Best Track Jackets for Men You Shouldn’t Miss Out

The fashion field has developed in recent years to make way for brands releasing new designs to satisfy their customers. In this day and time, most people love sport style because it looks young and active. To meet this need of buyers, there remains a huge number of clothes, which follow the sporty style and track jacket is an example.

The winter is coming, so we will need a jacket instead of shirts or T-Shirt. The jacket is always the best choice for this season because it is warm enough and not too big. In the past, track jackets were bulky and out of date; however, now, they are more fashionable with new designs, and patterns. Here is the best collection for track jackets.

01. Track Motorcycle Biker Armor Men Leather Jacket

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The first jacket that I found when searching for the champion track jacket is one from Jackets 4 bikes brand. I’m interested in riding bikes and motorbike; therefore, I need a jacket to wear in the coming winter and I got this one.

This jacket surprised me a lot right at the first sight. It is totally different from my old jackets at home. Although it is not too thick as coats on the advertisements, it is really warm and I believe that it can help me resist the cold weather condition. The most attractive factor of this jacket is its design. the motorcycle track jacket has an innovative design and a stylish look.

The Motorcycle track jacket is a perfect combination between the elegance and luxury, but you will not look old. It is made from the cowhide leather to give the wearers a luxurious look. You will be transformed into a masculine man and on trend. In addition to the cowhide leather material, this track jacket has reflective stripes on chest, back and sleeves.

A very special feature of this jacket is 5 removable armor sections for elbows, shoulders and back. Besides, its inside quilted liner is also removed easily. To be easy for wearing, this jacket has a front zipper closure and collar snap button. If you want to hold some items, you can put them into two front zipper pockets. This polo track jacket can fit any men because of its side waist adjustments and its sizes are ranging from small to large.

02. Southpole Men’s Full-Zip Athletic Track Jacket

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The Southpole will bring you back to the age of the 90s track jacket. This jacket follows the designs of the old versions; however, it is updated to keep up with the trend. I believe that the Southpole men’s full zip athletic track jacket is perfect for anyone.

If you love exercises and want to join in serious running in every morning, don’t let the cold weather stop you from your hobbies. Just need to invest a Southpole track jacket and everything will be fine. At first, the Southpole jacket is one of the bestselling products of this brand with various color choices. I ordered it and had to wait long to get it. Looking at the outside, this jacket is thin and has an active style. I have got a black color mixed with two white stripes along the arms.

An advantage you can get when wearing the Southpole jacket is water resistant. You can feel free to take part in any activities you want because it is made from 100 percent polyester. In the winter, no one wants to be wet, so polyester is an ideal material. Furthermore, this kind of material enables to resist the wind to keep you warm.

Many people are worried about sweating when doing exercises, but I don’t care about that. I tried this jacket one and felt completely comfortable. Even when I ran and sweated a lot, there is no uncomfortable, strange or wet feeling, because it has a good absorbability to keep us airy and breathable.

In terms of style, I think this eptm track jacket is ok, but not too trendy. There are two styles for the wearers. You can wear as normal jackets or you can stand up the collar to create a new style by taking the full zip. The same as the above jacket, the Southpole jacket is opened and closed by a zipper closure. Besides, if the Southpole jacket is available in both boys and little boy sizes, so you can gift it to anyone you want.

03. adidas Men Originals SST Relaxed Track Jacket

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The Adidas track jacket is the most hunted item in recent years. Adidas is considered as one of the most reputable brands in the world and their products are really outstanding from the quality to the style. This Adidas jacket is also enlisted in the top best track jacket for men.

I will give something I like about this jacket first, before pointing out the things I do not like. To keep this jacket on shape all the time, there are an elastic waist and wrist. By using elastic, the Adidas jacket will always fit you perfectly. In terms of style, it is quite young and sporty.

You will never feel uncomfortable when you wear this jacket because it is not too tight or too loose. It is more suitable for those who like free style. The color of this jacket is black, but it is highlighted with 3 white stripes along the arms. Black and white color always get on well to give the harmonious look.

This jacket looks fun with a small logo sewn on the left chest. Moreover, it consists of zip pockets to let you carry whatever you want, such as keys, or wallet. The only thing that I do not like about this Adidas jacket is that it does not water proof. Sometimes, this red adidas track jacket is quite inconvenient.

04. US Soccer Jacket, Official USA Track Jacket

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I’m a big fan of soccer that is the reason why I spent a lot of time searching for a jacket, which is the same as their soccer players. I found this USA track jacket when surfing the internet and I ordered it.

To be honest, I did not expect much on this jacket because simply, I just want to imitate the professional players; however, it exceeds my expectation. This US soccer jacket is better than what I thought before. With the new and creative design, the US soccer jacket is really fashionable. Specially, it can fit both men and women. It is a great idea to pick up this jacket as couple wears.

The front and back colors are the same, which are dark blue. Furthermore, on the back, there is a red piece added to highlight and it runs as a stripe along the arms. A USA logo is sewn on the left chest. This USA soccer jacket also has elastic waist and wrist to maintain the shape all the time. This jacket will help you have a neat and active look.

This official US soccer jacket is quite warm and suitable for the cold weather. This sst track jacket does not affect your moving speed or activities. Its zipper closure is designed for easy putting on and taking off. There are two side pockets for storage.

05. Sicily Track Jacket

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The Vintage track jacket is what I’m always looking for. I do not like a normal sporty jacket because they are filled up on the market and nothing is special for me. However, the vintage track jacket is different because they are artistic.

You will never look boring or messy with this type of track jacket. Fortunately, I found one that met all my needs, which is called as a Sicily track jacket. This track jacket is added by some colorful pieces to make it look more interesting. It works well for all people.

In terms of material, I’m not sure much about its material; however, it is elasticity to fit all types of body. When you wear this jacket, you will feel very comfortable. Furthermore, the Sicily track jacket can keep your upper body warm. With this jacket, you do not need to worry about the weather anymore. Concerning to the style, this jacket is unique and stylish. You will look younger and more outstanding with this track jacket.

In addition, the Sicily track jacket has various sizes to fit both men and women. It is a good selection of outdoor activities. Besides, you can wear it as your fall jacket to resist a little bit cold weather. If you want, you can take the full zipper to look more fashionable.

06. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Fleece Full Zip Track Jacket

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The combination between polyester and cotton is always perfect to provide the best feeling for the wearers. The US polo Assn track jacket is made from 80 percent of cotton and 20 percent of polyester. These materials bring you the comfort to let you have wonderful experiences when you wear it.

For men, there are not many jacket designs as women and most of their design are the same. However, this track jacket is not the same because the designers are very talent to mix some white stripes to highlight this jacket. On both left and right chest are sewn a number and logo. These signs look fun and young.

The shape of this jacket is ideal for any men. There are two inset pockets, which are at the waist for storage. You can keep some small belongings such as phone, keys, and wallet. This US polo Assn jacket is suitable for all activities, such as running, walking, playing sports, or camping. Also, if you intend to go trekking in this season, do not forget to bring one with you. The elastic wrist and waist make it fit and do not loose when moving.

07. Black-Hunter Camo Track Jacket

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If you like adventurous trips and want to discover new things, there is one thing that you are obligatory to prepare, which is track jacket, especially and camo track jacket. I have got a black hunter camo track jacket and feel like it works effectively for hunting trips.

When looking at this jacket at the first time, you may feel that this jacket is too colorful with a lot of patterns. However, it will not make you look feminine. It is cooler rather than fashionable. If you like, you can order their pants. However, you should order early because its quantity is limited.

This long sleeve jacket is extremely thin to help the wearers feel light. The black hunter camo track jacket is made from fabric, which is skin free. You will always feel soft, thin, and comfortable. Although this jacket does not have elastic wrist and waist as the other jackets, it brings the best comfort. I don’t highly recommend this jacket for the cold weather. I did not feel warm much when I wear it. But, for other weather conditions, it is perfect. With an affordable price, you should collect it.

08. adidas Originals Men’s Originals Franz Beckenbauer Tracktop

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Adidas is a very famous sportswear brand on the market up to now. It is not strange when another Adidas track jacket appears in this list. Each version of Adidas jackets always surprises the customers. This brand has a tendency to enhance and apply creative ideas for new versions to provide the new experiences to serve their buyers.

The original track jacket is one of the best selections. With the original version, this track jacket is not too colorful or complicated, but simple and beautiful. I highly recommend the collegiate royal color because this color is light enough and not old. It can be suitable for all ranges of age. Apart from this color, there are some other color choices, such as black, rust red, vapor grey, and tribe yellow. The Adidas original beckenbauer tracktop has elastic wrist and waist for a perfect form.

This jacket is made from 52 percent cotton and 48 percent polyester. Due to these materials, it is super light. The zipper closure is for putting on and taking off more easily. Because it comes from one of the most reputed brands, its quality is always guaranteed. To take care of the beckenbauer track jacket is easy and save time. You can wash by hand or washing machine.

09. NIKE Mens N98 Tribute Track Jacket

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Another brand that competes with Adidas is Nike. These are two big brands in the fashion industry. To develop their brands, they always produce high quality products, fashionable and reasonable price to attract customers. Although this Nike jacket is not the best one, it is thin and warm enough.

This n98 track jacket is made from synthetic. This type of material does not do harm for the wearer’s skin. Furthermore, it features light, durable and comfortable. This is a mixture between 55 percent cotton and 45 percent polyester. Specially, this Nike track jacket has various colors ranged from 10 to 12 colors.

The NIKE brand uses a drawstring closure to wear easily. Wrist and waist are elastic to keep the shape of the jacket. It is the best choice for the winter with the mock neck zips up to our chin. Besides, it has the Raglan sleeves to allow the flexible motion. You can do all activities without worrying. Hem and rib cuffs provide a comfortable and snug fit. Also, this Nike has side zip pockets for safe storage. These pockets have enough space for holding some personal things.

10. NHL Detroit Red Wings CCM Fleece Track Jacket

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The next track jacket is a light color one. This jacket does not come from a very famous brand as Nike or Adidas. It is the product of a fairly popular brand called Reebok. This brand has just launched a lot of fashionable sporty collections. From outside, this jacket has a basic design with a slogan on the chest.

This jacket is grey. Its design is simple, less textured and rational color scheme. There are only a few color lines in the wrist, waist, and collar. But these colors become the highlight of the jacket to make it look more fashionable and youthful. Because of its simplicity, you can mix with other clothes easily. if you do not have an eye for fashion, you should opt for this jacket because it is quite safe for combining. In addition, this will also an appropriate choice for dynamic style activities.

The sizes of this jacket vary from small to extra-large. There are two side pockets to carry necessary items. If you are planning on picking clothes for the next coming winter, do not forget to put it on your list. Generally speaking, this reebok track jacket is extremely comfortable and classy look.

11. Champion Men’s Performance Fleece Full-Zip Jacket

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The next jacket is Champion men’s performance fleece full – zip jacket. The Champion has five color choices, including athletic royal black, black, stone gray, scarlet, and stone gray. I opted for black color. This full black jacket looks awesome.

The Champion jacket is made from 100 percent polyester, which is waterproof. It is perfect with great material. I wore it many times and there is no problem. I love this jacket not because of its style, but light wear. The champion always gives me the best performance, warmth and comfort. I often wear it to take part in various activities. I can move my arms freely without any obstruction.

Furthermore, if you are worried about the moisture when you work, this jacket will put an end to your worry. It comes with a moisture management technology, which enables to wick the moisture away from your skin to keep you airy and breathable. There are no smell and sweat during walking, running, playing sports and so on. The side pockets are added for keeping belongings. Although these pockets are not too big, they are enough for cell phone, key or wallet. This jacket is quite tight, so you can show your muscles and have a masculine look.

12. adidas Men’s Essentials 3-Stripe Tricot Track Jacket

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The third Adidas track jacket is the essentials 3 stripe tricot track jacket. As I mentioned above, Adidas is my favorite brand. It is the reason why I collected many Adidas track jackets. Different from coats, track jacket has a unique beauty to bring the best comfort and outstanding style for the wearers.

This Adidas design has nearly twenty color choices, so you can feel free to choose your favorite color, based on your preference. This jacket has some pretty cool colors, and weird. If you want to try new things, do not be afraid of putting them into your collection. Because I am a simple person, I chose a black one.

The first impression of this jacket is probably light, thin and quite easy to wear. When wearing it, I felt like I did not wear a jacket and the winter became easier for men. This jacket is light enough, but warm enough. When we participate in activities, no one likes a thick and hot jacket at all. This Adidas can meet these needs. Its material is 100 other fibers and it has the ability of offering easy on and off with the full – zip front. Besides, this Adidas has side pockets, which are very convenient for storage.

13. Nike Men’s Rio Full Zip Track Jacket

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Next is another jacket from the famous NIKE brand. I do not know how I liked it, but this jacket is really far from my thought. Before buying this, I just thought that I needed a thin jacket to take part in some outdoor activities. But this jacket is different from the ordinary ones because it is both fashionable and warm. In the winter, I just wear it to be able to run or walk outdoors without feeling cold.

Another point that I quite like about this jacket is its material. This Nike men’s Rio full zip track jacket is made from 100 percent of polyester. The only highlight of this short and light coat is the small Nike logo on the right chest. Although the decoration is simple, it looks pretty and fashionable. You will be a few years old younger when wearing it. The boys look more active and energetic.

In addition, each side of this jacket’s chest has two white lines. These lines also contribute to make it look not monotonous. The form of this jacket is not too tight. If you mix with jeans, you will look better. This Nike is perfect for those who love active style.

14. PUMA Men’s Colorblock P48 Core Track Jacket Fleece

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If you are a cat lover, you should not ignore this jacket because the cat is the logo of this brand. PUMA jacket is known as a well-known brand with diversified product lines. And especially, these products are sporty. From shoes to shirts, all of them are very fashionable at an affordable price. That is the reason why so many people love the product of this brand.

This Puma jacket I chose is a gray color and the highlight is two straight black lines from the collar down the wrist. It has a cat logo on the left chest. It is made from 60 percent of cotton and 40 percent of polyester. This mixture offers the comfort and lightweight. Besides, you can wear it for a very long time due to the durability of these materials.

This PUMA men’s colorblock P48 core track jacket fleece is the ideal gear for warm ups or hangouts. The dry fleece enables to keep you dry and warm all the time. Moreover, you will find the cat logo very interesting. This logo is applied a high technology, which has color changing effect. To clean puma track jacket, you can wash by machine or by hand.

15. ChoiceApparel Men’s Mexico Track Jacket

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The last recommendation is the Choice Apparel men’s Mexico track jacket. It attracted me by MEXICO on front. Furthermore, the way they mix colors of this jacket is really strange. Mexico has blue color inside and red line. There are two blue stripes on the arms. Two arms are gray, while the body is black. It is thick enough to keep you warm.

The Choice Apparel men’s Mexico track jacket is made from 100 percent polyester. It provides the durability and breathability. This jacket has moisture transport system can prevent sweat and dry quickly. These features help the wearers feel more convenient and comfortable.

This jacket comes with a size chart, so you can refer before ordering. I feel that their size chart is quite accurate and fits well. It is also called as zipper sweater with the Sherpa lining. This Mexico track jacket consists of two pockets. You will be always stay cool with this stylish jacket. It enables to provide you the enjoyable and comfortable feeling during wearing.

In short, all these track jackets are good quality, lightweight, and fashion. They will satisfy everyone with special features as durable, comfortable and warm. Most importantly, this list contains all best track jackets come from reputable brands in various sizes. I’m sure that they will fit you perfectly.

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