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Probably the best hat in cold climate, knitted hats are versatile in colors and models. They are the most commonly used hat when the weather turns white. Knit caps can be simple and they can also be complex with a lot of details. But in general, they wrap around your head snuggly to prevent cold air from slipping into your scalp. It’s hard to say that a knit cap is out of fashion because they don’t seem to ever be. It makes girls adorable and boys friendly.

There is a tremendous amount of knitted hat for men. Similarly, there are just as much as knitted hat patterns for men. Generally, to be qualified as a knitted hat, the hat should first be able to keep you warm. That’s the function of a knitted hat. The hat is usually made of wool while cheaper hats are made from synthetic fibers. It was common among fishermen, seamen, hunters and workers in the past and its popularity doesn’t seem to be decreasing.

Knitted hat is also the hats that have the most local names. They can be found all over the world. As the cold months are here, we’ll help you to shop for a knitted hat. These cool knit hats that we’re introducing for you will not only keep you warm, they will make you look nice.

01. Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Knit Hat A205


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Made in the US, this hat is made from 100% acrylic. Due to the elasticity of the fabric, it’s a one-size-fits-all hat. The hat possesses a tradition beanie styling. It’s a great thing to have this hat stashed in your backpack when the cloud are forming dark above your head.

It’s a relatively good beanie for the price that you have to pay. It has been reviewed to keep your head warm when the temperature is below 0 Celsius degrees. It’s nicely made, reasonably priced. It light and compact and shall get the job done in rainy and cold days.

However, in extreme cold climate, you would want a thicker and warmer hat. This hat is not made for that kind of cold.

02. Gellwhu Men Soft Lined Thick Wool Knit Skull Cap Warm Winter Slouchy Beanies Hat


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This soft-spun acrylic hat is soft and warm. It can cover your ears and all the back of your head well. It will fit for most people. It can be worn by both men and women. It’s super warm to wear this hat. In some days, you may even feel hot. I can say that it does so well what it’s supposed to do.

The material is light and smells good. It can be worn in more than one way which is great for those of you who enjoy changing how you look. Now, you can do that with just one hat. It’s hard to find a cool knit hat like this with this kind of price.

It’s a big and warm hat. So, it’s only suitable for really cold weather. We’re talking about something like -10 Celsius degrees here. On other days, it may be too hot for you.

03. Koloa Surf – Slouchy Beanie in 10 Colors


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Another unisex knit beanie. This cap is made of acrylic and polyester which makes it warm, elastic and at the same time, durable. It’s a one size fits all hat with various colors for you to choose from. This beanie will hug around your head snugly. No wind or cold air can slip in your scalp.

This knit hat is so elastic that even when you have a big head or a very small hat, it will just hug it snugly. This hat will bring you a lot of compliments from your co-workers and friends. The classic beanie makes you look like a high school kid when this beanie creates a sense of maturity in you.

Avoid putting this hat near sharp object. There’s nothing you can do about it if it breaks from the inside. Also, you don’t want to hang it on a stick since the fabric can be loosening.

04. Knit Beanie Skull Hat – Soft Fleece Lined Slouchy / Winter Cap by Run Baby Sport


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A great knit hat with dozens of colors for you to choose from. This hat is superior quality compare to other beanies. It’s made with premium quality stretchy acrylic. The material is also good at absorbing sweat from the wearer. The inner lining is comfortable and is warm all the time. It’s also soft and snuggle that you feel like you’re being wrapped by a pillow.

This beanie allows you to look good in the winter with its square checked design. This hat covers your ear snugly without being too tight. With this hat on your head, shivering and cold ears are just the things of the past.

This hat works well in the cold days. But in extra-cold days, you may want to put on something else.

05. Men’s Slouchy Long Beanie Knit Cap for Summer Winter Oversize


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With more than 30 colors for you to choose from, this hat has been receiving positive feed backs from the customers. First off, this hat is delivered quickly and those colors never run out of stock. The interior is well designed and it gives the feeling that the maker of this hat really invests their time and heart in the work.

This beanie not only look great on your head, it feels good on your head. The material allows the beanie to fit snugly into your head despite the size. It’s just as good as it is advertised on the website.

Once again, you can count on this hat on the cold days. But when it’s extremely cold, you would need something stronger, tighter. This is still what a compact beanie.

06. Trendy Warm Chunky Soft Stretch Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie Skully HAT20A


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A one-size-fits-all beanie made of soft acrylic. This is truly a beanie of look and function. Can be used by both men and women, this beanie will not only keep you warm but it expresses that you’re someone who cares for your look.

The beanie is long just enough to cover your ears. It’s comfortable and it fits. The stripes around the hat makes it looks nice and balanced while adding extra warmth to the wearer. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding walking on cold days and extremely cold days.

This hat should be washed by being submerged in soapy water. Be gentle with it. You don’t want to loosen the fabric and create small holes on the hat.

07. Spikerking Men’s Winter Knitting Wool Warm Hat Daily Slouchy Beanie Skull Cap


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This is an amazing piece of warm winter beanie. Made of 100% soft spun acrylic, this hand-knitted beanie is great for falls and winters. It creates a sense of luxury while it’s actually a cheap piece of item. It’s recommended to mix this hat with a classic long fringe tassel scarf.

It’s a nice, comfortable hat. It’s big so that it can fully cover both your ears when you’re riding your bike or walking. The quality is better than the price that you pay for it. You won’t remember that you’re wearing the hat after just a while. It’s nice and cozy for the price you have to pay for it.

For some people, the hat might be too tight. Also, it’s not so good for extra cold days.

08. Beanie Knit Ski Hat – Wool Blend – For Men or Women – designed by Cache Alaska


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A high quality knit hat made of half wool and half acrylic. This is truly a hat for extreme weather. The green color adds some liveliness in the cold daunting winter. This hat is big and stylish. It can wrap around your ears and the back of your head snugly. It’s designed and is used in Alaska; you know how cold it us there.

While the acrylic helps the hat to be elastic and snuggle to prevent cold winds from slipping in, the wool is comfortable and warm. The hat is simplified and is compact which makes it a sport hat. You can wear this hat when you’re walking to when you’re skiing.

This hat is not recommended for children as it can be too big for them. When it’s rainy, you may want to choose something else as this hat will be wet and damp for a very long time, which may cause you to get sick.

09. Dickies Men’s Jeep Radar Knit Ha


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Comes in only one size and one color, this hat will only cover your ears and hair, it makes driving and walking easier. The most annoying about riding a bike or walking when it snows is getting your face covered with water melting from the snow. The small brim at the front of the hat will take care of that.

You can expect that this acrylic hat will make you look nice and warm. Compare to other hats, it’s a great deal for you because of the extra cover and the brim of the hat. It fits and it’s warm and it improves your vision.

The hat can be too small for some people. Due to the construction of the hat, it’s almost impossible for someone who has a bigger head than the hat to try to fit into it.

10. Home Prefer Men’s Outdoor Newsboy Hat Winter Warm Thick Knit Beanie Cap with Visor


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A mixture of elastic acrylic, warm wool and durable polyester lining, this is a hat of comfort for you. It’s a high-quality hat with is flexible, thick and durable. It’s arguably fashionable. Well, you won’t expect anyone to see you in this hat in such weather anyway. The unique double layer design allows the hat to keep a layer of warm air between your scalp and the cold air.

This hat is great for outdoor activities since it’s hard to fall off. The polyester lining helps the hat to be durable when sitting tightly on your head when you’re playing sports.

The hat may be too big and “slippery” that it can sometimes block your vision. Make sure that you fit it before buying it.

11. Spikerking Men’s Soft Lined Thick Knit Skull Cap Warm Winter Slouchy Beanies Hat


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For the last item on the list, we introduce you a fashionable beanie made of 100% soft acrylic. Comfortable and stylish are the best words used to describe this hat. If you’re looking for a knit hat that helps you to stand out in a crowd, this is the one for you. Combine this hat with a same color pair of glasses and you’re ready to go.

The hat is super comfortable and is warm to wear. The inside of this hat feels soft and fuzzy which is great for people with short or no hair. The pattern is cool and is trendy.

Don’t wear this hat when you’re playing winter sports as it can fall out easily and you may lose it. This hat is not good when you sweat because it’s not absorbent and may cause irritation on your scalp.

Knitted hats for men are a necessary accessory that every man should have when the cold days come. They are never out of style but wearing one that doesn’t fit you can be painful. You may feel warm when having some cold spot on your head. And like we have say, it’s always possible to look good even in the winter. You just need to spend your time searching for a nice hat with high quality.

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