Ideas for Christmas outfits: 5 tiny things you should know

This post is about small but strong things which can help to express your personality in fashion as well as considerably saving money.

There is a very common fact that: unless you are a fashion-addicted, buying particular clothes for particular the weather seems to be an impossible mission. I highly recommend you to make your snow-style different by some accessories and perfumes. It will be much money-saving and effective.

01. Using your neckerchiefs

Yeah, it is neckwear. But sometime you should temporarily ignore thick and warm and manly scarves and pay more attention to somethings that are well-groomed: a neckerchief.

A neckerchief will be perfect choice if you want to beautify your elegant style in slightly cold. This classical and stylish accessory is about to mark for the return in this season by appearing in most of the runway, including Gucci and Valentino.

You can easily mix a neckerchief with both casual and smart-casual style. It is also suitable formany types of costumes, such as Shirts- trousers, Polo T-shirt- Chinos pants. Moreover, it can even be mixed with T-shirt and blazer- that brings fresh and attractive appearance for your outfit.

The only purpose of this accessory is to create a highlight on the neck with your neutral-color clothes. So if you want to find a neckerchief for yourself, remember the basic rule: bright colors with gentle and delicate graphics.

On being mixed successfully, a neckerchief will highlight not only your outfits but also your face, in both day and night. If it is not very cold in your area, a red or green neckerchief will be the perfect accessory for Christmas party.

02. Alternating perfumes

Men’s perfume is an invisible accessory. It can bring about high-grace of style and show a part of your personality.

In the lasting days of the year, the scent of timber is recommended to replace the cold by the warm. This smell also can portray strong and manly side of  the mature men. The smell of wood makes you more thorny and subtle, compared with the freshness of flower or aquatic scents of summer.

Finally, it is not expensive as you think. Because like many other items of clothes, you can use perfumes more than a season. If you confuse to choose suitable one, here are some recommend for this winter:Gucci guilty, Dsquared2 He Wood Rocky Mountain, Tom Ford Oud Wood……

03. Clinging to check patterns

A check-pattern item is almost must-have-item in every winter. Plaid patterns, accompany with  tweed fabrics and cardigan is a hallmark of winter that are never outdated.

You can play with checkered patterns on the basic accessories and costumes like socks, scarves, backpacks and shirts, trousers. Your outfits can look totally “Christmas” just by red-check scarves. And as you see, you will not need to invest all of your money on a new outfit for a short-term holiday.

Well, if you really want to become remarkable in your Christmas party with your girlfriend, you can consider a whole set of check suit or trench coat. Of course, with Christmas colors!

04. Don’t forget your hats

A hat is the most effective and stylish item that can successfully do both 2 jobs: keeping you warm and making you high-fashioned. Of course there are thousands of choices for you, and your appearance is totally depended on your aesthetic taste.

when the weather is slightly cold, a fedoras hat with  striking colors will be the strong points for your outfits. Nevertheless, in the extremely cold of Christmas season, the most suitable one will be a thick and warm wood-knitted hat.

If these reasons are not enough to persuade you to buy a hat for this winter. I will give you some other things. Firstly, because it attracts others’ attention to your face, a hat is the miraculous accessory that can help you cheat your height. Moreover, it is also a savior that can help you to cover your hair if you can’t find suitable style for winter.

In conclusion, it is not necessary to spend all of your monthly wages for a few days of Christmas. Instead, different type of basic costumes and some typical accessories are enough to make you look stylish and help you to shine in festival season.

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