Top Best Newsboy Cap For Men ( Updated 2018 )

Newsboy caps, might this modern time be not their peak in popularity but we have witnessed a wonderful renaissance of this hat in recent years. The clearest prove for this is many celebrities keep trendsetting it lately like Brad Pitt, and David Beckham alongside with royals, Public figures and aristocrats who love wearing it as one of their EDCs.

The best thing about newsboy caps is not only its comfortable warmth in fall-winter, but also its classily stylish look on any man of any age.

Besides, unlike fedora or other hats, newsboy caps are easy to choose, to fit and to purchase. No matter it’s low or high-end range, newsboy caps usually come up with S-M-L sizing. Their material is also one of the main elements to help its price less expensive significantly.

To choose the best newsboy cap in comfort and convenience, I highly recommend you to opt for the cotton, wool and tweed construction with fabric finish whereas stay away from denim or leather material.

Remember that polyester will make the hat less breathable and warm while the natural material is the best bet for breathability and insulation.

Sincerely, I advise you not to pick those multi-pattern or patchwork designs because might it look fashionable and on trend at that time, but sooner, they will go out of style and end up with being tossed somewhere in your wardrobe.

If those timeless versatile newsboy caps with good performance are what you are after, take a look at this list. I’ve rounded up 11 best pieces from thousands of models on the market, based on three above criteria. Along with each hat, I also suggest you how to style as well as some don’ts in mixing and matching on it.

1. Levi’s Men’s Ivy Newsboy Hat

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I particularly love this Levi’s Newboys Hat, not for the brand’s reputation nor their affordable price but for their quality and color palette. See? While coming in various colorways, all of them are beautifully elegant.

If classic stylish vibe is what you’re after, my recommendation is the tan hat. However, if you love something modern and fashionista, the grey and charcoal are two priorities. But take notice that each particular color might come in different price and design.

Speaking of material, which is also my top favorite feature, it’s made out of 100% cotton – soft and comfortable, while the lining is combined between cotton and polyester. Importantly, its inner construction is incredibly clean and sophisticated, unlike other counterparts in the same price range with their speechless poorly-made inner performance always embarrassing me whenever I pull it off.

In terms of the brand logo – also another bonus, it’s printed on a small elegant leather patch embedded on the back of the hat.

Actually, I bet that many of you don’t like hats with too loud brand, right? We desire to advertise our own classic style, not someone else’s brand, which is also the reason why I avoid choosing the Kangol’s. Unlike their bucket hats – really fashionable and trendy, Kangol’s newsboy caps are too heavy in brand logo, which levels down the original look a lot.

For this Levi’s hat, it’s a perfect choice for casual mix and match.

2. Wonderful Fashion Men’s Linen 8 Panel Applejack Gatsby newsboy IVY Hat

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The putty colorway of this product line from Wonderful Fashion is truly one of a kind. It reminds me to the classic elegant uniform of the working man in 19th century. But in recent times, you can style it with an ivory long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of brown Chelsea boots.

Like putty, the white and black color of this newsboy cap are also easy to mix and match.

However, because of its 100% Linen material, despite lightweight, it’s quite stiff in those hot summer days. That’s also my experience on this putty hat, which I think the black newsboy cap is even much hotter in the summertime. So, only highly recommend for winter or frozen days.

Another feature you should bear in mind is its “one size fits all”. I sincerely advise you to measure your head before clicking on that buy button. Consult this quick guidance below if you still have no idea on how to do it.

However, don’t fret, the inner circumference of this hat is from 23” to 23 ½” with an elastic band on the behind while it tends to get loosen from time to time, which enables to fit almost head sizes.

As it’s packed in a flat bag, which deforms or leaves some unwanted creases on the hat. My tip for this is to spray some water onto the hat, toss it in a dryer, choose the lowest heat to avoid damaging the hat. There, only two or three minutes to fix it, which’s not a big problem to me at all. And I think you can do it like a pro, too.

3. Epoch hats Men’s Premium Wool Blend Classic Flat IVY newsboy Collection Hat

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Speaking of Epoch hats, truth to say, they totally melt down my heart with the strikingly beautiful, unique and trendy colorways. But in general, there are two kinds: the plain colors and the multipatterned. As I told you before, for a timeless piece, go for the plain one like gray or camel. On the contrary, for a short-term trendy and fashionista newsboy cap, go for the multipatterned.

There’s another thing to bear in mind, if you intend to pick a tweed cap, make sure that the material of your jacket or coat must be contrast to the hat’s. I mean you should choose pattern for one and the solid color for the other. If both of them look too similar, chances are that it does to your look what Limp Bizkit did to music in the late 90s.

In terms of size, good news is that this Epoch provides three sizes for you to go to. Again, ensure to have your head’s measurement before purchasing any hat online.

And after buying and trying it, the next thing you need to keep in mind is to dry cleaning the hat only because of their wool. However, thanks to this material and its thickness, your head is kept warm in those freezing days. As I always say, everything is a two-edged sword.

Another big bonus is its stiff peak to remain the hat’s shape quite well. Of course, it might be deformed if store it flatly for a long time, but it’s not that much. You just need to put it in the shower while you’re bathing to return its original shape. Easy peasy Japanesey!

4. Epoch hats Men’s Linen Flat Ivy Gatsby Summer Newsboy Hats

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Another newsboy cap from Epoch with more “ivy” look for neater outer performance.

Like its brother, this one is also made out of linen entirely to ensure a comfortable, breathable and cool summertime for you. If you doubt about that “100%” linen material, just rest assured, I once tested it by steaming the hat over a hot kettle, the material wasn’t shrink, which is synonymous to the fact that it’s entirely made from linen.

There’re more, various sizes, fit greatly, too lightweight to notice it on my head, snap brim as expected and good quality. But if you intend to buy it for golfing, I advise you to go one size down for the best fit in the situation of much windblown.

The colorway, it’s various and suitable for both men and women, which I think it’s perfect if you want couple stuff for you and your girlfriend or wife to, maybe, be on a holiday or hang out together.

5. VOBOOM Men’s Cotton Flat Ivy Gatsby Newsboy Driving Hat Cap

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You, a guy with a larger head size than the standard, are always exhausted of finding the best mens newsboy hat fitted yours comfortably. Well, let me give you a hand!

This VOBOOM, though it comes in “one size fits all”, the hat itself can be adjusted to fit head sizes from 7 ¼” to 7 ½”. And truth to say, for the price range, its quality and material are much higher than what I’d expected.

Made out of 100% cotton jersey knit, which is amazingly soft, comfortable and well sweat absorbing, this hat is versatile enough to style in both summer and winter. But to be fair, in superb hot summer days, you’ll feel a little bit stiff. However, cotton is quite easy to wash and maintain.

What I highly appreciate about this hat is its packaging. Though it’s simple – only a clear zippered bag, the additional stiff plastic insert plays a huge role in keeping its shape perfectly during the delivery.

VOBOOM newsboy cap doesn’t come in logos or buttons and I’m a little bit in love with this. Simple, elegant, comfortable, and versatile – it meets all my needs. And I’ve also received a lot of compliments while wearing it. So, I’m sure you do, too.

6. 2 Pack Men’s Cotton Flat Cap Ivy Gatsby Newsboy Hunting Hat

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Hunters, are you looking for some hunting hat?

What I’ve seen frequently in those hunting newsboy caps is its priority to the function rather than the design, but this one, you are going to receive more than that. A stylish model made out 100% cotton for the best comfort, sweat absorbance, breathability and easy maintenance.

Plus, there are also a few colors to vary your choice to match with different hunting clothes or daily outfits. And unlike the VOBOOM above, the material isn’t as thick as that so this is a great present for any kinds of weather, whether it’s hot or cold. Feel free to have this buddy aside.

Come in only one size, but wait, big guys, you’re still capable to have it as your partner due to the convenient buckle strap on the side to easily fix to fit your head size circumstance the best. As I know that during the hunting party, you need to make moves a lot, a too loose or too tight hat in such situation is trash. But this design isn’t the one. Worry free of it easily falling on the ground.

And have you ever heard about warranty for two packs of men’s cap costing under $15? Too good to be true, right? But accept it! During your experience, if you find any matter or problem derived from the manufacturing process, feel free to return it for a new replacement or full refund. However, I think it’s hardly happened because the quality is truly satisfying.

7. Ted and Jack Street Easy Traditional Solid Cotton Newsboy Cap

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Now, what will you receive from this masculine newsboy caps from Ted and Jack?

It’s a simple yet elegant with no brand logo or marks; a hat with various sizes to surely fit your head’s circumstance; a 100% cotton cap to bring you the best comfort and breathability; diverse colorways to choose from and a versatile piece to style in different outfits and weather – a must-have item for the most economic option.

But be aware of going one size smaller for the best fit because I myself once ordered a small size because of my 6 7/8-inch head size, but it was still too loose to keep the hat stay in place when I nodded my head or bent down. But luckily, contacted them and they agreed to replace for me a new one, with smaller size and it is the most wonderful cap I’ve ever had.

If you are like me, aren’t much in love with those hats with a seam down the center of the crown that you have to be self-conscious all the time about its existence right over your nose, go for this one.

I found that some other users complained for its puffy shape around the sides so if you also feel the same way, get the hat wet a little bit under your faucet some times and use hands to shape it more to your liking.

And though the material isn’t as high quality as other expensive hats (which is an obvious thing!), its durability is no joke. Just take note that after a long time wearing daily, the color might be faded a little bit.

8. Wonderful Fashion Men’s Cotton Flat Cap IVY Gatsby newsboy Hunting Hat

View here

Another choice for those who are looking for a 100% cotton newsboy cap for this fall-winter. But the phrase “one size fits most” is misleading because in fact, it comes in an adjustable strap enclosing with a rear elastic band that with maximum stretch, the hat can fit up to 7 5/8 inches head circumstance.

Between these two elements, you will have the best comfort and secure integrated in just one hat to feel comfortable all day long wearing it without fears of it lifted off due to the windblown.

For those who prefer to wear it in spring and summer, still a good choice because of their moderately thick material. So, in such hot days, the hat is capable of keeping your head cool and comfortable.

Besides, it’s lightweight but not something cheap or flimsy, staying on my head without noticed and this, is a big thumb up to wear and take part in those outdoor activities during a day long, like golf, fishing and hunting.

In briefly, it’s an amazing product for the price to top off your vintage style outfit when playing hickory golf.

9. Epoch Men’s Classic 8 Panel Wool Blend newsboy Snap Brim Collection Hat

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Now is a genuine winter newsboy cap and it’s from Epoch (again!) to soup up your winder fashion with a stylish, luxurious and masculine look. Made out of 100% wool, no doubt in its ability to keep your head warm all the time, even in freezing days.

Speaking of size, it fits just right to my head. Though coming in only three sizes, I believe this hat can fit a lot of head circumstance because as mentioned above, mine is 6 7/8 inches, which is pretty small, the S size is perfect for me, but it’s also perfect on my brother’s head whose circumstance is 7 inches.

But for the best fit, I advise you to take a look at their size chart which is on the product description to pick the best one. Or, if unluckily, you purchase the wrong one, feel ease in mind because Epoch allows you to return for a new one or get full refund for your best satisfaction with their product.

Aside from the size, I myself find this hat is a perfect match for a vintage look, both casually or formally for driving, golfing and hanging out.

No doubt, this is a timeless piece that you should have at least one in your wardrobe.

10. VBIGER Newsboy Hat Beret Hat Fedora Wool Blend Cap Collection Hats Cabbie Visor Cap for Men Women

View here

Bought this VBIGER for my friend who has been suffering a long-term medication taking for his disease, which is also the main reason for his significant hair loss. If you are a guy with less hair, might you understand how difficult it is to find out the best hat to look decent on you, right?

Thanks a lot that I found out this woolen newsboy cap, it fits my friend just right and is also versatile enough to wear all year around, even in hot summertime. My friend has received a lot of compliments since having it in his life. And he also loves the way it fits on his head, just worry free of the wind blowing his hair or flipping it to one side anymore.

I bought a grey hat for him, and it looks really good with something classic, something modern combining together harmonically. But there’re still many other colorways for you to suit your preference the best, like black, coffee and dark blue.

Though it comes in one size fits all, between the adjustable band and the elastic strap, no matter how big you head circumstance is, that’s not an issue anymore.

VBIGER is already famous for their various product lines, mainly in accessories with high quality and good price for their customers. And, this hat isn’t left behind – very well-constructed that I’m quite sure you will be happy with your purchase.

11. KBETHOS Men’s Applejack Ascot Gatsby newsboy IVY Cabbie Hat Casual & Dress Style

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Last up is an affordable newsboy cap from KBETHOS that’s sure to deliver the best value at around ten bucks. It’s a minimal model combining perfectly between the traditional newsboy cap and the ivy style. Though the size chart is quite narrow, only small/medium and large/x-large but each size’s range is large enough to fit head’s circumstance from 6 7/8 inches to maxiumly 7 ¾ inches.

You can consult their size chart or ask directly the manufacturer for the best advice to pick a good fit. By the way, their return policy is pretty great so if unluckily, you pick the wrong size, kindly contact them for a new replacement or a full refund. Thumb up for this!

With such classic and stylish look, it’s a good choice to both dress up and dress down. But based on the material, though the manufacturer said that it was breathable and comfortable, I still highly recommend you to opt for fall winter fashion only.

If you are after the style of late 60s early 70s, look no further than this awesome hat.

That’s all of my 11 picks for the best newsboy caps that I’ve rounded up from thousands of good products. Again, I would like to emphasize that a newsboy cap is a must-have item for any vintage men, not only for its versatility but also for the stylish and perfect look to complete your classic 70s vibe.

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