What To Wear This Summer (Party Looks)

Summer is coming near. Do you know what that means? It means it is time for you to ditch work and plan your nights out with your friends. Whether it is a dinner with your partner or a night out in the club with your pals, it is always important for a modern gentleman to stay on trend. Now don’t worry, after riffling through countless runway shots this season, I’ve got you covered. Read on to know more.


I love everything about this jacket. I mean doesn’t it look plain cool? Timeless. Classic. High-fashion. With its monochrome look, it sure will make you stand out. While other guys are too busy dancing in their work suits, you’ll be the only guy in the club who has a sense of style. And did I mention that this jacket is extremely versatile? Feel free to play around with any item in your wardrobe. Cause little do you know; leather jacket goes well with anything.

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It is, overall a brilliant choice to elevate your party look. My best advice is that you should combine this style this jacket with a basic white t-shirt and a pair of Chelsea boots. They are the perfect combination for this season.


Formal and dressy, both at the same time. Dressed-down suits are exactly what you need to pull off this look. But don’t mistake this for your uptight work suits. Cause they are not, they look more relaxed and casual.

Go for anything other than conventional colors like black or navy blue. These colors will make you look like you just get off work and don’t want to be at the party at all. A dusty pink rose suit will be an elegant choice. It is not too formal, not too bold, just enough to attract everyone’s attention.


This season is all contrast and crossing boundaries. So, why don’t you make a fashion statement by getting yourself a printed t-shirt? Whether you’re at the club or hanging out with your mates on a Friday night, you want to wear something laid back and fashionable at the same time. A nice clean t-shirt is what you need for this situation.

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Don’t hesitate to express your personality by wearing shirts with quotes from your favorite film or your favorite authors. Also, you can add some dimension to your look by pairing your t-shirt with a denim jacket or a blazer. After all, the key is to keep your look neat and trendy.


To be frank, this item is all you need to pull off any party look. Simple yet modern. Smart yet comfortable. A classic choice for anyone who’s got a keen eye for style. If its utterly attractive design is not enough for you to seal the deal, then I hope its versatility can do the job. You wear this shirt with any item in your closets. From your favorite pair of chinos, your casual jeans to your colorful summer shorts.

The best choice will be a white shirt. I sincerely think that any man looks good in a white Oxford shirt. This specific color complements every complexion and every body shape. So, what are you waiting for? Go the nearest shop and get yourself a classy Oxford shirt now.


Now you don’t want to be that guy in the club who shows up with flip flops or running shoes. Remember that your shoes are as important as ever. You want to look neat and dressy at the same time. I suggest you should go with a pair of loafers. Of course, this also depends on what you’re wearing on that day but I suppose loafers will the safest choice since they go well with almost everything.


Even if you are not a big fan of accessories, men’ watch is a nice touch to elevate your dressing style. Timeless. Sophisticated. Slick without being too over-polished. More so, this unique timepiece is all very handy. It is going to be a real bummer if you have to take out your phone to check the time every 2 seconds. So, spare yourself some time by carrying a watch by your side.


The missing puzzle piece to complete your look. This season, I’ve seen countless designers used rope lines in their collections. And I’ve got to handle it to them, this piece of an accessory looks amazing. It is bold and it is unconventional. Who could imagine that a rope line makes such great accessory? 3 years ago, if you told me to wear this to the pub, I would call you mad for sure, but now, I see why not.

How was it now? Do you like my choice of clothing? Well, I hope that after reading my article, you’ll know what you want to wear this summer. The next few days, I’ll be writing some more articles on summer looks so tune in for more fashion advice. Like always, see you next time my readers!

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  1. Great post – I love your blog! Leather loafers are definitely a trend I have been loving at the moment!

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