Unfavorable effects of putting wallet in your back trouser pocket

Put your wallet in your back trouser pocket is a very common behavior and most of the men have this habit. However, as scientists have proved, we make sure this is a habit bad and harmful. So you have to leave as soon as possible.

Why shouldn’t you put your wallet in the back pocket of the trousers?

There are three important reasons you may not know:

1. Put the wallet in your back pocket, you will be vulnerable to be filched

If you take the bus every day, you can feel familiar with this advice “don’t put your wallet in your back pocket: Because when transporting by bus, you’ll have to sit or stand on a very crowded car. It is very vulnerable to face the pickpockets. But this is not the only risk when you put your wallet in your back pocket.

2. Causes inconvenience when sitting and moving

Obviously, the habit putting the wallet in your back pocket will make you stand, sit, or travel more inconveniently. Because it will affect a lot to your posture and appearance. Sitting on the wallet causes the imbalance for the hip bone, back, and pelvis of the human. As you can see, in fact, the thick wallet underlying your ass makes the pelvis lose its balance. And your vertebrae are also crooked to one side. This situation causes you the feeling discomfort.

3. A bad habit for your health

The wallet put in the back pocket of trousers causes many risks for our health than we have imagined. You should give up this habit quickly. Because putting your wallet or any items with the big thickness in the back pocket causes the bad impacts on your back.

According to scientists, the habit of putting a wallet in the back pocket of the trousers is a common cause of back pain and sciatica pain. They are the diseases not subaltern in today life. According to statistics, from 70% to 80% of the people all over the world have suffered these diseases, at least once in their life.

The imbalance of the hip, back, and pelvis of one person when sitting on the wallet is very dangerous. It may lead to the deformation of the whole skeleton texture of your body. Because it forces your body to adjust the posture of your spine and relative bone part. This will keep your head always in the vertical position when you put the wallet under and sit on it.

If you continue to keep this posture, when you sit, it will compress on nerves as well as pelvis joints. This causes the pain on all of the nerves leading to the toes. It causes many different problems, such as sudden pain, bone and joint degenerative diseases, activation of the nerves in the dorsal and pelvic regions, bone distortion, and chronic pains. Putting the wallet in the back pocket will make the pelvic region inclined to one side. Then, it will take an influence on the spine and cause back pain disease.

Although this disease does not affect your life, it still creates the pains and troubles of people’s lives. And many experts also tell us about the diseases concerned to the bone and joint due to the affection of the wallet will reduce the life expectancy of men.

In many scientific studies, they also said that above effects are not only from the thick wallet. Even the thinnest wallets can also lead to the same effect because they make the center of gravity of the hip bone dislocated. Only 30 minutes sitting on the thin wallet, it may cause the back pain or the numbness of lumbar nerve.

What are secrets to quit and prevent the harm of this habit?

Many scientists and doctors were giving more tips to prevent, deter, or abandon this habit adversely affecting your health. In general, these ways are also quite simple.

1. Place the wallet in a different position.

Instead of choosing a back-pocket wallet, you can consider and choose the best front pocket kind. Let’s surf some website on the Internet, you will see a lot of great designs for a front pocket wallet with affordable prices.

2. Or you can change to use the compact card holder wallet.

Lethnic RFID Front Pocket Wallet – Business card holder for men

If you are a frequent user of the name cards or cards, this is the perfect wallet for you. This compact card holder wallet will help you to bring a lot of name cards, cards, and a little cash. But the cash must be doubled.

Of course, you can choose types of best minimalist wallet for men.

They are the cool slim wallets. Some of them you can fold to double. These are now very popular on the market so you can refer to get one. However, you should avoid buying a wallet can be folded to tierce with many different compartments.

3. If the compact wallet is not your taste, or you can’t kick the habit putting the wallet in the back pocket?

To prevent the back degeneration, you should:

  • Take the wallet out of the back pocket each time you must sit to do work or drive, …
  • In addition, all of the men should also pay attention to “cleanse” the wallet. Because if there are too many things inside, it will make the wallet thicker, affect the aesthetic and health.
  • And for some things shouldn’t be put in the wallet, you also don’t need to put them in. Because they just make your wallet thicker without any profit. They include:
  • The Bill: Many people have the habit of putting paid bills in wallets. But, this habit doesn’t have any benefits, said people.
  • Credit card: Commonly, credit cards often have the personal information and account number… So, if the wallet is stolen, your account information will leak. It leads to immeasurable results related to your property.
  • High-value cash: Instead of putting the high-value cash in your wallet, you just should put some money enough to spend in one day. This way both help you to save money and avoid the risk of theft.
  • Condom: If you stuff the condoms in your wallet, they will continuously bear the friction. It can make condoms punctured with tiny holes. And of course, the condoms will lose their effectiveness in avoiding pregnancy.

In short, men should not put the wallet in the back pocket of trousers unless you want fall in these case: Suffering from diseases related to osteoarthritis, traveling inconveniently, or being at risk of pickpockets while traveling on public transportation. We believe that no one want to become a victim of burglar. Thus, giving up this bad habit is not too difficult, right?

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