The Best Snapback For Men ( Updated 2019 )

I have told you many times – ‘Everything in fashion has a shelf life’ – and it’s true with the snapback hats.

What is a Snapback?

It’s a well-known type of hat from the ‘90s, laying its history in baseball. But don’t get it wrong, snapback is different from baseball cap despite their similarity in nature.

Literally, snapback is a “one size fits all” hat. Its signature feature is a wide, flat brim with an adjustable snap on the back. And that’s is where the hat got its name – snapback: Snap in the back. On the other hand, baseball caps are fitted but they can’t be adjusted.

Due to the larger space at the front, sticker, prints or texts on this area of a snapback is like the essence to recognize it. That’s why in my collection, there will be a wide range of this detail on the hat, from the trendy, the old-school, the modern, the brand, the vintage, and so on.

But this article isn’t just all about that, here, I’ll be with you going through:

  • Difference between a snapback and a dad hat
  • My collection of the best men’s snapback hatss
  • How to style a snapback with swagger

Read on!

I. Difference Between a Snapback and a Dad Hat

I find 6/10 people will misleading between these two popular types of hat. So, to stop you from buying or naming the wrong one, I’ll briefly point out the biggest difference between two of them:

Feature Snapback Dad Hat
Design Have a big, ‘in your face’ design Have more subtle, detailed embroidery design
Vibe Baseball scene, hip-hop scene, and EDM scene Vintage (never-ending trend)
The closure -Plastic closure -Metallic closure
Sticker -A must-have detail -An optional detail
Panel -Pre-shaped and hard panel

-Visible front panel

-Not pre-shaped and soft pane

-Not as visible

Brim Flat brim Round, pre-shaped brim
Angle -Have an angle of 90° between the brim and the cap -More an obtuse angle

-Not as big cap

Structure 6-panel cap with a wide flat brim 5-panel cap with a loose fitting

Now, Let’s Dig into the Best Men’s Snapback Hat That Is Stirring In 2019

1. Nike Men’s Snapback Hats, Pro Cap Swoosh Classic

View here

Start off with some minimal snapback hats. And the No.1 in this list is the Nike Pro Cap Swoosh Classic Hat – my favorite casual item of all the time.

As you can see, there’s not too many redundant details on the outside, but just a large embroidered swoosh at the front. But man, it looks really athletic and cool. Not to say that you can rock it with a wide range of outfits. You can easily jump from an outstanding hip-hop guy with swagger in a party to an energetic catchy runner in daily use without looking too far-fetched.

Superior breathability is another mentionable feature about this cool snapback hat. Once wearing it to a local festival and walking under the hot sunlight of California, I was quite amazing that other than some slight skin mark on my forehead, it still kept my hair dried utterly. Seem like the Dri-FIT technology applied in this product works more than efficiently.


  • Lightweight and breathable to wear all day
  • Various colorways
  • Minimal design to be versatile in doing mix and match
  • Soft and skin-friendly
  • Affordable for the quality and brand reputation
  • Green underneath
  • Easy to adjust
  • Unisex


  • The height of the front hat is a little bit large and high.

2. adidas Men’s Originals Snapback Flatbrim Cap

View here

Another worth-mention snapback is adidas Men’s Originals Flatbrim Cap though its design is not quite minimal. On other words, adidas items are mostly heavy logo, but it’s an understandable thing, they are a famous sport brand worldwide.

However, one thing in this hat that I love the most – its variations of designs and colors. Take note that some options will come in different materials and under-brim color. For examples, the royal blue comes in a gray under-brim. Or, material of the black/black is polyester whilst the black/white/original’s is a combination of acrylic, wool, and cotton.

Hence, each of them will be suitable for specific kind of weather or season. Like my black/white/original hat, it’s a versatile option that you can style on spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, it does keep my head warmth, but is a no-no on those frostbite-temperature days.

Like Nike’s, this men’s black snapback comes up with an internal wicking headband to keep you dry and cool all the time. Besides, such sporty hats like these are usually lightweight that you hardly notice it’s on your head. A perfect choice for outdoor activities which you can wear it all day long.


  • Variations of colors and materials to fit different preferences and seasons
  • Easy to adjust
  • Great breathability and comfort
  • 100% authentic
  • Can style in different ways, both with the flat brim or curved brim
  • Good quality


  • The hat felt is a little bit small.

3. adidas Layered Men’s Snapback Hat

View here

This is the best choice for university/college students to show their pride to their sport teams, especially volleyball and football. Aside from a beautiful and well-embroidered team logo on the frontside, there is cool design on the brim.

Moreover, you’ve got many different color options to choose from. I mean the hat’s background color. The hat is designed and crafted by adidas. Also, it’s an official outfitter of the NCAA that you can buy with ease in mind.

In terms of functionality, I give this a 10 for decent breathability and comfort. It’s made from a polyester blend with spandex to nail up with outstanding moisture wicking and coolness. A perfect choice as a summer hat.

For less than $30, I find this is a well-made and high-quality snapback – very deserve for its brand reputation. Nice stitching, vibrant color, sweet rim – definitely not a mistake.


  • Various color options and team name
  • Very breathable, cool and comfortable
  • High-quality material
  • Good form and easy to adjust
  • Exquisite team embroidery and nice stitching
  • True color
  • 100% authentic and officially outfitted by NCAA


  • No elastic band

4. Brixton Oath Iii Medium Profile Adjustable Men’s Snapback Hat

View here

If you’re a sweat man, I highly recommend this Brixton snapback because of its 100% cotton. In comparison to other kinds of material like polyester and spandex, though this one is a little bit heavier and requires more time to dry out, I still appreciate its unbeatable moisture absorption.

Moreover, the look is really cool and outstanding, don’t you think?

It emphasizes with camouflage pattern with a ton-sur-ton embroidered brand logo on the front to bring a true military vibe. Besides, is an easily adjustable strap on the back. Take note that under the bill is green but this will vary from color to color. And the crown, it’s not too high or too low – more about an in-between in height.

The hat comes in one layer of material with some eyelets to highlight decent breathability and coolness. So, I would recommend this as a great option for summer or hot days.


  • Various colorways (But the color under the bill might vary)
  • Average-height crown to give a good fit
  • 100% cotton to emphasize with breathability and sweat absorption
  • Easy to adjust
  • Not scratchy
  • Nice texture fabric
  • Cool design


  • Handwash only and might take more time to dry out

5. Classic Snapback Hat Blank Cap – Cotton & Wool Blend Flat Visor

View here

Like the Brixton, this classic snapback is made out of 100% cotton – a perfect pal to keep you stay safe under the summer sun for an active lifestyle.

Truth to say, I’m quite amazed and impressed by how exquisite of this Vietnam-made snapback. It’s proved clearly through the tag embroidery on the inside. It’s sophisticated to the smallest detail. And on the outside, every stitching is great – very tight and strong.

The same with material. It gives a nice feeling touch and thick enough to protect my face skin from harmful UV rays.

Initially, I was skeptical a little bit about this hat, but thankfully, there comes a warranty and its customer service was really caring and reliable. So, why not give it a chance. The price doesn’t kind of cost you a fortune either.

The best thing is its countless color options, featuring various styles, from the minimal, to the military. All of them highlight with a sticker on the brim and I like that.


  • A wide range of colorways to choose from
  • Super affordable
  • Good quality material
  • Breathable, cool, and absorb moisture quickly
  • Prevent your skin from UV rays
  • Well-made, tight stitching and strong seams
  • Have green underside


  • Come in smaller size chart

6. Vintage Year Plain Cotton Twill Flat Brim Mesh Adjustable Snapback Trucker Men’s Snapback Hat

View here

Highly recommend this vintage men’s snapback hat for those who move around a ton (For example: drummers or runners). This stays on with pretty well!

Besides, the mesh on the backside keeps your head and hair always cool and in shape efficiently. This area is made out of 100% polyester whilst the front is 100% cotton to ensure the best moisture absorption.

I also find this mesh area is easier to pack for travelling, unlike other snapbacks that I’ve had. So, another big bonus!

If you are curious about the round brand logo on the frontside, it’s just a sticker. You can remove it due to preference. The whole hat is plain, but the combination between classic silhouette and camouflage pattern is perfect to add soul to it. If your taste is military stuff, this is a go-to hat for you.


  • Various colorways to choose from
  • Easily adjustable
  • Mesh back is cool, breathable and easy to pack for travelling
  • Cotton front is good at moisture absorption and breathable
  • High-quality material
  • Strong stitching
  • Affordable price


  • The band doesn’t hold up well

7. Detroit Pistons Bad Boys Snapback Hat Apparel- Historic Vintage NBA Hats

View here

Talking about the vintage snapback, this is another worth-trying option.

And for those who don’t know, Detroit Athletic Co. has been established for more than 30 years and to date, they are considered delivering the largest selection of Detroit sports nostalgia and apparel to Motor City fans worldwide.

The most special thing about this Bad Boys Era line is its being make up of the toughest players to come through Detroit, like Joe Dumars, Vinnie Johnson, and Led by Isiah. I like the feeling that I’m wearing a piece of the best epoch in the history in Detroit Pistons.

If you’re a die-hard fan of The Bad Boys, this is a good way to tribute them as well as show some swagger. The most valuated detail in this snapback is the skull-and-crossbones. It’s like the typical symbol of the greatest NBA teams in history.

Due to its cool, unique design, I bet you will receive lots of compliment from the others. Besides, it’s a cool piece to stick with you in many occasions.

Take note: It will fit nicely 7” to 8” head size.


  • A good choice to show a pride, spirit and love to The Bad Boys team
  • Cool, unique design
  • Underneath the brim is green
  • High-quality material
  • Many colorways to choose from
  • Universal one size fits all
  • High-quality, breathable, comfortable and versatile

8. Space Jam Retro Tune Squad Looney Tunes Michael Air Jordan 11 Nike Basketball Snapback Hat Cap

View here

Hands up if you’re a solid fan of Michael Jordan as well as the Spacejam Movie. I’m 100% sure that you will want to cop this interesting snapback to rock it with a pair of Jordan Nike Shoes.

Moreover, it blows a new retro wind to your outfits and easily make you stand out of the crowd. This hat is also a good conversation-starter, at least in my case. Besides, are countless of compliments from other people, even strangers.

I love it not only for its exclusive design or its reminding me to my childhood favorite movie, but also how functional and comfortable it is in my daily life. Despite featuring a one-size-fits-all hat, this basketball snapback can give a good fit from adults and kids thanks to its adjustable strap on the backside.

It’s wonderful that finally I can find a hat for all of my family members to wear it and go out together. Everyone looks at us and many of them even give compliments. Great!

Ah, don’t worry, this design is officially licensed by BioWorld.


  • 100% officially licensed
  • Can fit adults and kids
  • Good stitching, high-quality material, well-made hat
  • No loose string
  • Great looking
  • Affordable price with expensive look


  • Not many color options.

9. ililily Extra Large Size Solid Color Flat Bill Men’s Snapback Hat Blank

View here

Another mesh snapback for those who sweat a lot to save their hairstyle and other tons of hair-revealing problems.

This is from ililily and what I love the most about it is the camouflage pattern on the underneath of its brim. Such an exquisite detail that other people only see when the hat is flipped up or I raise my head. Otherwise, it’s just an ordinary full-black hat.

I style it almost daily recently as I feel it’s like a true expression of my characteristics – You only known how interesting I am when digging into me. Another reason is its well-made construction as well as high-quality material to deliver comfort, even in the days that I wear it all day long.

Of course, at the end of the day, my hair is out of shape, however, it’s not damped or wet as when I put on other snapbacks. My guess is, the material combination of cotton and polyester plays its best role in this case. Besides, is the mesh area on the backside.

One small compliment for how well it comes packaged. It was in a perfect condition, hence, no adjustment or steaming needed.

Notice: I advise you to hand-wash the hat. But if you need to machine-wash it, use the delicate cycle spin to avoid deforming its stiff brim.


  • Various colorways
  • Cool, breathable, and well-made
  • Deeper and bigger hat to fit big heads with ease
  • Come packaged in good condition
  • Detailed and well-made embroidery
  • 3 color options


  • A bit pricey

10. Samtree men’s Snapback Hats, Adjustable Hip-Hop Flat Brim Snapback Cap for men

View here

For a true urban vibe, including things like golden chains, and Ragstock metallic pants, don’t you think that this bright, shiny snapback is like the last missing piece for a perfect overview image?

I would particularly advise this for more special occasions like an intergalactic birthday party or school talent show – when you need your outfit do a speak for your unique characteristics.

In terms of the functionality, the biggest benefit that I’ve found in this product is its water resistance – a thing that rarely other snapbacks can do. You can wear it in rains with no fear that water either made it heavier on your head or ruin the material texture afterward.

By the way, its material is quite different from other counterparts. It is polyester combined with PU leather, which gives no flex in the bill. Besides, is a slightly shiny look. I guess that’s the point for how good its waterproof ability is.

The fitting is amazing as well. From an 8-year-old kid to a big head, that’s not a matter for this snapback at all. Just take note that with big heads, it will be barely fitted.

Overall, this is the best choice for those who love adding some flair to their hat.


  • Fit a wide range of head sizes
  • Good at water resistance
  • Give no flex
  • Impressive outlook
  • High-quality material


  • Wear it on hot days might be a little bit stuffy because of its poor breathability

11. New Era NBA 9Fifty 2Tone Men’s Snapback Cap

View here

To show some pride, love and support to your favorite basketball team, this is the best to go. New Era provides you lots of team name options to ensure you can find out yours. On each snapback, there will be a raised embroidery team logo at the front and the side.

Take note that the round brand logo on its brim is just a sticker. You can remove it due to preference.

On the backside, there is another raised embroidery of NBA as well as its logo.

I also find the colorways of this New Era is very reasonable, genius, and outstanding. As you can see, there are only two contrasting tones, but it’s neither kind of too normal to make no sense nor too outstanding to blur the team name and logo.

Besides, the NEW ERA 9Fifty snapback cap is very lightweight (as it’s crafted from polyester) to stay on your head unnoticeably during a match. Plus, is the sweatband on the inside to absorb moisture and keep your forehead, head and hair cool all the time.

All in all, in terms of comfort, I pleasantly give it a 10.


  • 100% authentic
  • Lightweight and high-quality material
  • Tight stitching
  • Lots of color options
  • Comfortable fit
  • True color to match other NBA gear


  • A bit bigger than the standard to not fit kids and children

12. Oakland Raiders New Era Men’s Snapback Cap Hat Black on Black

View here

Does anyone look for an Oakland Riders snapback? Here’s my recommendation for you.

This hat, again, is from New Era but thanks for that, you can feel ease in mind of its quality and function. Thinking of it as a present for you or your beloved on who is also an Indiana Pacers fan is all ideal.

For those who don’t know, New Era is a famous company specialized in officially licensed NBA gear, especially different types of hat. Most of the time, a New Era snapback comes in two colors, but this is like an exception.

The full-black design makes it cooler and more masculine to style with. Besides, it’s easy to mix and match with your casual outfits. In other words, it plays best of both worlds.

In terms of the most unique component, my pick is its extra adjustable rear closure. Thanks to this extra detail, you can find a more personalized fit in this little bad boy, unlike other counterparts that usually are unable to adjust.

There’s just one weird thing is the packaging box – it’s way too big compared to the hat. But for how good condition it comes wrapped, it’s such a minor drawback.


  • 100% authentic
  • Versatile to style with different outfits in many occasions
  • Have an adjustable Snapback rear closure
  • High-quality material and embroidery
  • Fit perfectly


  • A bit bulky packaging box

13. Mitchell & Ness Men’s Chicago Bulls 72-10 Snapback Hat

View here

Another brand that’s also specialized in official NBA snapbacks is Mitchell & Ness. The biggest difference between their hats and the New Era’s is in a Mitchell & Ness NBA snapback, its design is simplified with only the team logo laid on the front and the side. No team names.

Then, in the back, is the brand name embroidery. Actually, I don’t like stuff that’s too heavy logo, but this is actually like a rare exception because of its beauty and sophistication.

This Chicago Bulls snapback is quite minimal, turns out it’s very versatile to wear in many occasions, from casual to a bit dressy. Its material, construction and design look elegant and expensive as well.

A small talk about the material, it’s a combination between 80% acrylic and 20% wool to ideally provide warmth to your head during fall-winter season. Besides, is the good adjustability to fit a wide range of head sizes.

In general, if you’re a big fan of Chicago Bulls Team, don’t miss out this accessory.


  • 1005 authentic
  • Minimal outlook to give the highest versatility
  • Detailed and exquisite embroidery
  • Good material: durable, nice hand-feel, warm


  • A bit expensive

14. KBETHOS Genuine Leather Flat Bill Hat Cap – Made in USA

View here

For those who are living in the United States or only give their trust on USA-made products, consider this KBETHOS snapback. Its quality is really outstanding compared to other imported models. The most impressive, at least in my standard, is the high-grade genuine leather.

It’s moderately thick, durable, and super cool to give me many benefits:

  • Can protect my head from UV rays and my face from sun burnt
  • Layered with an extra coating on the outside, it requires minimal maintenance
  • Hold up pretty well
  • Serve you for years

Based on its outer performance, this snapback might be the most minimal out of the bunch. In turns, there are many colorways to choose from.

And such simple hat is a wonderful choice to mix and match as well as use in different occasions, from parties, hanging out, outdoor activities to casual wear. Always give a perfect compromise of function and design. Besides, the best choice as a present for somebody because you don’t need to consider picking the right size.


  • USA-made snapback with affordable price
  • Different color options to choose from
  • High-quality genuine leather
  • Durable, protective, and stylish
  • Hold up well


  • A bit stuffy due to its weakness of ventilation

15. Custom Men’s Snapback Hat. Otto. Embroidered. Your Own Text Flatbill Bill Snapback.

View here

If you love customizing everything to have your own mark on them, this is the best choice ever.

All you need to do is picking your favorite colorways from an avalanche of options and require the manufacturer your desired text or words. They will embroider it on the frontside of your hat. Take note that the embroidering process is carried out in the USA so that you can rest assured about its quality.

Besides, is the fast shipping and many other policies from Amazon as long as you’re living in the US. Like the previous snapbacks, this one comes in one size fitting all with an adjustable strap on the backside.

And the price? Can’t be more affordable. I actually was amazed by how cheap it was with such expensive look. I can even assure you that there will be some strangers asking you for where the hat is bought from.

Take note that the manufacturer also allows you to order extra text on the backside of this cheap men’s snapback hat, but with some extra cost.


  • Allow you to customize your hat
  • High-quality material, standard form, and solid embroidery
  • Various color options to choose from
  • USA-embroidered hat
  • Very affordable price
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • A bit shallow height, not a good choice for big heads

III. How to Wear a Snapback with Swagger

Picking the right snapback isn’t done, you need to equip yourself some basic rules and tips to style it fashionably (if that’s what you also care about).

1. Two common styles to wear a snapback

Two most common styles of wearing a snapback are wearing it forwards and backwards.

The most classic is wearing a snapback forward, but that’s not synonymous that you couldn’t make it a stylish fashion statement. Hip-hop outfits and smart casual are two recommendations for this style.

Breaking the rules, we’ve got the backward wearing look. But be careful because that it’s really easy to bring awkward and outdated feeling if you don’t know how to compliment with the right outfits.

Remember that this concept aims for a carefree and relaxed vibe, hence, it’s best to style with contemporary and modern clothes. Streetwear is a solid choice of all the time when it comes to wearing a snapback backwards. Besides, make sure to place the cap high on your head, from the downwards to backwards.

2. Some no-noes to avoid

  • Don’t wear a snapback sideward
  • Don’t bend the brim
  • Don’t pick a snapback if you’re 40s and older
  • Don’t style a snapback with suits or formal dress in formal and business settings
  • Don’t wear a snapback with logos of teams or brands if they mean nothing to you
  • A snapback isn’t suitable for people with shy personality or more sophisticated gent

3. Some common looks with a snapback

There are three:

  • The smart casual
  • The urban
  • The hip-hop

Which one if your style?

The smart casual look

If it’s the smart casual look, it’s ideal to choose a dark hue snapback pairing with a casual button-up shirts and chinos. The outfit should be in muted or neutral tones. About the footwear, I highly recommend a pair of uncuffed and clean sneakers.

While wearing, take note to face the hat forwards and slightly pointing the brim upwards to reveal more of your hair and face.

My picks are:

  • Brixton Men’s Oath Iii Medium Profile Adjustable Snapback Hat
  • ililily Extra Large Size Solid Color Flat Bill Snapback Hat Blank Baseball Cap
  • Oakland Raiders New Era Snapback Cap Hat Black on Black

The urban look

To emphasize this look, choose clothes aiming for a casual and cool vibe with relaxed streetwear style. Slogan T-shirts, bomber jackets, jeans, and jumpers are four genius choices to create a swagger in your whole urban look.

Contrast to the smart casual look, the true urban style should go for brighter hue. Just remember this basic rule of thumb, plain snapback should go with bold outfit and vice versa.

My picks are:

  • adidas Layered Snapback
  • KBETHOS Genuine Leather Flat Bill Baseball Hat Cap – Made in USA
  • Custom Snapback Hat. Otto. Embroidered. Your Own Text Flatbill Bill Snapback.

Hip-hop look

To complete this look, choose a snapback that makes a bold and sleek statement. A full-black hat with white embroidery sounds great! About the clothes, it’s best to compliment with graphics oversized tee, sneakers and ripped black jeans.

My picks are:

  • Nike Unisex Pro Cap Swoosh Classic Hat
  • adidas Men’s Originals Snapback Flatbrim Cap
  • Samtree Unisex Snapback Hats,Adjustable Hip Hop Flat Brim Baseball Cap


Snapbacks are now more and more in designs and colors to meet various demands, which I’m sure you can find the most suitable one out there. However, without determining your style, personality, and preference, it’s really easy to pick the wrong one. From that point, I hope that my ultimate guide helped you more or less find out the most suitable one out of the bunch.

For some other kinds of hat, please take a look here:

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