Best Fedora Hats For Men [ Updated 2019 ]

More than a specific type of cap, fedora is more about a basic set of characteristics that’s never out of fashion. From decade to decade, it’s been more and more variable on the style, noted in history, ranging from the gangsters wide-brim fedoras in 1920’s to the more modern silhouette in 1960’s.

In doubt? This article will go with you through the 15 best fedora hats for men out there and also, how to rock it on different styles of outfits. Read on!

Here are the best fedora hats for men in the market

1. Best straw fedora for summer – Simplicity Unisex Summer Cool Woven Straw Fedora Hat & Stylish Hat Band

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As its name defines, Simplicity Woven Straw Fedora highlights a really minimal design that shows no difference of fashion between men and women. That’s why it’s a perfect unisex choice for whichever gender to style on this summer.

Why summer?

Because it’s crafted entirely from paper straw. Not only eco-friendly, but this kind of material is also friendly to your hairstyle and scalp under harsh sunlight. Plus, it’s lightweight that hardly can you feel there’s a hat on your head.

With short structured brim and tear drop crown, might you at least once see this style of fedora in a street musician performance or Hollywood superstars. An extra band on the outside makes it even more outstanding.

Don’t worry about its performance. Straw won’t make your scalp uncomfortable because of the inner lining. It leverages the hat’s breathability while absorbs your sweat efficiently.

Aside from beige, there are many other color options, such as black, brown, natural, pink, navy blue, gray, purple, and white. Hence, I can pretty sure that you will find at least one from this collection.

2. Best with Packageable Design – Packable Straw Fedora Panama Sun Summer Beach Hat Cuban Trilby Men Women 55-61cm

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Another straw fedora and in this case, it’s from Fancet. Two biggest bonuses of this panama-style hat are firstly, the various size options (including S, M, and L) and secondly, it’s foldable. This means you can fold up the hat and place in your luggage for travel without fears of deforming.

To turn it back to the original shape after a long flight, simply hang it in your bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower.

In terms of size chart, this hat will give the best fits for 21.6″-24″ head circumstance. With short brim and stylish unisex design, it’s good to go for either men or women. There’s a band on the outside to soup up the attractiveness and distinction of the hat.

In terms of interior, take note of the adjustable grosgrain tape attached on the inside to play a role as a sweatband. Combining with high-quality straw, it boasts a lightweight and breathable hat to keep you stay way from overheating and damped hair during any summer trips.

3. best with leather belt – Simplicity Panama Style Trilby Fedora Straw Sun Hat with Leather Belt

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Next up is another Simplicity Hat but this is crafted from fabric with a cool leather belt and metal buckle on the brim. This style of fedora is familiar in many Spy movies so, it’s a perfect choice if you’re a true fan of “007” and “Impossible Mission”.

The full-black look with minimal design creates a perfect mystery to add up the cool vibe for any gentlemen. But I think it is kind of weird if you style it with a long coat and suit while this hat is built for casual and classic use. You can go it for smart casual look as well.

To me, this is a multi-functional hat since it plays a good role in protecting your head and face against UV rays or sunburn even though the brim is classically short. On the other hand, it delivers a unique look to your outfit.

While the fabric works its best in protecting your head and hair, it’s also durable and lightweight to ensure the best comfort to its wearer.

4. Best cotton fedora – Classic Trilby Short Brim 100% Cotton Twill Fedora Hat with Band

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If you’re a sweat guy, choosing a full-black fedora that’s crafted from 100% high-quality cotton will be the safest choice.

First off, on those sunny days, it gives one less worry about sweat stains on your hat and secondly, good cotton material will absorb moisture decently to avoid ruining your hairstyle while keeping your head cool during the day.

Like other good fedora hats in this list, is the variable size chart to ensure fitting numerous head sizes. But differing from Fancet, this comes in a bit different size chart: Small/Medium and Large/X-large.

While the S/M gives snug fit to 21 7/8 – 22 inches of circumstance, the L/XL is within a range of 22 5/8 – 23 inches. Don’t worry about the brim and crown size. They won’t change – 4” brim height and 2” brim width. The decorated band is about 1” wide and a bit pity that it can’t be removed.

The MIRMARU twill fedora is designed with a bit folded brim and tear shape on top to create a perfect classic look, which is the key feature making this hat meet all kinds of versatility. You can style it both casual or formal looks with shorts, jeans, and suits.

From my experience, I believe that it can soup up your full-black outfit to be more stylish and be you.

5. Best vintage fedora – Lisianthus Men & Women Vintage Wide Brim Fedora Hat with Belt Buckle

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Talking about the Lisianthus Vintage Fedora, I really appreciate how thoughtful of this brand as they include a separate image to give a detail instruction on how to measure the size of your head and find the most suitable option.

Besides, are various colorways to choose from. Unlike other brands, the ones from Lisianthus is quite diverse in color spectrum, spreading from the bright to the dark tones.

A special feature about this fedora is an adjustable strap placed on the inside, which I found really helpful to get the best fit to your head. Compared to the previous fedora hats that I’ve just introduced to you, this one is higher in the crown and wider in the brim. But in terms of the heft, it’s rather lightweight.

Some research lets me know that it’s crafted from a material blend of 35% polyester and 65% cotton. It’s also the reason why the hat is such soft and comfortable to the touch while providing decent breathability to my head.

If taking a closer look, you will see a classic leopard print belt. Look so cool and fashionable! I suggest this type of hat for people who are finding a bit fancy item for lounging at the club, bar, and beach. Or, a present for a party guy won’t make him disappointed on his birthday.

6. Best manhattan fedora- Simplicity Unisex Timelessly Classic Manhattan Fedora Hat

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Seem like I am a fan of Simplicity, huh? But I won’t deny that because of the fact that fedora hats from this brand is really diverse and each of them delivers a particular vibe to suit perfectly some specific occasions of yours.

Like this unisex design, it really contains strong “Manhattan” vibe in every single stitch and angle. With four color options: Black, Grey, Brown, and Navy, it’s a good choice for both men and women to complement your vintage style.

If it’s a musical party, dance, plays, or theater performance, I bet this is going to be the best highlight of your outfit. Designed with a narrow brim, teardrop crease, and short crown, it boasts a classy look of a gentleman. Don’t you think?

7. Best for Sun Protection – Lanzom Men Wide Brim Straw Foldable Roll up Hat Fedora Summer Beach Sun Hat UPF50+

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Next up is a new brand called Lanzom. It’s actually a newcomer in this industry but I think I was lucky to have a chance to try it. The price is quite affordable, under $15 with various choice of colors and sizes.

Particularly, the straw of this model is carefully chosen from the top-quality material with emphasis on skin-friendly feature. If you usually find the skin area in your forehead turns red or itchy after wearing a straw cap, chances are that you have sensitive skin or that item is too stiff and unpleasant to yours.

I’m one of those guys, too. Hence, I understand how uncomfortable of that feeling and to be honest, I’m usually afraid of wearing such kind of material when it comes to summer fedora. That’s why you should trust me when I assure that this product causes to harm to your skin since I’ve tried it a couple of weeks during my trip to Thailand.

The sunlight there was really harsh and I felt so thankful that the brim of this hat is designed widely enough to cover not only my entire face but also my neck. Particularly, it can protect me against the UV rays excellently.

From my research, this’s equipped with strong anti-UV function of UPF 50+, which is amazing. The best thing is you can fold it in half for easier transporting or crush to clean it if there’s any stains. Since crafted from straw, it dried out quickly that just through a night, it’s ready to continue your trip.

8. Best with cloth band – Livingston Unisex Summer Straw Structured Fedora Hat w/Cloth Band

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The silhouette of this fedora hat reminds me a lot about Bruno Mars. It brings a unique vibe of an artist. With tightly woven straw, the hat is quite breathable and lightweight.

With a bit pinched on the frontside while teardrop shape on the crown, it brings a nice jazz-musician look or a freedom spirit. If you’ve got a friend who is also a musician or a singer, I think he’s going to love this like crazy.

Because of the shorter brim, in terms of functionality, this hat will only cover maximumly to your eyes. In turns, it’s really good at sweat absorption, breathability, and ventilation.

The straw material also highlights the lightness and quick dry-out ability that you can style it every day.

Thinking of this hat as a colored summer item for your Hawaii outfit isn’t a bad idea at all. It even adds style to your look while protecting your head, forehead, and face against sunlight efficiently.

9. Best straw fedora – Fedora Straw Fashion Sun Hat Packable Summer Panama Beach Hat Men Women 56-62CM

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Fedora hats from Comhats are really outstanding. For example, this mixed-color design with a natural crown and red on the brim.

Compared to other straw hats, the material of this product is a little bi thinner, turns out it’s easier to fold in half and conveniently stay inside your luggage, suitcase, or pocket without fears of deforming. Does it make sense?

The size of this hat is also more variable, including Small, Medium, Large, and X-large, fitting a head circumstance range of 56 to 62 centimeters.

During a long flight, can’t deny that the hat will get some mark but to regain its shape isn’t a hard thing. Just place it in your bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower. Steam will help you solve that problem as easily as a piece of cake.

Some colorways of this fedora line will have a waist band, delivering a unique classy look with more attractiveness and distinction. I highly recommend this for beach vacation, cruise, or outdoor activities. Do you agree with me?

10. Best for winter – Belfry Gangster 100% Wool Stain Resistant Crushable Dress Fedora in Black Grey Navy Brown Pecan

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The very first gangster fedora hat in this list. It’s made out of high-grade wool material to highlight an unfamiliarly soft touch. Besides, for cold-weather wearing, it’s really warm and comfortable to keep your head cozy whenever going outdoors.

The best thing about this premium material is the capability to resist water and stain. On the inside, you will find an extra layer with sweatband to absorb moisture effectively. Don’t think that during cold days, you don’t sweat. When wearing a hat for hours, no matter which season is out there, you still sweat.

So, while considering a warm hat, choose a breathable one as well. Luckily, the Belfry Gangster Fedora has that feature. It’s perfect for travel and the fabric also allows you to crush for easier maintenance or fold up for portability.

But a bit differing from other hats above, this is more suitable for special occasions due to its traditional gangster look. Take a look, it’s 4” high crown and 2 3/8” wide brim – something that you only find in the 1920’s era gangsters.

So, in general, I will suggest this for office functions, weddings, proms, affair, derbies, or parties. Plays, musicals, or dances performances are also a good chance to style it as well.

11. Best costume fedora – Funny Party Hats Black Gangster Hat – Black Fedora Hats – Costume Hats – Costume Accessories

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For those who are looking for the best costume fedora, this Funny Party Hat will be the best choice ever to pop up your cool look at any 1920’s themed parties or Halloween parties.

On daily outfits, I think it will be an interesting piece to add personality to your look. Or, you can try to match it with suit to create impressive smart casual style.

In general, it’s a wonderful item for any classic wise men to add a fashion flair while for the price, it’s unbeatable. Since crafted from compressed paper or cardboard, it’s super-lightweight that hardly you can feel there’s something on your head.

But at the same time, take note that there will be no way to clean it if there’s a stain or dirt stuck on the hat. So, you should carefully store it when the holiday is off.

12. Best with teardrop crown – Bailey of Hollywood Men’s Billy Fedora with Teardrop Crown

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What I really impress on Billy Fedora is their signature style that’s practical enough to use daily with the best comfort while hip enough to pop you up in any social occasions. The hat features a 1.625” snap-brim width with a teardrop crown that reflects perfectly an iconic Hollywood “Golden Age” and a Western heritage.

For those who don’t know, Bailey is a famous brand specialized in headwear. They have a long-standing history since 1922 and their products are well-loved by the outstanding sophistication and craftmanship.

This Billy Fedora isn’t an exception to Bailey. It’s crafted from 55% high-quality toyo poly-braid fabric and 45% polyester to emphasize two things: Durability and Style.

With an array of catchy colorways, I’m sure that you will find at least one favorite option from their collection.

13. Best for Jazz musician – Sedancasesa Unisex Fedora Straw Sun Hat Paper Summer Short Brim Beach Jazz Cap

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Sedancesesa Fedora hat gives you 4 different sizes to choose from, which is great. And the greater thing is it’s designed with environment in mind. The whole hat is crafted from 100% high-quality paper.

Yes, paper! But don’t worry, it is durable enough to hold up well under variable weathers and abuse while inheriting many outstanding benefits that only paper material has. They are the decent lightness, great sweat absorption, and packable ability.

Regardless, it’s include an adjustable tape under the sweatband and a simple fashionable ribbon band on the outside.

Considering its stylish and unique vibe, I highly suggest this hat for formal affairs like weddings, date night, derbies, and prom. Or, wearing it for special occasions like a Jazz performance isn’t a bad idea at all, huh?

14. best dress fedora – Belfry Crushable Dress Fedora Men’s Vintage Style Hat 100% Pure Wool in Black Blue Grey Pecan Brown and Striped Bands

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Another formal hat for special occasions and formal affairs with emphasis on packable capability and comfort. The most outstanding feature lies in its traditional gangster look created from a 4” crown and a 2 3/8” brim.

Combining with an utterly soft wool material, it emulates a classic look that might you once or twice saw in 1920s-era films.

The biggest bonuses of wool are its extra warmth, softness and also, attractiveness for the wearers. Besides, it’s able to resist stains pretty well and offer a crushable design that you can easily bounces the hat back to its original shape no matter it’s been a long-distance trip.

Like other good fedoras in this list, is the additional sweatband on the inside, taking the vital role of holding hat’s shape and wicking moisture. Don’t worry if you’re a sweat guy because this powerful component can handle it excellently.

15. best with widest brim – Comhats SIGGI Straw Panama Fedoras Packable Men Casual Summer Trilby Hat Women 55-61CM

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Comhats SIGGI hat provides a bit less sizes than other counterparts in this list. In turns, each of them is adjustable to fit variable head sizes. That’s a big thank you to the added drawstring attached on the inside of the sweatband.

Crafted from breathable kind of material, the hat is freakily cool and comfortable to wear during sunny days or summer season. Besides, it’s crafted from 100% natural fiber jute straw, the hat is super-lightweight and anti-overheated perfectly.

Never mind of its sun protection ability, you can wear it for gardening if you like because the hat is equipped with a sweatband and navy plaid lining.

Like the Sedancasesa, there’s a small decoration ribbon on the outside of the hat and this makes the hat look more unisex for extra versatility.

In terms of functionality, this is really variable. It’s formal enough to dress for a derby party occasion or casual enough to mix and match with jeans.

How to choose the best fedora hats for men (Buying guide)

Brim width & crown height/shape

When it comes to these two elements, fedora has a wide range of selections.

Like with lapel width, shoulder styles, and jacket length, you should focus on your own proportion as well. With that being said, you aren’t required having to play to your facial structure, however, be conscious of the concept you are planning to follow (at least).

Once determining the shape of your go-to fedora hat already, now, it’s time to make a decision of the ribbon width.

Ribbon width

There’s a basic rule of thumb: the wider the ribbons (with a bow), the more formal look it brings.

If “casual” and “Western” style is what you are following than yeah, come to choose a fedora hat designed with a large, wide ribbon.

Brim treatment

Same thing with the brim treatment, it’ll be more traditional if there’s a snap upturned back and front.

Conversely, for those who are looking for a dressed-down look, the brim treatment should be up all around.


It’s a preference issue, however, you also should consider a suitable color to mix and match with the occasions you intend to wear it to. The safest choices are brown and grey.

Besides, there are many fabric texture, either polished and plain or rough and grainy. Again, it’s a personal preference.

To ensure you’re not styling your hat wrongly, rely on this basic rule of thumb – always contrasting your outfit with your hat while avoiding the matchy-matchy look.

For example, a grey fedora will mix perfectly with a navy suit or brown one. On the contrary, a brown hat will particularly match with green or grey outfit. Since then, brown will usually bring a more casual look than wearing a grey hat.

How to style with fedora hat

Choose a suitable suit for your fedora hat

Yeah, fedoras aren’t just a seasonal item to keep your head warm during winter or cool and breathable when the summer is on.

Based on the construction, fedora hats will create for your head to perfect work with specific kinds of suit. In the best cases, it’s perfect with a fuller cut suit (of course, it doesn’t need to be a 1940’s draped one. The key here is to focus on skinny pants and a close hugging jacket).

To prevent your head from looking so big, save your total proportion building by wearing an additional sweater, coat, or scarf.


1. What is a half fedora hat?

When surfing a bunch of fedora, chances are that you will see some models with “half fedora”. This term means the hat’s construction or (at least) the outlook has been mixed with another type of hat, such as derby. In some cases, this combination helps to give more casual look to the hat itself.

2. How should a fedora fit?

Choose a fedora hat that fit snugly to your head without leaving red mark on your skin. The best is it should rest mostly a finger’s width while the back brim is tilted up and the front side stays above your ears and eyebrows.

3. What’s the best Fedora brand?

Based on my experience, here are some best fedora brands that are worth a try:

  • Simplicity
  • Lisianthus
  • Lanzom
  • Livingston
  • Belfry
  • Bailey
  • Sedancasesa

4. How much does a fedora hat cost?

Fedoras comes in different price range. In general, an inexpensive hat will be within $25 to $60 while a costly model will be up to $100 in some cases.

The price depends on many elements, such as the brand reputation, material, and workmanship.

5. What is the difference between a fedora and a pork pie hat?

Well, the main difference between a fedora and a pork pie hat lies in their brim and crown.

Noticeably, the crease of a pork pie hat is circular in design (aka a telescope crown) while the crown’s top is pinched in.


One last note I’d like to share you is if you want to style a fedora hat like a fashionista whereas not wearing any brimmed hat before, chances are that you feel really weird on this very first time. You might think the pinch looks so awkward, the crown is so tall and the brim is so wide.

Don’t fret! It’s normal and be confident!

Just patiently give yourself time to get used to. Believe me, you’ll change your taste once acclimating to the style and begin trying others.

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