Best Thermal Underwear for Men in 2019

It is undeniable that choosing underwear is very important for any men. Because if we choose the wrong pair of underwear, then we will feel uncomfortable and it enables to ruin our day. To help you stop troubles with uncomfortable underwear, today, I will recommend you a collection of thermal underwear for men.

The thermal underwear is not a new term because recently, this kind of underwear has gained the popularity to become the bestselling products on the market. I have bought some pairs and felt really satisfied with my purchases. It is the reason why I want to introduce to you some best pairs that I found comfortable.

01. LAPASA Men’s 100% Merino Wool Thermal Underwear Long John Set Lightweight Base Layer

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The first set is of course the Lapasa set. This men’s thermal underwear set is always on my first-choice list. The Lapasa pairs are extremely comfortable for wearing all day. However, I just recommend it for the cold weather instead. If you wear in other weather conditions, you may feel hot and wet.

This set is made from 100 percent of the Merino wool. This is a very popular material, which offers the softness and comfort. It is super light to let you move more flexibly. Furthermore, it will provide a very effective insulation for the wearers as well as the warmth to survive from the cold weather. Although it can protect you when the temperature decreases, it is completely breathable.

It has the ability of good moisture wicking to keep you away from sweating. With this feature, you can stop your worry about overheating. Another special feature of this set is its merino wool fabric. This type of material is good at resisting bacteria and odor to remove uncomfortable smells.

In the winter, it is very difficult for men to keep themselves warm because they do not have many choices as women. Furthermore, if they wear many layers, they will feel uncomfortable when moving. Therefore, this wool thermal underwear for men is a perfect selection. It is lightweight and stops us from layering in the winter.

02. Carhartt Men’s Base Force Wicking Cotton Super Cold Weather Legging

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The cold weather is never friendly to us. Therefore, if you are living in cold places, it is better to get a thermal legging. Many people said that they do not like legging because it is girly. However, everything has changed because now, we have legging for men with a unique design. This pair of men’s thermal underwear pants is a great example.

This pair is designed for men with two color options, including black and white. In fact, colors are not very important because we always wear jeans or trousers outside. This pair of pants is just used inside to keep warm. Therefore, it is unnecessary to care about the color.

The Carhartt is a reliable brand and their products have good quality. These pants provide us a comfortable feeling. You will never feel too tight or loose when wearing. In addition, this legging has a moisture wicking system to keep you breathable and airy.

This extreme cold thermal underwear for men is not only quality, but also durability. It is made from cotton, which is very soft and light. With the support of this set, you can feel free to dress up without concerning to the weather conditions. However, keep in mind that these pants can shrink over time.

03. Indera Men’s Tall Traditional Long Johns Thermal Underwear Pant

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The next top pick is an Indera traditional long Johns thermal underwear pants. This pair of underwear is designed to help you stand the cold weather from cool to extreme cold. With this underwear pair, you can feel free to join in all outdoor activities you want. Furthermore, it helps remove thick layers of clothes in the winter and replace by fashionable styles.

These pants are not made from 100 percent of cotton, but the mixtures of both cotton and polyester, which are 65 percent and 35 percent respectively. In addition to the warmth, the Indera pants feature shrinkage control. It will retain and trap the heat to save you from the harsh cold weather.

Because the cotton material accounts for a large amount, this underwear pair is extremely comfortable. In terms of the size, this big and tall thermal underwear for men are ranged from the small to big size. If you are big and tall, you also can make a choice of the best fit. You will always gain the comfort and warmth when making a payment for them. The weather will never bother you anymore. Aside with the traditional long Johns, you can have some other options, such as woodland camouflage, performance knit, and union suit.

04. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Classics Midweight Thermal Bottom

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Fruit of the Loom men’s classic midweight thermal bottom is another option for men. This pair of long thermal underwear men had become one of the most favorite thermal underwear pants. This pair comes with 5 different color choices, including natural, black soot, and light grey heather, so you can choose any color you want, based on your preference.

The Fruit pants are made from of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. These materials make a great contribution to make them more durable and flexible. This pair of underwear pants is not too tight, so you can move easily to take part in outdoor activities. It has a sturdy construction to keep you always comfort.

The main function of these underwear thermal pants is to keep you warm to resist the cold weather condition. The fruit of the loom thermal underwear for men has waffle thermal bottoms to protect you from cold weather condition. Furthermore, you will never sweat because it can absorb the moisture. Especially, the fruit thermal pants have closure for easy wear. When wearing these pants, I feel very comfortable because it has an elastic waistband, which can fit all waist sizes. Generally speaking, I think this underwear is worthy to invest. You can stretch without being worry about tearing.

05. Hanes Men’s X-Temp Thermal Pant

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Apart from the above brands, you can refer the products of Hanes. I quite like this brand because their products have a good quality and durability. Their design is very creative, so I often wear this pair.

The same as the Fruit pants, the Hanes underwear pants are also made from 60 percent of cotton and 40 percent of polyester. I think that this blend is smart because it can combine all good features of both polyester and cotton. The large amount of cotton keeps the underwear pants breathable, soft, strong, and durable. Furthermore, the polyester material features less wrinkles, less fading, and quick dry.

I bought this cotton thermal underwear for men to wear and there was no problem. It is obvious that these underwear pants are really comfortable, and nice material. Besides, they can fit around our body snugly to help us move flexibly. If you want to clean this pair of underwear pants, you can wash by hand or machine. This pair of Hanes thermal underwear for men has the ability of adapting our body temperature. The Hanes underwear pants are available with three color options, including natural, red and black.

06. David Archy Men’s Ultra Soft Winter Warm Base Layer Top & Bottom Fleece Lined Thermal Set Long John

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The David Archy style is always one of the best out there, which looks good and comfortable. I called this is the best thermal underwear for men in this day and time. You will look really bulky, if you wear many clothes to go out. Furthermore, many layers do not mean that it’s warm enough; therefore, to stop the thick appearance, we will need a pair of thermal underwear pants for the cold weather.

This brand surprised me a lot when I got my order. They are a set instead of the pants only. I don’t know whether we can order pants and shirt separately or not. But I recommend that you should pay for the set because this set is extremely warm. It is made from 67 percent of Arylic, 27 percent rayon and 6 percent spandex. Especially, it contains the double sides of the fleece Acrylic for a soft and comfortable feeling.

This set is ideal for the base layer to take care of your skin in the winter. It will protect your skin carefully and provide you the best comfort as well as the softness. In addition, the David Archy set enables to retain the heat of your body to keep you always warm. Your neck can move flexibly with the design of the round neck. Besides, you can take the best use of this top thermal underwear for men as your sleepwear.

07. Tesla Men’s Thermal Wintergear Compression Baselayer Pants Leggings Tights

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If you are looking for a pair of underwear pants with various colors, here it is. Tesla underwear pants have more than 40 different colors for you to choose. I collected some pants to change every day.

I added this pair in my collection due to its impressive quality. These thermal pants are designed for the warmth with fleece lining. You can move easily without any obstruction or uncomfortable feeling. These pants will support us much to keep our body warm all the time. The Tesla thermal pants are a perfect selection for various outdoor excursions and outdoor activities.

This winter gear is made from 87 percent of polyester and 13 percent of spandex. It is available with an excellent elasticity to improve the motion. The Tesla thermal winter gear has a moisture wicking system to help you breathable and airy. It can be dried quickly, so you can stop your worry about cleaning it. Especially, this pair of pants have two ways air circulation. I suggest that you should order the usual size to have a compression fit. In case, you like a looser fit, it is better to pick up 1 size larger.

08. At the Buzzer Thermal Underwear Set for Men

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My waist has got a bigger size, so I have to spend a lot of time finding the 4xl thermal underwear for men to fit me properly. However, not many thermal pants have big sizes like that. My friend recommended me this pair of pants and I totally agreed with this pair. It met my requirements of both size and quality.

The Buzzer thermal underwear set is made from the blend of 40 percent polyester and 60 percent cotton. This blend is no irritated to help you always feel great on your skin. Besides, this is a great winter gear to resist the cold weather in the winter, when you are outdoors or even, indoors. The cotton material is the best for the comfort, while the polyester material is for the durability. These materials contribute to provide the garment that enables to last for longer.

The Buzzer thermal set offers a comfortable fit. It was made with various sizes to fit anyone. Besides, this pair of pants has an elastic band to add more comfort and there is a taper down for wearing winter boots easily. The Buzzer thermal underwear is designed with the well-fitting to help you not feel loose or tight. You can dress many layers as you want. This set can act as the base layer to provide the warmth and avoid a bulky look.

09. Duofold Men’s Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Pant

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For many years, thermal pants are never out of date. All branches have tried to renew as well as create new designs to meet the needs of their customers. Therefore, day by day, on the market, there will be a huge number of different versions of thermal pants with the variety of materials, colors, and designs.

Duofold is not a new brand name for those who often go shopping because the products of this brand have gained the popularity. It is not a strange point when this bottom thermal underwear for men is listed as the best thermal pants for men because it met all criteria for this kind of underwear. This pair of thermal pants is also made from 60 percent of cotton and 40 percent of polyester. These materials are in keeping with all weather conditions. This blend is an awesome base layer to cover your body in the winter.

This pair of thermal pants have a pull-on closure, so you can wear and take off easily. It contains flatlock seams and a waistband, which is moisture wicking. Another feature of these pants is that it has a C Vapor technology to prevent sweating from your skin for comfort, and cool feeling.

10. FITEXTREME Men’s MAXHEAT Compression Performance Long Johns Thermal Underwear

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In the winter, I usually have a tendency to make a choice of set, instead of underwear only. A set that I found top quality is the Fitextreme mens maxheat compression performance long Johns thermal underwear. This set has become the bestselling product on their official website.

This set is made from almost polyester and just only 7 percent of polyurethane. These materials offer both softness and comfort. In addition, these top and bottom consists of fleece lining, which is silky, and soft. This fleece lining will provide you the excellent comfort as well as the warmth in the cold weather. You will never feel tight because this set is stretchable in four ways.

In addition, this set is designed for purposes of providing the freedom for the weather. Besides, if you want to look slimmer, you choose this set because it can help you have a perfect appearance. This set is ideal for moisture wicking, and thermal retention. It is quick dry and lightweight with top quality for longer use.

11. Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear Long Johns Set with Fleece Lined

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If you prefer buying sets, the Thermajohn men’s ultra-soft thermal underwear long johns set is another good option. From the outside, this set does not have anything special, but when wearing it provides a better feeling, especially for the winter.

This set is not very thick as the other sets, it is enough for keeping you warm. Besides, its material is quite good to ensure that your set will be not torn off when you move or work. Not many base layers can do this because normally, this kind of clothes is quite easy to be turned off; however, this set is totally different.

The length of both leg and arm is reasonable to protect your body. This set is a perfect gear for those who live in cold places. Although it covers your body, it will not limit your body movement. In terms of color, you have four options, including black, grey, navy and white. This 3xl thermal underwear for men can support you a lot, even when the climate goes down. It is a bit large, so you had better measure your arm and leg to ensure that it can fit you properly before buying to avoid unfit sets.

12. Rocky Men’s Thermal Underwear Set Top & Bottom Ultra Soft Fleece Lined Long Johns

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Rocky is not a new brand and their products spreads on the market for many years. Coming to this collection, I picked a set of the Rocky brand due to the concerns of its top quality. The first thing I want to mention here is the materials for manufacturing this set, which are 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex. These materials make this set become soft, warm and comfortable.

There are 2 pieces of set, so you can buy both of them or separately, it’s up to you. This set comes with an elastic waistband to fit all waist sizes. Besides, the fleece lining contributes to help wick the moisture away to stop sweating. Although this set consists of a pair of long pants and long-sleeved shirt, you will never feel wet no matter how many activities you have joined in. This stretchy set is extremely comfortable.

With the Rocky set, the freezing cold climates can’t bother you anymore. You can use it as the base layer to participate in numerous activities, such as running, jogging, cycling, or biking. You can take the best use of this set as both casual and formal wear. Or even, you can wear it as pajamas on chilly and cold nights.

13. Duofold Men’s Mid Weight Double-Layer Thermal Union Suit

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The last set in my recommended list is another Duofold men’s mid weight double layer thermal union suit. This set is available with three different color choices, consisting of black, white and red. It was applied the Duofold technology to combine two layers of fabric. Although it is two layers, it is not thick, but you will feel like it’s just a single layer.

This set has a unique style to combat any other sets. You will always feel comfortable and warm inside. With the double layer design, this thermal set will protect you fully from the freezing cold weather.

In addition, the outer layer of this set is cotton rich, which consists of Merino cool to bring the natural insulation, while the inner layer contains the pure cotton to provide the softness to protect your sensitive skin. This white thermal underwear for men can be put on and taken off with the button. Besides, it is very convenient with the rear fly opening.

This collection consists of all the thermal underwear for men that I want to introduce to you. When choosing any thermal underwear, I often pay more attention to the warmth, comfort as well as the price to ensure that the chosen set meets all my needs. I do hope that this list can help you have more references to pick up the right gear for yourself.

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