What To Wear To Your Work Christmas Party

The festive season is coming around the corner and it is time to celebrate a good year coming to end. I enjoy taking part in various Christmas parties with my friends, my family and of course my colleagues. As there are so many parties going on, it is quite hard to choose what outfit I should wear and I think that you are having the same problem.

This is even harder when your company doesn’t set any dress code for that particular event. Luckily, there are plentiful articles and guides on the Internet which you can get your idea from. I also list out some of the ideas which I find are the most interesting to follow.

Here are some looks that you can consider wearing to your work Christmas party:

01. The Fist Look

If you don’t know what to start, then it is always the safest choice to wear a T-shirt with a suit. I am sure that you will definitely have a couple of T-shirts and suits available in your wardrobe.

A t shirt paring with a suit is also the safest bet when there is no dress code involved. You will be able to avoid having yourself overdressed or underdressed. This look can deliver a causal look thanks to the T-shirt. On the other hand, it is not so informal and can have a hint of formality thanks to the clean look of a suit.

It is important that the color of your T-shirt matches the color of the suits. They don’t have to be of the same colors or the same shades. Nevertheless, they should not be of opposite shade, unless you go black and white. Indeed, you will never be able to go wrong with black and white (You can see the image above).

Now we will move to accessorize you can bring with this look. Overall, this look is simple and kind of casually free style so you don’t have to wear fancy watches or hat. It is however, very important if you have a wallet to carry around to store your money and your ID- in case your colleagues decide to go to other pubs for second round drinking.

Since you only need to carry some extra money and ID card, you can for slim card type to help keep your trousers or Jeans in good form. You can have a look at some of the slim men wallet here https://coolmenstyle.com/top-card-holder-wallets-men/.

02. Second Look

This second look is more casual than the first one. It is suitable for a work Christmas party where you know for sure that you can wear whatever you want to attend it.

For this look, you can wear a polo shirt with a pair of chinos. To finish it, you can wear a pair of loafer shoes and a big sized leather bag. And in case it is cold outside, you can wear a high quality jacket to make yourself as the most comfortable as possible.

A leather jacket will not only be able to keep you warm in the cold winter, it is also able to add extra formality to your look. As you can see, the polo shirt and chinos combine to make a much laid back and casual look- which will make it seem like you are just going to another weekend party. However, with the help of a high quality leather jacket, your outlook will be more suitable for a work Christmas party.

In addition to a leather jacket, you can also wear a pair of Chelsea boots- this type of boots is so versatile in my opinion. It can be paired with formal or smart look or a causal look – which makes it a key item for a work Christmas party outlook.

To make yourself standing out from the crowd with this look, you can wear some pieces of jewelry. However, keep in mind that jewelry is tricky and you have to be really careful if you want to wear it. You can have a look at some mistakes to avoid when you wear jewelry here https://coolmenstyle.com/top-mistakes-avoid-wear-jewelry/.

To play it safe, you can wear a plain polo t Shirt.  Since you are going to layer the shirt with other clothing items, you should avoid wearing shirts with bolder prints and bright colors. This rule also applies to the chinos as well.

03. Look 3

The last look is more formal than the first and second look I have already introduced to you. Although the company doesn’t set a specific dress code for the day, sometimes, it is better to overdressed than underdressed. And you can choose this outlook if you also think this way.

You can wear a dark jumper over a white collared shirt. The outer layer can be a dark blazer, a jacket or a suit. A blazer can make your look much softer than a suit. And of course, avoid wearing tie or it will look like you are coming to a very formal business meeting.

Color is also an important factor with this outlook. It is much safer to wear everything in dark color. However, to make you much outstanding in a crowd, you can add in extra color to your jumper.

Make sure that the jacket, the blazer or any item that you are going to put on is the right size. They need to fit you perfectly. Otherwise, you look like an unorganized person who put on whatever he has on hand before coming to the party.

Finally, the choice of wearing a black Chelsea shoes will never do you wrong. You can also go for a smart Oxford shoes as well.


I hope that with the entire guide I provide above, you could be able to come up with an interesting and good idea for your work Christmas party. No matter what you decide to wear on that day, it is critical that you are wearing the right size- and more importantly, you are confident with what you are wearing – so that you can fully enjoy yourself at the party.

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