Top 18 Best Men’s Cowboy Hats in 2019

Cowboy hat is never out of date, which is always on trend. This kind of hat can bring you back to the old time, but does not make you look messy or old fashioned.

If you mix it skillfully, it even help you have a perfect look. Most men love this hat and they always try to look for the best men’s cowboy hats.

If you are a fashion lover, you should not miss this headwear.

In this article, a top best hat will be introduced to help you have more options.

1. Western Express Classic Cattleman Straw Cowboy Hat with Silver Conchos

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This white cowboy hat came from the Western Express brand and it really made my day. I love it much because of its look and feeling as well. The first thing that I want to talk more is its look. Although this is not a kind of the latest design, it is still impressive or even better than many hats designed at this time. There are four different colors available, including white, black, white with black band and black with black band.

Mine is a white one and its band is brown. Before this hat, I just thought that black and white always go together and bring the best look. However, when looking at this hat on the website, I saw how perfect this blend is. The white color is mixed with brown band. They are super hamornious! This white hat will make you look like a prince.

In terms of feeling, I just describe it in only one word “comfortable”. For sure, this hat will never make you feel uncomfortable because its material is straw. This kind of material is very popular and good. Furthermore, it was well controlled to provide the softness, and comfort for the wearers. There are some small holes on the crown to make the way for the air flow inside to keep your head airy and comfortable. These cowboy hat styles are perfect for any formal events and any seasons.

2. UwantC Mens Faux Felt Western Cowboy Hat Fedora Outdoor Wide Brim Hat with Strap

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If you want something new, this UwantCmens cowboy hat is a perfect choice for you. This hat came with many different colors to provide more selections for the buyers. I opted for a beige color. This design is my favorite one, so I decided to pay for it right after I saw it on the website.

This felt cowboy hat is a new design of UwantC brand, which is suitable for both men and women. To be honest, this hat can be exchanged to bring a different look for men and women. Don’t worry about the look, I’m sure you will be 100 percent satisfied with what it brings to you. This hat is the blend between faux leather and polyester. These materials provide the best feeling for the wearers.

The same as the above hat, this one consists of two holes on the crown for being breathable. Besides, its brim is quite wide, so you can feel free to enjoy your outdoor activities because your face, neck and head will be perfectly protected. This hat is decorated with some straps as the band to look more outstanding. It is designed for all seasons in the year and events.

3. Simplicity Men’s & Women’s Western Style Cowboy/Cowgirl Straw Hat

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As the name of this brand, Simplicity, the design of this hat is super simple, but still fashionable. Both men and women can wear it. These straw cowboy hats are always my first choice for almost traveling trips. I found it interesting and funny to wear, although it’s not a good thing for sunny or rainy days. Remember that this hat is just for fun and fashion.

This Simplicity hat is made from woven straw, which is extremely durable. It will serve you for a very long time without any problem. When touching, I felt smooth, and soft. This hat will not leave any redness or hurt you because its material is well constructed to make sure that there is nothing to hurt you.

The design of this hat looks so special with the tear drop design. Although this hat is not for rainy and sunny seasons, it is a good solution for those who often sweat. This simplicity enables to stop you from sweating with the band. In addition, it is available with many color choices. I chose the beads band – black. Its adjustable chin strap makes us easy to opt for the right size. Moreover, the brim is shapeable to offer the wearers a customizable look.

4. MG Tea Stained Raffia Straw Cowboy Hat

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I considered much when deciding to make a payment for this hat because they did not have so many color choices. I did not really like their black or natural color choice because I thought they look boring. However, after choosing a black one, I changed my thought. This hat looks good on me and its design is awesome.

Straw is used to make this hat with 100 percent. The straw material made this hat cooler and more breathable. You can feel free to wear it and get ready for super hot summer days. I bet that you will need this hat much. It is not easy to find out a cool hat, which can protect you from the sun and make you feel cooler, but this hat does! I tried many times, and these cheap cowboy hats worked perfectly.

The only thing that I think this brand needs to fix as soon as possible is the size. If possible, they should have more sizes to help the buyers get the right one. But, it’s not a big deal because they add an elastic sweat band inside. This band can fit all head sizes. The brim is quite wide and shapeable to cover your neck, and face.

5. Faux Felt Wide Brim Western Cowboy Hat

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To be honest, I am a fashion lover, and I have a tendency to collect as many accessories as possible to change everyday. I got this hat and wanted to do some reviews to help you have a closer look at it. Rather than a hat, this flat brim cowboy hat is not only fashionable, but also functional.

We can take the use of this hat for many occasions, such as parties, wedding, costumes, or even festivals. This hat will improve your look and make you look more trendy. Mine is a brown one and I found it easy to mix with my outfits. Honestly, this hat and this color look luxurious.

In terms of the function, I am sure that this brown cowboy hat will help you save much money because you do not need to waste money to buy hats for sun and rain. It can work both! It has a wide brim, which is shapeable to be sure that the sunlight can’t bother you and let you feel free to join in outdoor activities. You will not get wet when it’s rainy. In addition, there are three small holes on the crown to keep the wearers airy.

6. Men’s Vintage Tea-Stained USA American Flag Cowboy Hat w/ Western Shape-It Brim

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If you want to look like a trendy and modern man, you should get this hat. It comes from the Vamuss brand, which is reputable and popular. This brand released 6 different colors, and the pattern is USA symbols. I opted for the Eagle stone wash. These american cowboy hats look perfect and fits me properly.

My hat is quite colorful, which is the combination between some different colors as red, brown, blue, and yellow. By mixing colors, this hat became more outstanding. Its style is a classic vintage style with the American flag pattern. This should have hat is formed and coated from the straw to remain the original shape for the whole time. The material for the brim is extremely important to keep the cowboy hat shapes.

In addition, this hat has curved brim to look more active and cooler, but still protective. It enables to keep you away from the sunlight, but it’s a little hard for wearing under the rain. Overall, I think you should try this one.

7. Livingston Men & Women’s Woven Straw Cowboy Hat w/Hat Band Décor

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The next is a hat from livingston brand. This hat impressed me by its design, which looks simple, but fashionable. This hat is made from 100 percent of straw. Therefore, in terms of the lightweight, it is the best. In addition, this headwear is not similar to other hats, it followed the breathable style.

My friends like my hat much and they often ask me to help them order one. I’m quite proud of my eye for fashion. This hat is super simple and easy for mixing. It came with woven patterns to bring a new look for anyone. Most my friends commented that my hat features an attractive and trendy appearance.

Besides, this hat is added a beautiful hat band to make it look more outstanding. I’m sure this hat band is its highlighting point. With the regard of the comfort, it is good and comfortable. There is a sweat inner band which works well to absorb your sweat to keep you cool all day. The brim is wide to block the sun rays to protect our eyes, and face. These mexican cowboy hats will be a perfect accessory for your costume or even casual wear.

8. Western Cowboy Hat-Wool Fedora Felt Hats Men Women Crushable Wide Brim Trilby

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To warm my own heart on my birthday, I bought this cowboy hat. This is one of the best gifts that I gave to myself. It is made from 100 percent of the Australian wool. This hat is quite convenient because you can wash it by your hands or machine. However, to last it longer, I usually wash by my hand to retain its shape.

Because it is made from the wool, so absolutely, it will offer a good feeling for touching. In addition, this hat can balance between the soft and the shape. Although it is soft, its shape is remained perfectly for the whole time. The brim is wide enough to protect you from sunlight. This hat is decorated with a leather band to highlight its design.

This Western cowboy hat is my first choice for almost outdoor activities. it has a smooth surface, which is healthy for my skin and the sweatband to make us feel comfortable and breathable for the summer. This hat can be used by both men and women. To look more fashionable, you can mix it with jeans and shirts.

9. Straw Cowboy Hat-Natural Roll W35S16A, Natural, One size fits most

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Another choice for you, if you like straw hats. You should take this hat into your consideration when you intend to buy a hat for yourself. This hat will satisfy and make you happy with it. The design of this hat is simple with curved brim. The curved brim makes the wearers feel cooler in the summer.

If you wear this hat, you will never sweat because there is mesh on side crown, so the air can flow into your hat. You may think that the rolled brim is unable to protect your face and your neck; however, it is totally different from what you think. This hat protected my eyes, face, and neck perfectly when I wore it for a super hot day.

This texas cowboy hat has many good features, such as stiff, cool and thick. There is one thing that I do not like about it much. This hat has only one size and they wrote on the website that one sizes fits most. However, If your size is big, this hat may not be for you.

10. Enimay Faux Felt Western Style Pinch Front Straw Canvas Cowboy Cowgirl Straw Hat

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When I was small, I thought that the cowboy hat is for men only. However, when I grew up, I knew that it is for all genders. It will bring different looks for each gender. I was completely satisfied with this hat. I bought it one year ago and now, it stills work and I consider it as my best friend.

This Canvas hat is a classic cattleman style. It has a fashionable look with a comfortable feeling. The first thing that I think I need to give a compliment for this hat is its design. This design of Canvas brand is available with many color choices to meet all needs of their customers. I got a classic black one.

It is hard to tell how long it can last because I have just used it for one year. But, I believe that this black cowboy hat is durable and long lasting. Especially, this hat comes with different colors and styles. It consists of about 11 colors, and two styles for brim, including normal brim and rolled brim.

11. Better Than Yesterday

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Monte Carlo is not a new brand, but recently, many people are looking for their designs. My friends asked to order a Monte Carlo hat for them, but it is not easy to reach my place. At first, this hat looks super cool with Denim material. Although it can’t make you look like a prince, it can turn you to a masculine and attractive guy.

The brim of this hat is rolled to make the wearers look younger. It is curved, but still wide enough to protect you from harmful sun rays. You can feel free to wear it to join in your picnic. I’m sure that this hat will be a perfect headwear to help you enjoy your activities.

In addition, I found it super easy to mix this denim cowboy hat with my outfit to look more stylish. You will not get into any trouble, if you opt for this one. It has a basic color, which is never out of date. Besides, wearing this hat is very comfortable with the soft sweat band inside to keep your head dry and cool.

12. Brandslock Mens Down Under Leather Cowboy Hat Aussie Bush Outback Tan

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Leather cowboy hats are timeless ones, which is always on trend all the time. This trendy hat is a good selection for all seasons in a year. You can wear it to go traveling, hiking, picnic or even walking around. Its retro style is good for your everyday life and weekends. It can be matched perfectly with both formal and casual outfits.

I bought a tan color because it looks different from my other hats. This hat is made from good quality leather, so when you touch it, you will see how smooth it is. Besides, all the lining was sewn carefully to let you a long lasting use. The best thing about this hat is that it is a handmade product to make you feel most comfortable.

This Brandslock hat belongs to the Aussie style cowboy hat. It will bring you the best experience than ever. It is available with a chin strap. This strap can be adjusted to fit anyone. Besides, there are three small holes to keep you cool in the summer.

13. Men’s Outback Wool Cowboy Hat |Montana Black Crushable Western Felt by Silver Canyon

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I often take time to learn about the products of the silver canyon boot and clothing company. I found this hat and I was so excited at the first time I see it. This design came with 6 different colors. I made a payment for the black color.

This hat is well constructed from the wool material. This is very durable, and crushable. It means that you can take the best use of this hat for a very long time without any problem. In addition, it is easy to store this hat. You can fold it and put it anywhere you want. You do not need to worry about its shape because it can be back to the original shape soon.

In terms of style, surely, this hat will make you satisfied. It is not only fashionable, but also comfortable. The brim is 3 inches in width, which is large enough to cover your face and neck. Especially, this hat is water repellent, so you can feel free to wear it. Your hat will never get wet.

14. Western Pinch Front Faux Felt Cowboy Hat

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The next selection is from the Western Express company. This option consists of 9 different colors. They do not serve light colors like red or green; however, their colors are special with all dark colors. I still choose the basic color, black.

The material made this hat is quite good. I always have a good feeling whenever I wear it. It is quite thick, but light. The feeling it brought to me is so good that I do not want to take out. In addition, the brim of this hat is wider than the others. You can take the use of this hat for any season in the year.

It would be great, if you wear this hat to take part in outdoor activities. This hat will work well to provide you a perfect look. Men will look more attractive and masculine. If you are a woman, and you also want to wear, it’s ok because this hat is for women, too. It can improve your appearance to make you look stronger.

15. Stetson Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat – Twboze-813007 Black

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If you make a choice of the Stetson, you will never fall behind. These stetson cowboy hats will bring you a new look. I never thought that I would wear this hat one day because it could make me look like my old man. But, it is not true! I was wrong. This hat is extremely cool and it is designed for all ranges of age and genders.

My black hat is made from wool. I guess it was made from high quality material due to its touch and feeling that I had when I wore it. I do not know whether it can be waterproof or not because I never try before. However, this hat is a good choice for the summer. You will never feel hot and the sunlight can’t bother you.

This simple hat is highlighted with a leather band. This leather band is used for decoration to offer the wearers a stylish look. In addition, it has many sizes for choosing. You can choose the right size to fit your head easily. The dimensions for both brim and crown are reasonable.

16. UwantC Mens Faux Felt Western Cowboy Hat Fedora Outdoor Wide Brim Hat with Strap

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This is my first red cowboy hat. To be honest, not many people take this hat into the consideration because of this color. I saw this hat on the website and thought that it’s interesting and cool, so I paid one. This hat is really colorful, but funny. Besides the red one, there are some other colors, such as black, red brown, and so on.

This cowboy cap is for men and women. It is a kind of the western hats. It is made from the combination between polyester and faux leather. At first, I bought this hat due to its design, and then, its quality convinced me to use for longer.

This hat has only one size, but magically, it can fit anyone. I gave my friends try it on and surprisingly, it fitted perfectly. The brim width is nearly 4 inches, while the crown is about 4.3 inches. This red cowboy hat is for winter, autumn, summer and spring. It is perfect for cosplay, tourist, hipster, and fashion.

17. Justin Men’s Plains 2X Wool Felt Cowboy Hat – Jf0242 Plns

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If you are a fan of chocolate color, you should put this Justin hat into your cart immediately. I did not see this hat online, but in my friend’s store. I was attracted by its design. The first thing that I have to give a compliment is the color. How perfect it is! This color makes me look cooler and more handsome. All my friends agreed that!

There are several criteria to assess whether it is good or not, as material, comfort and style. These justin cowboy hats met all these requirements. Firstly, this hat is surely made from good quality material because when you touch, you will get a soft and smooth feeling. In terms of the comfort, I am sure that it will not make you disappointed. The fashion, this hat keeps up with the latest trend.

Everything about this hat is awesome; however, it has a drawback that I want to figure out. This hat has an inner band touching my head all around. Therefore, when the weather is so hot, I will feel a bit sticky, oily and sweaty around my forehead. Without this point, this hat is perfect!

18. Resistol Men’s George Strait Hazer 10X Shantung Straw Cowboy Hat

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The last hat in my top recommendation list is the Resistol hat. This cowboy hat consists of 2 different colors, including natural and brown. I picked the natural one. If I have to mark, I definitely give five stars for this hat because of its quality and fashion.

With such an affordable price, this hat has become the best selling product of this brand. Sometimes, you will find difficult to find out this hat on some big websites as Amazon. Compared to other cowboy hats, this headwear looks formal and fashionable.

Mine is highlighted with a brown leather band. This band has many functions. One of the most important function is for decorating. Besides, this band is used to keep the hat properly to keep us away from the dangers of windy days. You can wear these resistol cowboy hats for many occasions, it’s up to you!

Buying guide

When buying a hat, there are a lot of things that we should take into the account such as:

  • Durability
  • Size
  • Color
  • Style
  • Crown
  • Brim
  • Shape

These things will be the most important factors to help you make a good decision.

For some, durability is not very important because they can change frequently. However, for me, this criterion is usually used to decide to make a payment for that hat or not. I want to have a long-lasting hat rather than a short time one.

In addition, before buying, you had better to measure your head to know the exact dimensions to make sure that it can fit you perfectly.

The style is also vital because it affects your look. Both crown and brim dimensions are necessary to consider.

The last thing is the shape. It is better to opt for the crushable hat to remain its shape.

How to wear properly

Cowboy hat is not a new item. It has a long history and be worn by many people in the world.

From time to time, this kind of hat was changed to meet the needs of each age. Lots of people asked me how to wear this hat properly.

It is frankly to say that each person will have different ways to wear it. Here are my suggestions. You should mix this hat with a pair of cowboy boots.

By this way, you will have a more masculine appearance and look freer.

Besides, jeans, and shirts are highly recommended to match with cowboy hats.

How to maintain

If you want to last the longevity of your hat, you should work hard to maintain it. It’s obligatory to carry out some ways to retain your hat.

Firstly, it is better to put your hat on a flat surface to protect the crown and brim.

Secondly, if possible, you should hang it on the edge of the shelf or wall to keep the shape of the brim and crown perfectly.

If you do not wear it for a long time, you should put it in a box to avoid the damage, light, and dust. Don’t forget to clean it frequently!


Here are my suggestions for top best mens cowboy hats and some tips. In this day and time, there are many options for you to select. However, if you want to get the right one, there are several criteria that you can base on to decide as I mentioned above. I do hope that you will have good choices.

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