How To Walk To Lose Weight

Walking is a simple, accessible method to lose weight, especially to those who are too busy to go to the gym. But just because walking is an easy exercise that anyone can do, doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to do it better.

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Just following these steps below and you’ll see.

Step 1: Choose the right shoes

Don’t get mistaken between training shoes and walking shoes as they are not the same. Training shoes are great for cardio and weight training while walking shoes are made for walking.

Walking shoes usually have flexible soles and stiff heel counters, so pay attention to those details while shopping for your shoes.

Always remember to choose sneakers that can cushion your feet and promote breathability. There are many great brands producing sneakers, which meet all these requirements, on the market. Many of which including Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc.

Step 2: Make a music playlist

Music is great for entertaining and keeping you energized throughout the session. So, make a list of every song that you like and save it in your iPod/phone/mp3-player. I recommend that you should listen to fast paced tracks as its fast tempo will pump you up and keep you motivated.

You should also keep in mind to carry something small, light, and convenient, as you don’t want your device to interfere with your running or get in the way.

Step 3: Stroll

Think of window-shopping pace. Imagine yourself walking down the 13th Avenue while looking at all the luxury goods displayed in the shop windows. That kind of intensity of 4 on a scale of 10 is exactly what you need.

Try to stroll for an hour or so; it will burn up to 288 calories.

Step 4: Walk briskly

This means an effort of 5 or 6 on a scale of 10. Walk like you’re at the airport and you’ve cut it close for departing flight. This one burns up to 340 calories per hour. However, studies show that if you walk briskly for 30 minutes every day, you can burn off 1050 calories by the end of the week

Step 5: Make a running plan

You should make a detailed running plan on how to lose weight. How about strolling for 10 minutes, walking briskly for another 40 minutes then cooling down with a stroll for 3 minutes. There you go, that could be your tomorrow running plan.

Step 6: Set a goal

It will keep you stay motivated and focused on your goal. How about 15,000 steps per week? Does that seem too much or challenging to you? I hope it is the latter. Of course, you don’t have to push yourself too hard and set unreachable goal. Set small goals, accomplish them, then raise your bar higher and higher.

Step 7: Do more walking

Why don’t you make walking a part of your life? Obviously, you are going to find it hard to get used to this habit. But once you do, it will become a part of your day-to-day flow.

You can start by taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. Or leaving your key at home the next time you buy the groceries and going for a stroll instead. If you take mass transit to work, walk to a bus stop a little further along the route.

Step 8: Plan a diet

Decreasing your calorie intake is also something you should work on. Walking only is not enough, as all it can do is increasing your activity levels. Plan a thorough diet to maximum your chance of losing weight. To do this, you can follow a 1,200-1,600-calorie diet that’s rich in protein. Or you can consult a nutritionist. Either way is fine.

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Almonds also help increase weight loss. Monounsaturated fats in almonds have an effect on insulin levels, which gives your body a full feeling. In other words, you will be less likely to feel hungry. So, do include almonds in your diet.

Step 9: Drink tea afterward

After finishing your walking session, reward yourself with a warm cup of tea. This will thus help you recover and lose weight faster. As proven by Brazilian scientists, runners who consume tea on a daily basis can lose up to 4 pounds per week.

There you go, I did give you pieces of my advice on how to lose weight by walking. Remember to stay hydrated while running. Stay tuned, my readers.

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