fabric and cut across designer and high street brands.


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