Essential Accessories for First Time Gun Owners

So, you are a first-time gun owner. Great. But what comes after? Do you have all the essential accessories? Today I am here to help you with a list of accessories you are going to need to be a responsible gun owner.

1.Eye and ear protection

I am going to start first with eye protection. You are going to need it because it will help you see better. Look, accidents happen way more often than you think. It is amazing how dust or powder can blow back and burn your eyes. Now you don’t want that to happen during shooting, do you?

The right pair of glasses can produce a great contrast when target shooting. Some shooters even insist that wearing glasses provides a greater contrast and helps improve accuracy.

What about ear protection?

You may not believe this, but the sound of a gunshot is much louder than the sound of a jet engine.

Unbelievable, right?

But yes, in a limited amount of time, it has enough power to damage your ears permanently. To prevent this, shooters wear hearing protection.

Now there are many types of hearing protection on the market for you to choose from. My personal preference is the electronic earmuffs. Even though their prices are higher than normal earmuffs, their functions and abilities pay off.

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2. Ammunition

Manufacturers produce an array of different loads, with each one varying in some way from the others. Thus, choosing appropriate ammo can be one of the most challenges that new gun owners have to face.

Once you understand the various kinds of ammunition and how they perform, you can easily select the type that suits your purpose the most. Of course, this will take you some time.

3. Gun cleaning kit

This one is for regular maintenance of your firearm so that your guns can last longer. You should develop a habit of maintaining and cleaning your gun regularly. Since fouling, dirt and dust can cause reliability issues in firearms.

Of course, this also depends on what type of gun you own. If your gun is for personal defense, you should always keep it clean, oiled, and ready to go. If you have got a gun that is used for plinking, clay targets then it is alright to have it cleaned after a few months.

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A standard cleaning kit must have cleaning rods, lubrication, patches, and a brush. Do pay attention to what I just mentioned while buying your cleaning kit.

I do recommend that you should choose the NRA Essentials Cleaning Kit. It has all the necessary tools for you to clean your guns and it is affordable as well.

4. Extra magazines

Carrying a spare is great if you experience any malfunction with your ammo. This could also be useful in a situation where you have to defend yourself. There is always a chance that you’ll need more ammo than what’s in your pistol.

Also, having extra magazines is an easy way to switch between different types of ammunition.

5. Medical kit

Safety is important. Your first aid kit will be very helpful if you get a splinter from a target stand, skin your knuckle during a reload, etc.

You can build your medical kit or buy them at drug stores. Whatever you are going to choose, make sure that your kit has these following items: chest seal, Quik Clot pad, Quik Clot gauze, tourniquet, bandage, medical tape, rubber gloves, etc.

Also, keep in mind that most medical supplies have an expiration date. So, check your equipment frequently and replace them if needed.

6. Range Bag

Last but not least, your bag. They are in fact one of the most important things that you will ever need. You are going to carry more than just your gun. Your bag has to be big enough so that you can pack your pistol, ammunition, magazines, cleaning supplies, medical kit, etc. That’s why having a proper range bag is vital.

I recommend that you should choose NRA Pro Range bag since it is light-weight, durable and perfect for fitting everything you need.

Other accessories that you may need

  • Holster : A good holster should feel like an extension of your body. It should be comfortable and sturdy. However, it is not that crucial. Unless you are going to carry it around all the time, you are not going to need it anytime soon.
  • Staples
  • Shot timer
  • Rangefinder
  • Targets
  • Gun oil
  • Wipes

I hope you find my advice useful and informative. Stay tuned my readers and see you next time.

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