How to wear a belt correctly: 4 rules you must know

Belt has been one of the basic but indispensable accessories for most men for a very long time.  In addition to keeping your pants from slipping just after a few steps away, a belt is an aesthetic item which can partly express your outfit’s status: formal or casual.

However, a belt is also one of the most easy-to-neglect items with many gentlemen, just because their thinking that “wearing a belt is okay”.

It is definitely a wrong idea!

Among millions of identical styles which are almost akin and “synchronic”, accessories are what make us different from the crowd. And it is exactly the belts that guys need to pay attention to.

This article will give you the most classical rules to wear a belt like a boss. So you can deal with thousands of cloth items.

1.Mix and match

Colors: if you dress to going to office or workplace, remember that your belt must have the same color with your leather shoes. Black shoes go with a black belt. Brown shoes are with a brown belt. Brown tones should be combined with corresponding shades (eg: chocolate brown, sepia, deep brown….) and brightness of color ( eg: light brown to light brown, medium brown to medium brown….)

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Leather belts must be suitable with leather shoes

Materials: leather belts is only for a suit and some courteous costume combinations (eg: jacket blazer or felt overcoat co-ordinated with khaki trousers or pants). Other kinds of belts are much more suitable for stress styles.

Shape and size: perfect wide for a leather belt is 2.5 to 3.5 cm. And almost every belt has 5 holes, and 3rd hole is an ideal place to set on. It will make you comfortable when standing and a little pinching when you sit down.

2. Match, but not too much.

Rules are always rigid, and not always timely. And these are the flexible way to apply these rules to your costume.

If you are wearing casual clothes, don’t try to coordinate your belts with your shoes. The matching between shoes and belts is only right for formal clothes. You won’t want to see how bizarre you are when wearing a red belt to mix with your red sneakers.

Belts are not required with tailored suits

If you are wearing a pair of trousers and shirt, a belt is must-have items. But it is not very necessary when you wearing tailored suit. Instead, you should pay more attention to your belts to emphasize your casual outfits.

You can read in many fashion page that the metal of your belt buckle should match the metal of your watch. However, this rule is outdated. You can completely ignore it. No one is going to notice or deduct style points from you just because your gold buckle doesn’t match your silver watch band.

3.Never wearing belts and suspenders at the same time

This is still the problem of mix and match. However,  I stress it in a separated section because I have seen it in many cases.

Since retro-faux nostalgia became trendy, men have rediscovered suspenders and a few other accessories from the old world. And the issue is new generations have no idea how to wear it.

Never wearing belts and suspenders at the same time

Maybe the major reason for this mistake is that they actually don’t realize that belt and suspenders are meant to hold your pants up. Or in some case, you want to wear it but don’t know how to do with both of them.

Remember, you don’t need both belt and suspenders to hold your pants up- one of the other will work well. The look of both together divides your body into a squares and make you look like you are trying to set the world record for wearing the heaviest pants.

4. 2 basic belts you should have

As I emphasized from the beginning, belts not only mean to hold your pants up, but also describe your character and aesthetic gout. People  no longer wear one belt in every time with every clothes.

However, except for fashion icon- who earn money from their styles, almost all of us are not able to afford for particular belts that fit with particular clothes.

So here are the 2 basic belts that you should own:

A narrow leather belt (in the same colour as your leather dress shoes—to wear in formal styles.

A narrow canvas belt (in the same colour as your favourite sneakers)—to wear with your casual clothes.

You know, the advantage of basic things is that it can easily associate with your outfits.

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