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In case you still have trouble telling a fedora hat from other hats. A fedora hat is a wide-brimmed hat with an indented crown. Commonly, fedora hats feature teardrop crowns, diamond crows with center dents. The position of the pinches can be different depending on the model. Most of the times, the crown height would be 11 cm (around 4.5 inches). The brim of the hat is usually 7 cm wide. In some models, the brim can be wider and left edged. Some cool fedora hats have a headband at the bottom of the crown, usually made of leather, sometimes feature a feather.

Some variations of the fedora hat are the foldaway and crushable fedora. They have an open crown which can be shaped in many different ways. Some even have a ventilated crown with grommets for better air circulation. Some cheap fedora hats include a chinstrap, which makes it more casual and sits still on your head.

Selecting the right fedora hat for men can be time-consuming. There’re thousands of different models, colors and sizes. It’s up to you to buy one for you. Here, we offer you 12 best fedora hats that are in our opinion, the best fedora hats for men.

01. Scala Classico Men’s Crushable Wool Felt Fedora


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Made from 100% wool, this hat will not only sit nicely on your head, it protects your hair from the harsh wind and the winter cold. With four different dark shades of grey, black, olive and chocolate, you will look like just came out of a 90s movie. Mix this hat with a Burnett trench coat and there will be no doubt about that.

This has been my first wool fedora in my collection and I must say that I’m satisfy with. This is a hat that I can roll up and pack for long trips. It also fits well for people with a round face. The hat is recommended for your winter collection since it would be a bit hot to wear it in the summer.

Since this hat only comes in one size, make sure that you fit. It’s not recommended to wear it when it’s too windy cause the winds may send your hat away.

02. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Wool Herringbone Band Classic Fedora Hat


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size: 9.50 x 11.00 x 4.50 inches with 1 inch brim.

Also made from 100% wool, this classic black fedora hat for men will ensure that you have a timeless piece of item on your head while being sleek and simple. The hat is also durable and it can fit well in your luggage as reshaping it is easy.

This classic fedora hat is suitable for many occasions, from formal occasions to parties and parades. It’s a must-have accessory for men. The hat features a herringbone band with a gray black crest circles the crown. Would definitely help you to standout in a crown with the distinctive look. It’s recommended to wear this hat with suit and tie. A casual look would work also.

Be mindful that this hat requires hand-wash. So don’t just throw it in the washing machine or you will regret. The brim of this hat might be too small to really cover your face from the sunlight.

03. Indiana Jones Men’s Wool Felt Water Repellent Outback Fedora with Grosgrain


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A water repellent fedora hat. It’s worn as a safari hat for excursions and trips while giving you the western cowboy look. This is also the style for roaming motorists. The hat is made totally out of wool felt so there’s no need to worry about the quality. It is really worth the price.

It only comes in black and brown but it looks best with these two colors. If you need a hat that can push away the cold, winds, snow while looking nice on your head, pick this one – a hat of quality and style. Many people have been complaining about how their hats cause irritation on their head but that is not the case for this one.

The hat doesn’t look so modern and it can be too big to be worn for a walk. It’s recommended to wear it when you’re on a bike, a car or a horse.

04. Brixton Men’s Messer Fedora Hat


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A simple fedora hat with many colors for you to choose from. This hat has a nice wide brim that can cover your face from the sunlight. The brim is so malleable that you can curve it just a little bit. You will look good and mature in this hat.

One of my friends wore this that to conference and needless to say, it leaves a signature of his image in the mind of people around him. It will add a stylish flair to your outfit that you may have never had before.
Although the hat is made from 100% wool to keep you warm and cozy, it requires being hand-washed so be careful not to toss it into the washing machine. Also, you should remove the leather band before washing the hat.

05. Belfry Bogart 100% Wool Men’s Dress Fedora in Gray


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Not a cheap fedora hat for men, but in return, you’ll receive a hat with quality and look. With a classic style while giving a glimpse of being trendy, this hat is suitable for all occasions, from a casual picnic to formal events. The hat only comes in one color: grey but it will surely give you a memorable look.

There are several sizes available so worry no more about your hat being too small or too big. The hat has been receiving positive feed backs from the buyers. Many say that besides the classy look that this hats brought them, the hat is shipped quickly and also fits nicely so only a few have returned the product. It takes care of the small spaces between your head and the hat so that it leaves no dent.
However, the brim of the hat can be hard to maintain its shape so you need to handle the hat with care.

06. Men’s Crushable Wool Felt PorkPie Fedora Hats Black DTHE09


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If you’re someone who likes a cheap fedora hat for men, take this one. Despite the low price, this hat will definitely look good on your head. Featuring a ribbon hatband with a small feather, this black fedora hat for men gives you a stylish and mysterious look.

If you’re looking for a budget-saving option as a gift for someone, this hat can create a sense of an expensive item while looking good on the head. The fabric is soft and pliable. This is overall a fun hat.

The low price of the hat also means that you can’t really expect this hat to protect your head and hair very well. Also, it will break and rip easier than other expensive hats so keep it well.

07. Peter Grimm Men’s Depp Fedora


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Another low-price fedora hat with a casual look. This hat is perfect for trips to the beach or outside of city. The stripes hatband helps the hat to look more interesting and stylish. There are 6 different colors for you to choose from (natural, black, brown, blue, rust, black-blue). This is a straw fedora hat for men so it works well on the sunny day as the small holes will keep your head cool and not being irritated.

It will also make a great small gift for your friends and family. The materials are polyester and paper which are good for hot days. You will get alto of compliments wearing this hat.
However, keep in mind that since the materials are not very durable, avoids squishing the hat into your luggage if you don’t want the hat to lose its shape.

08. Differenttouch Men’s 100% Wool Felt 53EH Round Top Pork Pie Short Brim Upturn Fedora Hats


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Size: M( 22.5″ ) , L( 23″ ) , XL ( 23.5″ )

Half pork pie hat and half fedora, the hat is small and neat but can attract a lot of attention due to the color and bright feather. The hat is made of 100% crushable wool which adds to the extra compacity. It keeps your head warm and your hair in shape while you’re out on the streets.

The hat has been reviewed to have super high quality which explains the high price. It will fit your head perfectly since there are three different sizes and the material is also crushable.

Make sure that you measure your head before buying this hat. Also, the color may fade quickly if the hat is washed with a machine. Wash it gently with your hands.

09. Stetson Men’s Wool Blend Fedora


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With a combination of 60% wool and 40% polyester, this hat offers you the classy look. It’s may not be a hat of look but it’s surely a hat of quality and convenience. The fabric is so durable that you can use this hat for a life time.

Travelling seems to be easier when you can easily fold this hat and put it in your luggage. Take it out and put it in your head when needed. With two simple colors brown and black, the hat brings back the 80s look which makes you look mature. The hat will protect your head from the cold rain while keeping your hair in shape on sunny day. It’s good for any casual occasions like picnic, sport games, driving.

The hat is surely durable, comfortable but if you’re really looking for a stylish hat, it would be a better idea to search for another one.

10. Brixton Men’s Wesley Fedora Hat


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Perfect hat for a bad hair day and romantic trips, this hat is made for people who enjoys wearing a cape and riding a motor. It adds extra balance to men with long hair. This timeless item will sit tightly on your head, making you look mysterious when covering your eyes away. Great hat for a western setting.

The hat is made of soft wool but its shape is held to a certain extent. The brim is adjustable which makes it easier for you to customize the hat. You can either be the rim on the sides of the hat or at the front to make it curvy. The top of the hat is shaped and is resistant to deformation.

Like I said, this is a timeless piece of item and it’s not easy to wear if you can’t mix it with your outfit. It’s only recommended for certain people.

11. Simplicity® Men / Women Summer Short Brim Straw Fedora


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A flexible choice for both men and women. This low-price fedora hat is perfect for casual occasions and trips to the beach. It creates a sense of relaxation and easy going on the bearer. The curvy brim is a stylish detail and it also protects your face from the sun.

The hat offers you a classy look. It’s quite comfortable to wear so you will forget that you’re wearing it after a while. The ribbon bands contrast the rest of the hat and at the same time, balancing the hat.

This is not a hat for formal occasions. It’s only used for the purpose of going out on a trip. The low price also means that it won’t last very long. So if you’re looking for a hat with quality, this may not be the one.

12. Extra Large Water Repellant UV Blocking Cotton Fedora Sun Protection Hat 2X, 3X


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Not everyone can find a hat for themselves when size can matter. For people who are still struggling to find a hat that is big enough for their head, we introduce you to this fedora hat with extra size (24 3/8 – 24 3/4 in).

The hat is made out of cotton which allows you to feel comfortable wearing it. The material adds extra elasticity to the hat so that it can fit into people with even bigger head. There are two small air holes on the sides of the hat which stimulates air circulation and keep your head cool. The hat works very well in protecting your head in sunny and rainy days. The hat can block up to 97% of UV rays.

Since the hat is made from cotton, it can easily lose its shape. So if you’re comfortable with it, you can buy it. But if you’re really searching for a hat with look, again, this may not be the one for you.

Fedora hat is a necessary item that marks the points of maturity and classy. It’s a timeless piece of item that can make your overall outfit much better and balance your look. It’s also a great backup plan for the days when you don’t have time to make your hair. However, you need to be cautious when selecting the style of the hat. Make sure that you do have time to try them on first before actually buying them.

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