Guide On How To Wear The Most Popular Hats For Men

Even if you have to spend a lot of time choosing a piece of clothing that pieces your physical appearance and style, the journey for the perfect good look would not end here. Coordinating your clothing is a thing that you need to take into consideration as well to make sure you have the best look.

It also applies to finding and wearing your headwear. Most of the men I have seen tend to pay less attention to hats and caps. They even underestimate the importance of a hat in enhancing and perfecting their style. And that could possibly one of the biggest mistakes that they could make with their style. In fact, hats have been playing an important role in fashion since the golden eras of the 1930s with the introduction of fedora hat or cowboy hat in various classic movies. From then on, we often see trend-setters and fashionistas wearing hat as one of the most essential accessories. It goes without any doubt that hats can enhance your look and make you more outstanding from the crowd.

Wearing and matching a hat with your other pieces of clothing is never easy. However, there is not much to worry about. If you can get hold of some of the basic rules, I am sure that you can make the best use of your hat collection.

With this little article below, I will help you to run through some of the most popular styles of hats and caps along with tips on how to choose and match them with your outfits. So hesitate no more and scroll down to read, you will master on how to wear your hat in the best ways in no time.

Let’s start with one of the most popular and traditional hats of all time – FEDORA HATS

Some information about fedora hats:

Fedora hats are one of the most classical hats which are rich in cultural heritage and traditions. They were created and developed since the 19th century. During such the time, any person wearing this hat was considered gangsters or was related to such the group of people. They was made more and more popular during the introductory time of cinema when gangsters and cowboys on the screen wearing different styles of fedora hats. These hats were also worn by classy actors who played successful men with styles as well. No one could ever forget how Humphrey Bogart mastered the look of the fedora hat on the screen.

Don’t think that fedora hat is out of fashion. Actually, it is one of the pieces in your wardrobe that are truly classic and timeless. If you don’t believe me, search for the term David Beckham or Jude Law to see how some of the most attractive men on Earth rock this style of hat. Nowadays, you can wear a fedora hat for various occasions including formal and informal ones. They are not associated with gangsters anymore but they can surely give you an edgy and sharp look.

A formal fedora hat is made of felt or wool material with soft and smooth construction. An informal fedora hat would be made of palm leaf or straw material. The crown is typically creased in a shape of a teardrop. The brim is curved with pinched front. There are differences in the length of the brim, how it is shaped or other modification in the crown or colors for you to choose from. In general, there is a huge selection of fedora hats on the market for you to choose from. Here is one fine collection of the best fedora hats for your consideration .

How you should wear a fedora hat

A fedora hat, especially a felt one, would bring a sharp bold and old fashioned charming outlook to the wear. Hence, it would not be easy to wear it. Done it wrong and it would look like you are trying too hard.

Let’s consider two ways of wearing a fedora hat- for a formal event and for a casual day out.

In case you want to wear a formal fedora hat, make sure you wear a felt or wool blended one. When wearing such a formal hat, it is understandable that some casual clothes like Jeans, sweatshirt and trainers are not allowed. Suits, collared shirts, trousers and a pair of Chelsea boots or Oxford shoes will bring you a very smart and formal look. For a more casual look, but still on the formal side, wear a fedora hat with a T-shirt,, a pair of trousers and a pair of loafers.

On the other hand, when you wear a casual fedora hat made from palm leaf or straw material, you can actually pair it with your T-shirt, a pair of Jeans and a pair of flip flops.

Most of the fedora hats are made in dark colors or natural colors, in case of the straw fedora hats. Therefore, it is quite easy to color coordinate your hat with other pieces of your clothing.

It is quite of a common sense but make sure you choose a fedora hat that fits you tightly. It is better to find a hat which is a little bit smaller as it would break in later on and snug around your head more perfectly. When you wear a fedora hat, tilt it a little bit towards your back. A bigger fedora hat might actually fall down towards your forehead; blocking your sight and making you look messy.

Moving on, you might interested in knowing more about baseball caps and how to coordinate them to your style.

Some pieces of information you should know about your baseball cap:

A typical baseball cap has a curved and peaked bill with a 5 or 6 panel structured crown. Most of the baseball caps you can find on the market come with one side with a Velcro or snap adjustable closing system.

A fedora hat is an icon of classic formal headwear while a baseball cap is on the opposite site. It is indeed the hat any man would consider when he picks up an informal hat. This hat is also an icon of sport wear as well. This hat was developed around the 1800s for a baseball team in Brooklyn. That is also the reason why it gets its name as we know today. With a peaked bill, the hat is capable of keeping the sunrays out of the baseball players’ eyes. However, along with its development and growing popularity, hip hop singers or hip hop fans started to pick up this hat, making it an essential item to wear for this specific community. You can easily see examples of how to wear this headgear from many famous and influential hip hop artists such as Jay Z, Wiz Khalifa or my favorite singer as well as fashion icon – Drake.

For more information on the best baseball caps available to you .

What should you wear with your baseball cap?

Many people think that it is quite easy to wear a baseball cap. All you need to do is wearing your normal casual summer clothing. While it is true that you can basically pair a baseball cap with a T-shirt and a pair of Jeans- both baggy and slim types, ensuring that you have the best look with a strong impression requires you to think more than that.

To play it safe, you can wear a plain T-shirt. However, it is trendier and more fashionable to wear a shirt with unique pattern, solid color or slogan design. You should also make sure that you match the colors of your pieces of clothing well. A patterned baseball cap should have a color that matches the colors of your clothing, whether it is in your pants or your shirt. A pair of trainers would complete the look for you.

Unlike when you wear a felt fedora hat, you should not wear a baseball cap with a pair of trousers, a suits and a pair of smart shoes. Basically, a baseball cap is not for anything formal or smart.

Besides matching the color of your baseball cap with your outfits, make sure you can match the materials as well. I mention this because baseball cap is not only made in cotton or polyester. There are some hats which are made of faux leather, leather and wool as well. These materials would be more suitable to be paired with your blazers for a smart look or a sports jacket for a casual look.

Finally, when it gets colder, instead of wearing a pair of Jeans and t-shirt, you can switch to wearing a pair of joggers and sweatshirt. This combination will ensure a comfortable, casual yet stylish look.

Last but not least, here are some tips on wearing THE BEANIE HATS

Some information on beanie hats:

The beanie hat is the most popular headwear for the cool autumn and cold winter days. Do you know that it is even older than any other hat? In fact, this style of hat dates back to the 11th century and become one of the staples of both men and women in the winter since then.

You can find a beanie hat in different designs, colors and materials. A beanie hat could be crocheted or cable knitted. It might also be made from cheap rugged woolen or the luxurious cashmere. A wide range of prices is what you can expect from the market of beanie hats.

A long time ago, many people think about beanie hat as a convenient and functional headwear to keep them warm and cozy in the winter only. Not so many think about it as a great way to complement their style. Luckily, with the introduction of beanie hats on the lookbook and runway shows of various designer houses including Louis Vutton, we now have a more serious look of beanie hat and how to wear it in the best ways. For more inspirations, you can look for once again, David Beckham and how he wears his slouchy beanie.

Tips on wearing a beanie hat:

First of all, don’t wear a beanie hat with a lot of details on it. A beanie hat with pom pom is quite girly, and childish sometimes, I have to admit.

Second of all, you should choose different style of beanie hats fits different styles of your hair. In case you have a short hair and want to hide all, you should wear a fitted beanie with a thin material. On the other hand, if you have curly hair, a looser fitted beanie hat would fit you better. Choosing snuggy and fitted beanie hat would make it look like that all of the hair are trying hard to escape from the hat. And for a guy with long hair, a slim fitted style of a beanie would be your best choice.

Do you know that you can actually wear your beanie hat in various scales of formality- smart, streetwear and casual style?

  • To pull out a smart look, you can wear a dark colored beanie with a white collared T-shirts. A pair of trousers or chinos would further enhance the look. For a colder day, you can choose a cardigan, a jumper, a pair of black trousers and a classy pair of Chelsea boots.
  • For a streetwear look, you can simply mix any color beanie hat with your current outfit. Make sure the colors of these pieces are matching as well. To make you look even trendier, put on your favorite bomber jacket. For a smart look, a dark colored beanie is recommended. However, with a streetwear look, feel free to be more creative to wear bright and neon colors.
  • Nothing can help you look more casual than a slouchy beanie. As I mention before, you can take David Beckham as a classic example of how a person with casual style and casual slouchy beanie can look so good. You can buy some slouchy beanies with neutral dark colors for mix matching with your casual and relaxed clothing. My favorite combinations would be a slim T-shirt, a pair of baggy Jeans and my comfortable trainers. When it is colder, I can put on my denim jacket, a jumper and my look is nicely done.

I hope with all of the tips above, you would know more about the history of the fedora, baseball and beanie hat. I also hope that you can gain more and more tips on how to wear them properly. Here is another article which you can check out for more tips on wearing some of the most classic hats for men in case you need further tips and guides.

Overall, it is not so hard to coordinate these hats to your current outfits. As long as you think about the basic rules, check yourself in the mirror and feel confident with your own choice, I am sure that you would be able to pull out the best styles and impress anyone whom you meet during the day.

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