Your quick guide on How to look cool in the Winter

It is very important to keep your warm in the winter. However, some people tend to ignore the fashion and try to sacrifice their look for their comfort.  I have seen many men wearing a lot of bulky and large items while still finding it hard to keep them warm and comfortable though.

If you are interested in dressing well in the winter, take a lot at some of the useful tips below for more detail on how to handle the cold but still look fabulous.


Tips on wearing in the cold:

Firstly, remember that it is better to wear layers than wearing a big piece of clothing outside your shirt. When you wear layers, you can easy take one or two layers out when it starts to get hotter.  You can also put in more layers in case it gets colder.

When you wear layers, first start with what you wear in the base layer and build up other layers one by one. You should consider how easy it is for you to take in and take one layer over other layer. Choosing the material of the layer well will make the process much easier.

Sometime, you need to add in some casual pieces of clothing to your smart outfit. For example, a normal informal jacket will make you feel warmer and much lighter than other formal alternative. You can take the jacket out when you go inside the building where you work or inside a meeting room so that nobody will really pay attention to the mix and match.

As I mention above, you should pay attention on choosing your materials carefully besides choosing style. Opt for higher quality of materials such as wool and cotton rather than nylon and synthetic option. It is always ideal that you can choose breathable but warm fabrics which can help you to maintain the heat while helping the air to circulate around your body and prevent it from keeping your sweat.

Leather jacket is one of the best outer layers for any kind of outlook. It can match other piece of clothing very well and very suitable in all kinds of occasions, from formal to casual ones. It is also very easy to take in and out and can maintain your body heat really well with a further thinner layer underneath your jacket.

Invest in a piece of body warmer. This item is not really fashionable but can do its job well of keeping you warm and fuzzy. There are some brands of body warmers which are made with very modern technology so that they can be very thin while still make you feel real warmth. As they are thin and warm, you can easily wear other layers over it without making you become bigger in shape.

Don’t forget your accessories. Items like hats and sunglasses are still very important to keep you warm and protect you from the UV rays. Many people tend to ignore sunglasses- however, you should keep in mind that the effects of the UV rays in the winter are as severe as in the summer. In addition, hats might be a tricky item for you if you hardly wear it. You can look for more information on choosing hat here

You can see that the first and most important thing here is layering. When you know how to offer efficient layering, you can be warmer and still look good. Furthermore, layering well can offer great adaptable while you move from really cold temperature in the morning to slightly warmer at noon.


Tips on layering:

Start off from the base layer:

The material of the base layer is very important. From the previous tips, you can see that we need to have breathable and warm material such as cotton and natural fabrics. You can choose t-shirt and polo shirt for your base layer. For a smarter look, opt for Oxford shirt.

Your middle layer:

For this layer, you can consider wearing hoodie for casual outlook, sweater for all kind of outlooks and blazer for a smart or business look.  With this layer, you also need to choose the material carefully so that you will find it easy to take it off against the first layer.

The final layer:

Find something that can keep you warm at most with a coat or jacket. This layer also needs to be easier to take off when you feel hot or when you enter a building.

Provided that it is rainy and snowy outside, you can use your leather jacket as the outer cover as it can keep you waterproof quite well. Just remember to wear extra layer underneath it as leather jacket will be not as warm as coats.

Don’t forget the covering items for other parts of your body such as sunglasses, hat, and scarf.

Your shoes:

Of course you should not forget this important item. There are a lot of shoes for you to choose from. If the weather is slightly cold and you find it convenient, you can wear your trainer and sneaker for a casual look.

In case it is rainy and snowy, you can think about wearing boots. Boots are excellent option as they offer more insulation and can keep you waterproof from the rain and snow. They also go really well with different occasions depending on types of boots you choose to wear.

That is all the information about wearing in the cold that I want to share with you. Overall, you don’t have to trade in fashion for comfort. There will always be some ways you could handle the cold while still being a fashionista.

The key things you should remember are layering and choosing materials as well as being adaptable and practical. Over time, you will see that it is not difficult at all to wear for the winter and I hope that you can dress well no matter what might happen in the winter.


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