Best Red Bottom Shoes for Men in 2019

Red color symbolizes for the aristocracy and power. In the fashion field, this is one of the most favorite color choices because it provides an elegant and luxurious look. For men, wearing red color needs much effort because if you do not know how to use, then you can look feminine instead of being fashionable. To stop this trouble, there are a large number of red bottom shoes for men released.

Wearing red shoes may be very difficult to mix with clothes because it is too outstanding and colorful. However, if you wear red bottom shoes, it is totally different, and you will have a perfect appearance. This is a smart combination of the designers to add the luxurious red color for men. Furthermore, you will no longer feel stressful when choosing outfits. Men will look more masculine, stylish and mysterious. To help you have more options, here I bring to you a collection of many red bottom shoes for men.

01. Men’s Air Cushion Athletic Running Shoes Lightweight Sport


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I spent much time on searching cheap red bottom shoes for men because at that time, I could not buy expensive shoes. In fact, I did not expect much on cheap shoes; however, this pair proved that I was wrong. The TQGOLD shoes are affordable and its quality is really good with a very fashionable style.

The first thing convinced me to buy these shoes was its red bottom. This pair looks great and I got it, which is the same as the photo on the website. My pair is a perfect combination between black and red. The red color is not only on the soles, but also on the heel. It met my requirements for the color.

In terms of design, this is one of the best men’s running shoes that impresses with a perfect outlook. It is made from textile with the rubber sole. These materials make it lighter to help wearers feel more comfortable when moving. Furthermore, the textile material is soft enough to prevent your foot from blisters or redness after wearing. Besides, this type of material is breathable and reduce sweating. The sole is added an extra cushioning to resist slipping. You can go wherever you want without being worried about terrains. The mesh upper gives the wearers the air.

These shoes are lightweight, so you can wear all day long. In addition, they are flexible to walk or run on the streets. You will regret, if you ignore this pair because it is extremely useful and you can take the best use of it for many purposes, such as casual, running, sport, walking, athletic or jogging shoes. This pair is also a perfect gift for your relatives, or friends.

02. ASICS Men’s Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe

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The next pair I want to recommend here is the ASICS men’s split second 9 wrestling shoes. Although this pair does not have red bottoms as the above pair, I still want to put it in this list because of its comfort and style. At the first sight, you may not have any impression with this pair; however, you should try it on and enjoy the difference.

Compared to other pairs, the ASICS shoes are much more comfortable. Their materials are synthetic and mesh. The mesh is added to provide the maximum comfort for the wearers. You will not feel hot or sweat much when you wear these shoes in the hot weather. To serve all purposes as hiking, playing sports, walking or running, these shoes came with rubber soles. The rubber material reduces the weight of the shoes to help the wearers feel lighter and more comfortable to wear.

In this day and time, no one likes classic and old-fashioned shoes because they can make you look messy and out of date. Due to this reason, when choosing shoes, it is very important to update the trend. You can’t follow the fashion trend all the time, but do not fall behind. This is a pair of high ankle shoes with a combination of black, silver and red. These colors are harmonious to bring a good look. Besides, the split sole design makes it more different from the old designs.

03. CMM Men’s Luxury Penny Slip-On Loafer Party Dancing Smoker Shoes

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Back to the red bottom shoes, here is a CMM pair. If you are a fan of slip – on, I’m sure that you will love this pair. This pair is covered black, except the red bottoms. If you prefer full red color, there is another option for you. This pair is awesome with high quality material. Its upper part is made from soft suede when touching it, you will feel soft and smooth. The soft suede upper mixed with rubber sole to bring an eye-catching design.

The quality sole provides the best comfort for the wearers, which can extend the longevity and durability of this pair of the black red bottom shoes for men. I bought this pair last year and wore it many times, but its form is the same. The heel of these shoes is a low block to bring you the look of an effortless slip – on style. With the leather lining and cushioned heel, these shoes are worthy to invest. Your foot will be protected carefully and you will have a comfortable feeling all the time.

The CMM shoes are a good choice for every man. You can take the use of this pair for working or casual wear. Besides, it is suitable for the office environment with its formal look. You can mix this pair with jeans or trousers. Specially, this pair of shoes can fit all men because its size is up to 48.

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04. Puma Men’s Fierce Core Mono Ankle-High Leather Fashion Sneaker

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The next pair is of course Puma men’s fierce core mono ankle high leather fashion sneakers. If you are a big fan of the High-top red bottom shoes for men, you should add this pair into your collection. These shoes impressed customers in all over the world with a perfect design.

These shoes have gained the popularity to become one of the most favorite pairs on the market up to now. They do not have so many requirements to wear as the other pairs. Without laces or zipper, the Puma shoes are easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, inside, it is very soft and comfortable for wearing. Men will love these shoes. In addition to the comfort feeling, these shoes have high top. If you love outdoor activities, high top shoes are necessary for you. These sneakers will protect your toes from mud, snow or water.

These shoes look active, young and trendy. Although they are red from the body to the bottom, they are not feminine at all. Or even, these shoes will enhance your look. You will become a sportive guy when you wear them. The material of these shoes is synthetic. It has a mesh layer for breathability and comfort. The collar is padded to avoid hurting your ankles. This is a monochromatic design with the printed logo upper.

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05. Forfoot Men’s House Slippers Spring Warm Non-Slip Indoor Shoes

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Footwear is always the hunted items. Shoes are very important because they can protect us from the bad effects of the way we walk and the weather conditions as well. Therefore, everyone should find out a good pair of shoes for themselves. I have got one pair, which is called Forfoot men’s house slippers spring warm no slip indoor shoes for home.

This pair is made from polyester and short plush cloth. There are many color choices that you can refer on their website. I opted for navy blue with the red bottoms. As I mentioned above, in this article, I will focus more on red bottom shoes. I will introduce to you about this pair from outside. It is frankly to say that this pair is not for those who only love fashion. Because in comparison with other pairs, these sneakers are not excellent. However, the feeling it brings to the wearers is more precious.

The forfoot men’s house slippers are very comfortable with the cushioned insole. You can walk all day without any problem. Furthermore, the same as the Puma pair, this pair belongs to the high-top group to keep your foot away being dirty. It is no slip bottom to help you get on well with all kinds of floor. The Forfoot shoes are ideal for kitchen, bedroom, study room or dining room. Generally speaking, they are for indoor casual wear.

06. Skechers Men’s Go Golf Pro 3 Lx Golf Shoe


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In terms of golf essentials, shoes with spikes are favorite items of all people in the world with the regardless of gender or age because this kind of shoes can keep them balance and anti – slip. I can take the red bottom shoes for men with spikes as an example.

My friend convinced me to buy these shoes and I agreed because of their red bottom and spikes. Fortunately, they did not disappoint me. The upper part of these shoes is made from leather, which features waterproof to help you enjoy your outdoor activities freely. The rubber soles with spikes are wonderful. Thanks to this pair, I can join in any activities I want without concerning to the terrains.

The outsole design is quick release, full contact, sleek and low profile. Besides, the manufacturer applied the midfoot technology to provide more support for the wearers. You will be always in the balanced status with the lock heel feature. Aside with these great functions, this pair of Skechers shoes provides a secure fit.

This pair can be used for a very long time. If the spikes do not work as you want, you can replace them easily. All in all, this pair is much better than what I expected. It is fashionable, durable and comfortable.

07. Justyourstyle Men’s Velvet Loafers Slippers with Gold Buckle Wedding Dress Shoes Slip-on Smoking Flats

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The Justyourstyle men’s velvet loafers slippers with gold buckle wedding dress shoes are the real red bottom shoes for men. They own many good features that we need for shoes.

This is a slip-on style, which is easy to put on and looks formal. If you love gentleman style, this pair is right for you. The Justyourstyle shoes are stylish with the velvet upper. Besides, there is a gold tiger buckle used for decorating. These shoes can be mixed with both jeans and trousers.

The Justyourstyle shoes are made from poly cotton and rubber soles. Although their material is poly cotton, it is easier to clean than you think. You just need a soft brush to clean. It has quilted lining and enables to keep your foot dry.

Apart from red color, there are other classic color for you to choose, such as black, white and blue. These colors are not only fashionable, but also impressive. You will look more outstanding from the crowd with these shoes, which are the gentlemen’s taste. The white red bottom shoes for men are amazing for all occasions, such as banquet, prom, party, wedding, events, or tuxedo.

08. HI&HANN Spikes and Diamonds Men’s Glitter Leather Shoes Slip-on Loafer Smoking Slipper

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Many people said that a good pair of shoes will take you to a good destination. This sentence is used to show the importance of choosing shoes. When you pick a pair of shoes, there are many factors that affect your decision. HI&HANN is a suggestion for you. It is considered as the best casual red bottom shoes for men.

The HI&HANN shoes are unique with the spikes upper. Different from the Skechers shoes, which have soles with spikes, spikes here are used to decorate. It has two color choices available, including silver and gold. I chose silver because I like bright colors.

You do not need to worry about the size because the sizes of these shoes are proper. This brand follows the size chart of both ADIDAS and NIKE brands to provide you the right sizes for men. The products of this brand can fit all foot sizes. The HI &HANN is made from full grain leather. This type of material is a symbol of the luxury and elegance, so this pair is a smart choice for all men. It won’t make you look old, but active, and fashionable.

The Hi&HANN shoes have a rich style to transform yourself. They are ideal for any occasions from casual to formal events, such as party, having holiday and wedding. Your styles will be more various and impressive.

09. Justyourstyle Men’s Leather Loafers Spikes Slippers Dress Shoes Slip-on Flats Long Rivet Party Shoes

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Because the Justyourstyle shoes are very special, so I can’t wait to introduce another version of this brand for you. This pair of shoes has a different color, which is black with red bottoms. Black and red are a perfect combination. Black stands for the mystery and elegance, while the red color is for the luxury. This Justyourstyle pair is a type of slip – on for easy wearing. This pair is no less than the Gucci red bottom shoes for men.

All these shoes are made from leather with rubber soles. They have leather upper with black and spikes is added to provide us a luxurious and impressive look. The lines are 100 percent of leather to keep your foot comfortable and always dry. No more feeling wet and uncomfortable.

The same as the other slip – on shoes, this pair is a good choice for all occasions. You can wear this pair to participate in wedding parties, or events. Besides, these shoes own an elegant look, so it is a wonderful selection for formal events. Furthermore, if you are fed up with the sportive style and want to try formal shoes, you should opt for this pair. To make sure that this pair fits your foot perfectly, a larger size is better.

10. VOEN Mens Casual Walking Shoes Blade Outdoor Sport Sneakers Mesh Breathable Fashion Shoe

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Another should have pair is the VOEN men’s casual walking outdoor blade outdoor sport sneakers. There remains a huge number of different color choices for you to choose. But I saw the red color shoes are the most outstanding. The VOEN shoes have a special blade sole design. If you look from outside, the sole is like S shaped. The soles are made from rubber, which offers a good elasticity. The wearers will bring the wearers comfortable experience.

Two best features of these shores are flexibility and convenience. The VOEN sneakers are suitable for sports, such as running, hiking, walking, or playing sports because they can be bent freely for easy putting on and taking off. Besides, the VOEN casual sneakers also can be worn for daily gym, jogging or physical exercises.

The VOEN shoes can last for a long time and they are very safe. The cushioning outsole is strong enough and your foot is protected sharply. They are available with the breathable mesh that protect you from being exposed to the damp conditions.  These active shoes are flexible and lightweight. You will not have any complaint with blistering, squeezing or rubbing toes.

11. ONEMIX Running Shoes Men Air Cushion Lightweight Sport Shoes

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The last red bottom shoes in this list are the ONEMIX running shoes men air cushion lightweight sport shoes. Although these shoes are not from big brands as the louis vuitton red bottom shoes for men, it still has differences. The ONEMIX is made from synthetic with air cushion sole.

The soft lining design provides a perfect fit and optimum comfort for the wearers. Furthermore, these sneakers combine between multi – directional stretch mesh and upper technology to get the stretchable reinforcements. The mesh is super soft, and breathable. The wearers will not feel tight or loose, but fit like gloves.

Many athletes choose the ONEMIX shoes to serve their matches. This pair brings the cushioning properties and bounce back. It provides the durability and good support. The outsole of these sneakers is slippery resistance to protect you from the varied surfaces. More importantly, the ONEMIX shoes are ideal for indoor sports, travelling, workout, running, outdoor activities, and walking. Stretch lining provides an awesome support to help you have good performances and comfortable feeling. In the moisture or smooth conditions, the ONEMIX shoes still keep the wearers balance.

These are all best red bottom shoes for men that I have had. I love red bottom shoes because they are awesome and have necessary features, which can wear in both hot and cold weather. These pairs meet all needs for the footwear, which are durable, comfortable, and stylish.lish.

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